Why Did The Little Girl Have to Die?


I guess by now you have all heard about the little 2-year-old girl, Yueyue that was ran over by a van and a car.   For those of you that are not aware of what happened see a part of the article from the news source below:

On October 13th, in Foshan (a city in Guangdong Province), a 2-year old girl (Tong Yueyue), wandered out into the middle of the road in a hardware market, where she was ran-over by a van (both its front and rear wheel). Soon after that vehicle drove away, a second vehicle ran-over the girl a second time. In the next seven minutes, 18 pedestrians walked by, with an apparent cold indifference to the horrific scene. Finally, an old scrap peddler moved the small girl’s body to the side of the road, where her mother found her moments later. They were taken to the Guangzhou Military General Hospital’s intensive care unit, where after a week, she passed away on October 21st at 12:32.

All this has caused global uproar…. and for a country that worries so much about “face” just lost the nations “face” with the world. It took me a while to write something about  this since it hit me close to my heart, I have children.  It proves what I have mentioned many times before.  I kind of fear, selfishness, and materialistic way they are here.  When I asked one of my students, who is a lawyer here what he thought about the situation he told me, “China’s people have lost their way.”  I honestly think this is an appropriate response.

Long ago the Chinese people believed heavily in Buddhism and compassion, now..they are so afraid  of losing money they won’t even help a little girl.  Their excuse?

In 2006, Peng Yu brought a woman to the hospital after she fell down. Despite this noble act, the old woman accused him of knocking her down. A judge in Nanjing ruled in the woman’s favour, stating that common sense dictated that only the person who hit the victim would take her to the hospital. This case set a negative precedent against helping injured people in need, as there is no legal protection in China for the Good Samaritan.


When the locals were surveyed on what should have happened in that situation they said:

Taken from http://www.echinacities.com

I am personally am upset with things went down.  I cannot fathom that not one person called for help;the police or hospital or something.  It was a little girl.  Many co-workers tell me.. that the Chinese have become complacent…or that they are protecting themselves from deceitful people who might say… they push the child in the street or somehow caused her to get hit by the vehicles.  I said.. no.. that is just lack of compassion for your fellow-man and selfishness.


Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens all the time… people get hit by cars, robbed, beat up, whatever… and no one does anything.   A story recently in Hangzhou, not far from where I live, stated that a Chinese woman fell into West lake and was drowning.  An American woman, quickly took off her clothes and jumped into the large lake to save her and bring her to shore.  Waited until she knew the police had the woman under control, got dressed and left.  This lake area has thousands of people around it everyday and no one did anything but take photos of the American girl who saved the woman.  It took one of our own to save her.  Sad.

Another case was as a woman who was in Shanghai Pudong Airport being stabbed by her son, and every one just stood and took photos of the incident.  It was another American that went to help the woman, call the police and then after the police came and he knew she was okay, he went on his way.

I am so shocked about these kinds of things that happen everyday in China.  What happened?  Some blame western culture for introducing industry and influencing the locals.   Some blame the lack of religion.  Some blame the lack of a proper legal system.  To me, it doesn’t matter who is to blame it just needs to be corrected.


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28 thoughts on “Why Did The Little Girl Have to Die?

  1. Renee

    What happened is beyond awful! With everyone focusing on that though, no one has asked why she was in the road in the first place! Why did it take her mom 7 min to locate her, was she lost? How far was her home from the incident? No one is saying anything about the parents, but where we’re they? Why was a 2 yr old alone in an ally?!?!

  2. Diana

    To Jack: I agreed with your first comment about the bystander effect and how it happens all over the world. I am currently majoring in Psychology and I have learned a lot about this. However, I don’t like the way you have insulted American people with your accusations of us not caring about the people who lost their lives from the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Not every American supports this war and likes what is going on. There isn’t much we can do when government rules. Yes, we can try to vote for the person we see fit in the office, but at the end of the day we are only one person. You mention how you didn’t like the labeling and stereotypes of the Chinese that came out of Jo’s post, so please practice what you preach and not do it to us Americans.

