I found your blog through another Black American female traveler’s site. I was really curious to read your blog because of your ethnic background, gender and the fact that you live in China. I guess after reading your blog I discovered something about myself…my own ignorance in regards to a Black woman who is willingly living in the People’s Republic of China…never would have believed it until I read it. Even though I do not know you I have a lot of respect for you by moving to a foreign country, willingly facing the inequalities head on by being a person of color in a foreign land and slowly changing the negative views of Black people, dating outside of your race (kudos), and taking the time to share your life with us in a country that many find intriguing
Thank you!
Thank you so much for your comment and I needed that on this Thanksgiving Day, with me being so far from home getting a comment like this really makes it worthwhile.

I was always told by my grandmother

To never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something,  You can achieve anything if you set your mind to it.

I guess my life here in China.. proves that she was soooo.. right.  Often times, particularly as a Black American woman, I get snide comments and stereotypes thrown my way, more so in China.    But I just continue to hold my head up, thru the stares and pointing.  However, sometimes it gets difficult and lonely… but when I see comments like this one it brightens my day.  I am so happy that I could help enlighten you by only sharing my experiences.  I honestly feel if I can help people with what I do with my life, then I have left my mark and I am so thankful.

Which brings me to the things I am thankful for…

On this Thanksgiving day want to say ..I am thankful to my husband, who goes through as much as I do to have our life here together, I am thankful to my children for their patience and maturity for me being so far from them for the holidays, I am thankful to my family and friends that stay in touch with me and lend a hand even if I did not ask for one…. And to all my readers… your comments, advice  and support .. keep me sane… and laughing.   I will keep sharing and keep experiencing life.   Thank You!!!

Until next time…..