Things I have learned in China 2011

I am rounded up my 4th year of living in China, and just like last year there are new things that I have learned so here is my list of things I have learned in China this year enjoy!

I have learned to carry my camera everywhere I go… Because in this country there is always something you will see that you have never seen before or will shock the shit out of you.  I am like a reporter always camera ready.

I have learned that I need to always be camera ready…. Not only should I take photos but someone is always taking photos of me.  I saw my photo that I didn’t know had been taken inside a shop I went into by accident … and lets say I wasn’t looking my best.   I talked them into taking it down and taking a new one.

I have learned that there are some people here that really care about me … Although there are hundreds of people who stare and point at me, there are many here that actually like me and go out of their way to be kind, even people I don’t know but seem to know me.

I have learned that in China when it rains it pours…. I received a good job opportunity and other started coming at me from everywhere.  Sometimes being the only Black American person that lives in a town can be a good thing.  You become the resident expert on all things Black, all things American and sometimes all things foreign.   You get a high salary being the knower of all…(smile) … what I don’t know  I just ask…. Mr. Google...(smile)

I have learned that my husband is more proud, happy and loves me more than I thought…. When I asked him what he was thankful for this year … he said.. I am thankful for YOU .. each and every year honey… you are an Amazing woman and I am glad you are here with me.    Priceless!

I have learned that I can have a personal maid and cook for only 60rmb a week.. around $25. We moved to a new larger apartment and both my husband and I thought about the hassle of keeping it clean with me working so much and him busy all the time… so we decided to get a cleaning lady .. who knew she cooks for you too and does laundry!!!  Those who know me .. also know that I had a cleaning lady in America .. so it is starting to really feel like home…

I have learned that the longer I say in China the more people trust me….. I guess it is true that it takes a long time for Chinese people to trust you I have been here for four years come January… and I am just beginning to see people go out of their way to contact me and have me in their lives more.   People are seeing me as who I am and are not surprised by anything I do.

I have learned that China is still all about money, money, money…. I thought things would changes the longer I was here but it seems to be getting worse… the focus money is amazing.   People would give up their lives if they could get money.   I see people selling their souls and lives  everyday just for more money…. it is sad.

I have learned that the longer I am away from my family the further I am out of their minds…. My kids and some of my cousins and my dear friends are the only people who stay in contact with me.   I guess out of sight out of mind is true… I feel myself farther and farther away from my uncles, aunts and even brother.   Funny how life changes.  You find out who your true friends and family really is.

I have also learned that America and China both have their good points and bad points and both places are wonderful…but it is not WHERE you are .. . but the PEOPLE… you are with that makes a place your home.

until next time….


13 thoughts on “Things I have learned in China 2011

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  2. Chyrelle

    Good points! I have been in China for 5 months, and so far so good! I’m a 23 years old AA girl living in Suzhou. My situation is a bit different since I live with a Chinese family. So, I understand the topic about Chinese people trusting you. My host family and their friends and family really enjoy my presence.

    All the negative things I’ve heard about being black in China are so over exaggerated. They do stare and point (rarely) but it ain’t nothing that will make me feel like an animal. No one has asked to touch my hair (haha) and they do ask before they take photos. 😀 I don’t get faces or bad attitude.

    You are so right about being camera ready haha The things I see on the daily are so crazy.

    But, I enjoy the blog very much! Very inspirational!

    1. @Chyrelle… most of the reason is because you are in a place where it is a tourist town. So they have seen many foreigners. If you travel out side the city you will see things differently. Things are not over exaggerated.. it just depends on your situation and where you are in China. FYI… you are about 4 hours from me.

    2. mayiara

      🙂 I’ve had little kids in Rwanda cry when the saw me bc they hadn’t ever seen a “white” person before. I’m Asian American. I felt really bad for being so frightening…

  3. EHDing

    60 rmb per week? I was beginning to think Beijing was getting to too expensive and was just about to move to your city. I then I realized that you meant to type 160rmb, which actually is still an amazing price.

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  6. Love this post, especially the last point: “…but it is not WHERE you are .. . but the PEOPLE… you are with that makes a place your home.”

    This is so true, and yet most of the time forgotten. I definitely need to keep this in the back of my mind.

  7. John Lee

    very true, there are a lots of new things to learn and explorer there in China, the people there will get use to you and see how nice you are, it get around even in small twon there, they want to know you or befriend with you, they like to look up to an educate person like you,every coutries are different, we have abid by their law and cuitures

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