  3. Jules

    I heard she died too. I cannot imagine what her poor family must be going through. For a people to ignore its weakest and vulnerable citizens speaks volumes. A child has no concept of danger, because they have not had enough life experience. The sad part about it is that I have a feeling none of those people are losing any sleep about this. I have a strong feeling they are going on with their life as usual with not a drop of guilt at ignoring this poor child. If Chinese ppl can look into their hearts and commit to compassion and care then this child’s life would not have gone in vain.

  4. roz

    I read all the comments from Jack. I am truly sorry for what happened to you. It was very wrong as it was with that little girl in China and all other places something like this has happened . In regards to the Iraq war, you have to remember what started this, which was September 11. Many people here in the US lost their lives as a result of what happened, but many Americans were against the war that took place as a result of this.

    As someone stated, we have lost our way. This applies to the world in general. A lot of people have no morals, values and no respect for human life. Its the way it is and its very sad. I feel this is the true issue.

  5. roz

    I also, don’t where was the mother??. There is no way, I would my 2 year old unsupervised to wander into a busy street. People drvie KRAZY in China. I just don’t understand any of this.?? People wouldn’t help baby. Just too much for me!!! That is just cold..

  6. Rebecca

    I also read about this but wasn’t aware the little girl passed away 😥 Like someone said above, Americans catch alot of crap abroad, but we are a moral bunch(for the most part)

    I just don’t get, even more than the men, how the women who saw this didn’t do something? I’d have figured maternal instinct would have taken over regardless of legal system issues, etc.

    1. @Rebecca… I thought the same thing…just your heart would have guided you to do something. I heard one woman ran into a shop.. asking if anyone knows the mother.. but they told her to mind her business…that is just so horrible…. and people in my office.. try to justify the incident by saying what happened before….. just made me sick to my stomach…

      1. Jack

        Don’t jump on your moral high horse yet.

        Watch this video:


        This happen only 3 years ago, in Hartford Connecticut, USA.
        On a obviously VERY BUSY STREET with MORE THAN DOZENS onlookers. Not one person helped the 78 year old old man who got run over by the car and calling for help.

        So, for a first world highly developed supposely “moral” country like USA, this get sweep under the carpet, but for a third world country (and future rival of USA) China, this is the chance to condemn/shame and slander China for all its worth. There is an obvious political purpose to this.

        Bystander effect is a phenomon that didn’t just happen in China, it happens in every country. It just happen that this time in China, and its hugely politicalized by western media.

        Bystander Effect – people watch girl being abducted (in the busy street of USA)

        Another case : Murder of Kitty Genovese

        Majority of western commentators would categorically condemn and vilify the whole Chinese society for this, but obviously, so while I found the act dispicable, I found the hypocrisy and double standards exhibit by the westerners are even more despicable.

      2. Jack

        So let’s not start these stereotypes/labeling and racist tirades.

        Let’s look at this from HUMAN’s perspective – What cause this, and how can WE stop this kind of things happening again.

        1. @Jack… i understand that this kind of thing happens.. in other countries… But… being some that lives here in China… it is something that happens… EVERY DAY… no one will even lend a hand if they hit you and knock your bags out of your hands…. or even if some one is obviously having a little with a minor thing….
          In China the locals say… it isnt their business…. and … they dont want to get blamed for the situation….

      3. Jack

        I am just pointing out how this isn’t only happening in China. As a matter of fact, I experienced something similar in my childhood. I was walking down downtown Auckland (New Zealand) when I was attacked by a group of young men in broad daylight. I was 13. I saw dozens of people walking by but nobody ever helped, I was punched, kicked, and knocked unconcious. When I woke up (I don’t know how long I think 10-15 minutes) I found myself still on the street, bleeding from my nose with people walking by me giving me the dirty look. In my young mind at the time, I asked myself over and over this question…”Is it because I am asian that I don’t deserve the help?” This happened 22 years ago. So I will say again, this can happen to any society, anywhere, even in the supposely most “humane” society.

