Out With the Old… In with the New… again

Well.. another group of Foreign teachers will be leaving my school in a couple of weeks.  It is always sad to see people you have grown attach to leave.  And this time is no different.  We have Tobias from Holland, Juan from Colombia, and Gabriela from Mexico.   This was actually a decent group for this round.  They did not have any strange quirks or habits and were pleasant to work with.


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When you meet new people from different countries every six months, you begin to feel like Forrest Gump and that box of chocolates..”You honestly.. never know what you’re going to get.”  Since, I am the lead teacher here.. I am the one that breaks in the newbies and gets them settled in for there six month adventure.   I am a little like everyone’s mother… making sure they have meds they need, and showing them the good restaurants and teaching them how to say where they live in Chinese so they don’t get lost.

I guess I am a little like the China welcome wagon.  Although, my new job as Director of Business Development for precision Essay is going well and paying well.  My boss at the school doesn’t want to lose me, so he has made me an offer of higher pay, a larger apartment, extra free time for my other job, and all the other benefits a foreign teacher gets.  (visa, insurance, ticket fee)

Therefore, I may be the welcome wagon for another year… I have also been looking into working on my own tv show promoting my company and giving advice to students wanting to go abroad to America.  It is still in the thinking mode..but I have become quite the small city celeb and you never know what else I will do.

Oh.. for you single people who are watching the calendar tomorrow is “Double 11 day”  …..which is another name for “Singles Day” in China…. lets see what trouble I can get into… buaaahhhhuuaaaa  (notice evil laugh)

Anyway… Good Bye to my colleagues and friends wish you well on your trips back to civilization…..and to my future Colleagues that are coming abroad… buckle up…. you’re in for a bump ride…..


until next time….

2 thoughts on “Out With the Old… In with the New… again

  1. As the lead foreign teacher at my school I know exactly how you feel. You just have to cross your fingers and hope the new teachers will be okay and not detrimental to each other or the school.

    The interesting thing is they make each year “feel” different because the new groups have new vibes, which is a good thing. But the longer I’m here the less time I end up spending with the foreign teachers (aside from the beginning welcome period) and the more time I spend with more long-term friends.

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