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As we all know Halloween just past and as the Queen of all things American here in my area, I was assigned to plan the Halloween Party for our school.  I was to organize, host and delegate all things for this spooky celebration.

I started with the decor … You cannot have a celebration without creepy decorations.. so since they have no idea of what I mean… I had to search the internet for Halloween decoration photos to show them so they would know what to buy.  Now, although most of my colleague are pretty clever.  One in particular is not the brightest color in the box, her name just happens to be Apple. (and no her name has not been changed to protect the mentally impaired). She seems to be a sweet girl, although she is a bit homely, with an oversized, over-bite and pencil thin.. but I could get past that part.  It is her lack of knowledge that makes me crazy.

For example, I planned to have the students bobbing for apples, something nothing of them have ever done and surprisingly neither had any of the other foreign teachers.  I requested 10 apples…. seeing that her name is Apple this would not be a problem, I was wrong.  I explained the game to her… with a translator to make sure she understood what I needed.  Apples, a container to put them in, and water.  Simple enough you would think.  The poor girl… asked me… what color apples I needed…. I said… color?  it doesn’t matter what color they are .. just get some apples.   She then said… what size apples do you need?  I said … that also doesn’t matter .. it is just a game.. not a business deal.   Then she was confused on the container…(even after I sent her a photo from the internet).   Finally, she got that straight… and purchased the items.  I also requested some gift bags, small gifts, candy, string and most important.. little cheap masks for the students.

The other things I just got for myself… since it was easier than explaining it to her.   It was the day of the party… my foreign teachers were setting up the area and I went to .. Ms. Apple to get the masks for the students.  It seemed that did not purchase any masks.   We had four old masks from a few years ago…. and she figured that was enough so she did not buy any more.  Needless to say, I was not a happy camper.   I actually lost it a little… I said to her… how can you have a Halloween party with no masks for the students???  or the teachers???   I called my boss.. and pointed out that fact… and stated if you are not going to get what I request for the party then do not ask me to organize it.

One hour later… amazingly.. I had some masks… kind of… but they would have to work.  Around 20 students arrived, mostly kids.. but I made sure that I had games for the adults to play also.   The games consisted of… hang some apples from the ceiling and have the kids bite them without using hands, wrap a guy in toilet paper like a mummy, put hands in strange stuff blindfolded, I told a ghost story, musical chairs and bobbing for apples.   I added some Halloween words to throw in a lesson regarding English and a game that they had to separate skittles by color in cups with chopsticks…. not so easy when your timed.

Overall, the party was not so bad… we played Michael Jackson’s Thriller with the musical chairs… had to give it up to the King of Pop you know.  When it was finally over, we all cleaned up the room and was resting … when my boss came in and said..Jo, What are you planning for the Christmas Party?

until next time…..