        And I don’t doubt it is “worse” in China (as many commentators have pointed in various discussion forums, blogs and news sites) due to variety of reasons (or “excuses” if you so incline to condemn) – eg. the “Peng Yu Effect” (A 2006 incident when an elderly Nanjing woman fell and later successfully sued the man who helped her, Peng Yu, for 45,000 yuan ($6,900) claiming that he pushed her down; and later many more similar cases happened), or the degradation of the society in singular pursuit of wealth, or because Chinese are all atheist (clearly not true – there are 100 million followers of various faiths in China).

        To quote “SeeingRedinChina” :

        We will never fully know why those 18 people walked past a dying child.
        But perhaps the reason we’re so concerned about their motivation or lack of empathy is that we worry that it might be us one day who walk past the person in need because it would have been inconvenient in some way to help. We hope there is something we could point to about what those 18 did so we can say “See, I’m different, I would have helped.”

        All I can say is, the day we stop labeling people and really look at these problems as HUMAN problem, and act upon it, is the day the world become a better place.

        1. @jack… i am sorry to hear what happened to you as a child… and as a Black American woman… i can understand your feelings and sympathize with you…. I think in this situation in particular….it is because it was a baby..and most people find it very difficult.. not to help a little baby… even if they are afraid of being blamed for it. A baby….that hits hard in peoples mind..and hearts. Also, because it is China and government controls things… they will have to start with the legal aspects of it . Although, instances happen everywhere… in China it is just like common practice

      4. Jack

        I don’t agree. As matter of fact, I think its even more hypocritical to say that in the face of current world event. 1 child’s death is a tragedy, but when Americans bombs hundreds of women and CHILDREN on daily basis in Iraq, Pakistan, Afganistan, and Libya, victims are label as either terrorists, ‘collateral damage’, and ultimately, just a number.

        I would even say for American to condemn China is down right wrong in face of what they are doing to the world. Of course, if its America, or any western country, its alright. But if its China, it would be down right evil and used as a reason to hate China.

        I hope you can see past all the hypocrisy and western bias, and see this as a HUMAN issue, not a country/race issue.

        1. @jack…. First.. i never said I hated . I live here… why would I stay if I hated it…. and the fact that as you say “american bombs” has hurt women and children is off topic. We American people are not running around as individuals bombing people… that is a war… The subject at hand is about….not helping someone in need especially a child. You wanted to know why everyone was in an uproar around the world about this…. and I explained that it causes more media coverage when it is a little child.. no matter the country…. When i say.. the government in China needs to start with the legal system… it is not only what I say… it is also what many of my attorney friends here in China say…. if the people were treated fairtly in courts and by the law… they wouldnt be so hesitant to help each other. Calm down…

      5. Jack

        All I am saying above is, America is a democracy, american voters are all directly responsible for all those victims who died. The action (inaction) of voters directly influence the policy of America is basically the Bystander Effect on a grander scale. “Its none of my business those people who died in Iraq, Afganstian, Pakistan, Libya… they are all just a number”. As long as we have cheap oil we can pump into our car, we will continue to ignore those who were murdered.

        1. @Jack… you are again .. off topic… Please stay on the topic at hand.. I am not going to debate American politics with you…especially since I live in China and you are uninformed about how the American government really works. Stay on topic please or I will not approve your comment

      6. Jack

        This is exactly the hypocrisy I am talking about. If its a “war” it is alright. Children can be murdered. No one will help. Its all just a number. It can all be explained away as “collateral damage” – or any other excuses ………because in essence – Bystander Effect happen because everyone felt it is none of their responsible for another humanbeing when they are in a group. In Nazi Germany, people in towns that host concentration camps fully knew happened inside the camp, but none would standup and help as Nazi wiped out the jews (babies included). People can make up any explainations because “I don’t want to lose my livelihood!” (sounds familiar? – the very reason many online Chinese exlpain why they won’t help), or I don’t want to sound “unpatriotic” (sounds familiar? I am sure many american use that to excuse themselve for the wars) or any other excuse. Ultimately, it is the very nature of human – being selfish – that cause these to happen over and over around the world.

