Black Love

As you know my main job during the 4 years I have been here in China is teaching English.   I teach adults mainly, I tend to stay away from children because in China they are spoiled so a little difficult to handle.  The fact that they can’t understand you doesn’t help.   I am afraid I would throw one out of the window or in the river so .. my school and I decided that I will stick to the teenagers, university students and adults.


As teenagers in America, teens in China tend to have a different view of how things are in life.  They have access to the Internet, music and have the ability to find out more information about other cultures than the adults here that are busy with working and taking care of home life.    I bring this up because there have been moments when these teenagers have said things and I have been.. well… speechless.  (which for those of you that know me… is hard to do)

Yesterday, was one of those moments.   I have a VIP student, which means he only has me as his teacher and we do a one on one class everyday.  The student isn’t the brightest crayola in the box, but he has his moments of grandure.   He wants to go abroad to American next year… so he is trying to improve his English, the poor boy is in for a shock when he gets to the states but that is another story.

So, we were going over dating words…. dinner, movie, going dutch, good night kiss… etc.   I asked him if he knew what a date was and he excitedly said.. yes.. I know, I know.   I said okay... what is it?  He proceeded to tell me about picking up a girl at her home in a car, taking her to a nice restaurant with candles, then going to a movie to see “Titanic”  (seems to be the most romantic movie in the world here)  … then taking her back to his place for “Black Love“.

Well, I was okay… until he got to the Black Love part.. I thought … to myself… Was the girl he had in this story Black?  Was he making a rude comment about Black women being over sexed?  Was he trying to be funny and say something about Black people having sex?  … everything was going thru my mind.  So.. finally .. after a small pause.. I asked him…What is Black Love? … he has a quirky little smile on his face… and then said to me…Dont you know?...I was a little frustrated now.. and said.. no I dont know what is it?...He told me the following…… “Black Love is … when you go home with a girl .. and turn off all the lights…the room is black and you make love…”  …I was speechless… then I started laughing … so hard.. that I was crying and had to leave the room.    So.. boys and girls… I learned some valuable lessons.. yesterday….. One… I sometimes am on the defense for no reason…not everyone is out to get you or say something bad about you … Two…. The teenagers here are a little more creative with words than I thought….. Three… Don’t drink water.. while teaching…they may say something crazy.. and it will come out your nose…. lessons learned….. (smile)  Priceless.

until next time….

13 thoughts on “Black Love

  1. C.

    LOL! This story made my day!

    Boy, is he in for a shock when he realizes American women a tad bit more conservative than they appear on t.v…

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