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Panasonic Camcorder in Use
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Hello everyone, for the new year I bought a camcorder.  Yep, that means I will be posting videos every now and then.  Right not I am like a kid with a new toy and I am shooting videos of everything.  Here are a few videos of the school I work at, my coworkers and even my boss in the last one.  Enjoy, and don’t worry I wont stop writing but this is an added bonus when the good stuff happens.  I’m excited for the new year….

Since, I have not figured out how to upload videos on my website yet you will have to check YouTube for my videos for now.

Bookmark my Channel … Life Behind the Wall…..

These are just a few that I filmed.  Be patient with me I am new with the camcorder but I promise it will be an interesting year of blogs and Vlogs for me.  I have several Spring festival parties coming up and now I am armed and dangerous.   Watch out China … it is Candid Camera time……

4 thoughts on “My Vlog

  1. Claire

    The videos are so cool – can’t wait to see some more! Looks like you’ve found a good tactic to stop the starers haha.

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