I guess by now you have all heard about the little 2-year-old girl, Yueyue that was ran over by a van and a car.   For those of you that are not aware of what happened see a part of the article from the news source below:

On October 13th, in Foshan (a city in Guangdong Province), a 2-year old girl (Tong Yueyue), wandered out into the middle of the road in a hardware market, where she was ran-over by a van (both its front and rear wheel). Soon after that vehicle drove away, a second vehicle ran-over the girl a second time. In the next seven minutes, 18 pedestrians walked by, with an apparent cold indifference to the horrific scene. Finally, an old scrap peddler moved the small girl’s body to the side of the road, where her mother found her moments later. They were taken to the Guangzhou Military General Hospital’s intensive care unit, where after a week, she passed away on October 21st at 12:32.

All this has caused global uproar…. and for a country that worries so much about “face” just lost the nations “face” with the world. It took me a while to write something about  this since it hit me close to my heart, I have children.  It proves what I have mentioned many times before.  I kind of fear, selfishness, and materialistic way they are here.  When I asked one of my students, who is a lawyer here what he thought about the situation he told me, “China’s people have lost their way.”  I honestly think this is an appropriate response.

Long ago the Chinese people believed heavily in Buddhism and compassion, now..they are so afraid  of losing money they won’t even help a little girl.  Their excuse?

In 2006, Peng Yu brought a woman to the hospital after she fell down. Despite this noble act, the old woman accused him of knocking her down. A judge in Nanjing ruled in the woman’s favour, stating that common sense dictated that only the person who hit the victim would take her to the hospital. This case set a negative precedent against helping injured people in need, as there is no legal protection in China for the Good Samaritan.


When the locals were surveyed on what should have happened in that situation they said:

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I am personally am upset with things went down.  I cannot fathom that not one person called for help;the police or hospital or something.  It was a little girl.  Many co-workers tell me.. that the Chinese have become complacent…or that they are protecting themselves from deceitful people who might say… they push the child in the street or somehow caused her to get hit by the vehicles.  I said.. no.. that is just lack of compassion for your fellow-man and selfishness.

Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens all the time… people get hit by cars, robbed, beat up, whatever… and no one does anything.   A story recently in Hangzhou, not far from where I live, stated that a Chinese woman fell into West lake and was drowning.  An American woman, quickly took off her clothes and jumped into the large lake to save her and bring her to shore.  Waited until she knew the police had the woman under control, got dressed and left.  This lake area has thousands of people around it everyday and no one did anything but take photos of the American girl who saved the woman.  It took one of our own to save her.  Sad.

Another case was as a woman who was in Shanghai Pudong Airport being stabbed by her son, and every one just stood and took photos of the incident.  It was another American that went to help the woman, call the police and then after the police came and he knew she was okay, he went on his way.

I am so shocked about these kinds of things that happen everyday in China.  What happened?  Some blame western culture for introducing industry and influencing the locals.   Some blame the lack of religion.  Some blame the lack of a proper legal system.  To me, it doesn’t matter who is to blame it just needs to be corrected.


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