Guest Post: China Dolls By Meggin Sanez

Okay guys this is one for you….To continue on with my tribute to dating and hookin’ up for the month of Oct. I wanted to do something for the menfolk.  I hardly ever mention the men who date Asian woman, mainly because it is more frequently done than Chinese men dating foreign women.   However, there are some things you need to know about the culture if you want to date a China doll.   It is also good for us women to know about these things. One reason is to get some tips that maybe we can use and the other reason is to know the competition. (smile)   One of my colleagues and readers; Meggin Sanez, founder of , wanted to share some information about the topic.   Please visit her website for dating advice and to find a special someone.  Enjoy!!


Tips for Western Men on How to Win the Heart of a Chinese Woman

Considered to be some of the most beautiful and intriguing women in the world, there is no wonder why men find themselves drawn under a spell by the exotic charm of Chinese women.  Men from the Western side of the world who are interested in pursuing a meaningful relationship with a woman of Chinese descent need to keep in mind the differences surrounding family, culture, religious beliefs, as well as avoiding the common stereotypes.  If you are one of these men, there are a few things you should know before dabbling in the Chinese dating arena.

Chinese women are typically very family oriented and known to have close ties to their loved ones.  Family is one of the most important aspects in the life of a Chinese woman and if your goal is to build a serious relationship with her, it is crucial that you are in touch with her family, their traditions, and beliefs.  Different than the restricted freedoms of the past, the modern Chinese woman is allowed the ability to make her own decisions on dating, relationships, and marriage but family approval still holds high importance…and will most likely play a major role in her decision as whether or not to keep you around.  Make it a point to show her that her parents and siblings are important to you and this will put some serious cards in your favor.

Chinese tradition holds strong and most Chinese women are products of this culture, regardless of if they were born and raised in the West or in China.  Essential in all successful relationships but a specific quality that is highly respected in Chinese culture is honesty.  If you really wish to impress a Chinese woman, you must prove to her that you are worthy of her respect and trust.  Show her that you are a man of honor who doesn’t lie and will remain true to his responsibility.  This will not only win her heart, but will ensure a healthy, lasting relationship.

Another serious matter for all is religion.  When dating someone of a different religion or views than which you hold, it is key to remain open-minded.  If religion is brought up early on, try to keep the conversation light as it can be a touchy subject…you don’t want to find yourself left at the dinner table because you said something to offend her beliefs.  When at a point where your relationship is progressing to a more serious level, consider setting aside an appropriate time to discuss options regarding converting or living harmoniously together with different spiritualities.

When dating someone of a different cultural background or race, do not enter the relationship with any preconceived notions or stereotypes in mind.  Throw any ideas out the window that Chinese women are nothing more than shy, submissive, hypersexual, and domestic beings with the sole purpose of being at your every beck and call.  When it comes down to it, no matter where they are from, women are women and love is a universal language.  As with dating someone of any background, it is in your best interest to get to know a Chinese woman for who she is, and not make any radical assumptions based on what you think you know based off of pop culture’s twisted ideas of “me love you long time”.

Known to be loyal with strong family bonds and deeply rooted values revolving around a unique culture, Chinese women are not just appealing to men from across the globe, but they are also a mystery.  This is why it is important to do a little research and approach your prospective Chinese lady with an open mind and an eagerness to embrace her for all that she is.  Cross-cultural love and relationships are a great way to bridge some of the common stereotypes and misunderstandings that are present today…with this movement we are able to create a much more progressive and broad-minded world in which to live!



7 thoughts on “Guest Post: China Dolls By Meggin Sanez

  1. “Chinese women are typically very family oriented and known to have close ties to their loved ones.” That’s true and I speak it from an Asian born Asian raise Chinese woman point of view. However, I also agree with HAM Lover’s opinion about religion. In fact most of Chinese who grow up in communist mainland china doesn’t have any religion at all 🙂

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  5. xl

    This is pretty good advice, not just for Chinese women, but dating people in general. Even 2 people of the same race can’t assume that they’ll have the same religious beliefs or same views on family.

  6. Sorry not sure I agree with some of the above advice. I haven’t met too many Chinese women who consider religion too seriously. It’s changing but I think if the guy is quite “spiritual” that could be a turn off. Some religions are shunned in China still….

    They want a loyal guy? Doesn’t everyone? Honestly, Chinese women (and many men) have watched the “Titantic” one time too many. They have this notion of what a relationship should be based on a Hollywood movie but in reality their situation is more than likely not going to be like that…At all. The main reason they seek a partner who is going to be loyal because the “Chinese Whispers” are rampant in China about the amount of cheating that goes on. Is it true? From my experience, yes. There’s also the imbalance of sexes…

    Just my 2 kuai 🙂

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