My latest Interview: My New Chinese Love.Com

I am always flattered and excited when someone asks me if they can do an interview or article about me.  I guess I just cannot believe they are asking me.   I always agree to every interview.. because you never know when your five minutes of fame is over.   As they say… live it while you can.

A few days ago, I was contact by  Jeff Cappleman of the website via email.  The email was professional and politely asked to interview me.  Of course I said yes.. being the attention hog I am.   He proceeded to send me questions and every so politely told me that I did not have to answer all for them.  He did not want to freak me out I guess.    I being the person I am .. completed all the questions to the best of my ability.. and then promptly sent it back to him the next day.

To my surprise and delight it was one of the best interviews I have had to date.   You guys need to check it out.

Below is a taste of what the article is like… then you guys better get over there and check it out.  Enjoy!

Jo Gan, writer about life in China.

Life in China – featuring Jo Gan

Keep reading, as Jo gives us her take on:

  • dreaming, planning and summoning the courage to move across the planet
  • coping strategies for life in China (including that “Superstar” feeling when you’re out in public!)
  • interracial relationships – Jo’s top three mindsets to avoid at all costs

If that weren’t enough, Jo reveals a couple hints about getting along with your Chinese parentsand one priceless secret for anyone in China who misses American-style homemade baked goodies.

One thing Jo is known for, and I think she would agree with me on this, is that Jo loves to teach and help others by nature.

Being the generous soul that she is, Jo indulged me by answering far more of my questions than I even dreamed for – which means you get a much more comprehensive, fuller and vivid picture of Jo’s “life behind the wall”.  Enjoy!

Read more of this article about me on the front page of  the website My New Chinese Love.  Also, check out his other features;  Ask a Native Chinese a question, Other interesting interviews, information about Chinese culture, Dating Chinese.. and much more.  A great source of information for my month on celebrating love.

until next time……


2 thoughts on “My latest Interview: My New Chinese Love.Com

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  2. As I stated before. Love, Love your BLOG. It brings back so many memories of my time in china. It was my first big adventure… At first it was very hard because I am a american black woman traveling there for business in 80’s in my early 20’s

    I got a chance to visit many countries and Asia and most of the world. I learned so much, and it shaped the woman I am now. Please keep writting. I love reading of your adventures. .I plan to visit china again in the next 2 years. I see nothing has changed, including the public bathroom. That was one thing I hate.. Thank you..

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