        So let me ask you again, even though you know there are women and children, and BABIES in these countries USA bombed (unjustified – eg Iraq – “weapon of mass destruction”?! or is it for oil?) – how did you come to the conclusion that you just don’t care? Knowing that they are also human beings just like you and me, but their murder can be explain away.

        1. @jack…Obviously.. you have some issues with America…. and you are using this as a way to show.. that China isnt that bad…but America is much worse…. and you are making a lot of assumptions when you say.. that we Americans sit and do nothing when it comes to people getting hurt in wars. I am not sure why you are accusing me of not caring about these things.. but I think you need to chill-out. You have the freedom to voice your opinion …whether i agree or disagree is irrevelant. The point is… thru all this mess… is that something needs to change.

      7. Jack

        Obviously, I think I hit a nerve. I apologise. But please hear me out.
        Bystander effect is due to the diffusion of responsibilities in group. I am just trying to say, sometimes people don’t see the forest when they stand infront of a tree. A child’s death is tragic and dispicable when 18 bystanders walked past her. But larger global issues (such as wars) where millions died while people in developed countries watched victims all became just a number.

        It iss easy to condemn others, but not so easy to change ourself or our own selfish behaviors (that includes me).

        1. @Jack… it is a touchy subject… for everyone…and it is always sad, and horrible when a child dies… in any country…. I think the fact that everyone is talking about it… and bringing it out in the public… is the one good thing out of this…. it will make people all over the world start looking in the mirror and asking themselves…. What would I do?

      8. Jack

        “@jack…Obviously.. you have some issues with America…. and you are using this as a way to show.. ”

        I do, I just found it morally repungent to be sitting on the moral high horses when it didn’t happen to you. Its easy to condemn others. And your narratives indicates a moral superiority of “being american” (your two given examples of two americans to rescue Chinese) and Rebecca’s “we are a moral bunch” assertion.

        The whole mess that’s been on the headlines of western medias (where I live right now) has a large geopolitical narrativies behind it too. The incident was originally reported in China, which received widespread condemnations and self reflections from the public. The effect was positive. This news was then reported LATER to the west – which received widespread condemnation and much vilification of China and chinese and even more racist tirades in the forums, blogsphere, and various medias. The narratives and the intent of the western media is not of discovery, but of vilification which is exactly what had happened. The outcome has a intended political effect – to dehumanize EVERY Chinese, all 1.3 billion of them.

  7. Roz

    That is just terrbile and a shame. Some Chinese people over there talk so negative about westerners. They need to check themselves before they talk about anyone else.. They are far from perfect..

  8. I read about this but didn’t get around to seeing the video until after the girl died. It’s absolutely disgusting. I was actually furious for a while after, which is unusual for me.

    At least some good has come out of it.It’s shocked China into waking up and has started a national discussion that’s been long overdue. Maybe her death could prevent the deaths of other children in similar circumstances. Or. Chinese people might forget about it in a few weeks and things will go back to the way they were before. I hope that’s not the case but only time will tell.

  9. John Lee

    This story is sad, the little girl got run over twice and no one help her, when I heard the news, is hard to believe this but in today world anything can happen

  10. justina

    By Allah that is the worst thing to happen to a child. I have kids myself and thats why i ALWAYS hold thier hand. Kids have a tendancy to wander and not pay attention and as parents we should be more attentative and wary. China is a very busy place – much like NYC or any other major city where children can get hurt or unfortunatly killed. Paying attention to ur child is very important.
    ima be honest i get very paranoid with all these ppl trafficing kids and kidnapping them. i shouldnt have to bury my child, my children will have to bury me.

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