KKK in China?

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As you all know Michael and I have been spending the week doing the traditional mourning required for Chinese funerals.   I want to thank you all for your condolences and prayers during this time.  It is a very stressful time for all and expecially due to the fact he passed right before the Spring Festival.   It is most important to make sure the traditions and customs are done well due to the fact that the entire family will have bad luck the whole year if they are not.   Michael cannot even go into another person’s home for 10 days for fear that he will pass the bad luck to thier family.   It is just that serious.

Anywhoo… the other night I was with him during the worship and ceremonies.  I was feeling quite tired due to the fact it was 2am and we had been at it for 6 hours.  Michael told me to go to the car and lay down and get some rest.   He would come to get me later if I was needed.   I went to the car and laid down the seat, turned on the heat full blast and started to doze.

After awhile I was heard a loud gunshot sound.  I shot up and cleared my eyes and looked out the window.   I saw that the car was surrounded by people in white sheets, white hoods, and carrying fire.   I started to panick and my heart started beating very fast.   I felt like I was in the middle of the movie “Mississippi Burning.”

I think realized that it was Michael’s family and the gunshot was fireworks.  They were carrying fire to burn the clothes of the deceased as tradition states.  I realized I had been holding my breath the whole time and started to breath again.    I could not believe I thought I was surrounded by the KKK.   I laugh now.. but it is sad to know that in my conscience I am so pre-conditioned to be on alert for discrimination and prejudice that my first thought on awaking would be of self-preservation from the Klan.  When it actually were just a bunch of old Chinese people shooting fireworks to scare off demons.  Wait….Do you think? …. Nahhhh.. Could the monks and family have tried to scare away my demons too in the process? … hummmm   It makes me wonder.

I have never encountered the Klan but I have heard stories from family members and seen movies.  Make me wonder if all Black Americans have this hidden in our sub-conscience.   Crazy what is hidden inside us… that can come out unexpectedly.

After that happen, a few minutes later my husband showed up at the car and asked me if I was okay.   I must have looked a little strange because he gave me a hug and told me come with him.   I did a little extra prayer to buddha that night.  Showing thanks for protecting me all these years.

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7 thoughts on “KKK in China?

  1. Naomi

    I’m married to a man from China however we live in the states we do get some looks but I believe love is love i didn’t set out to marry an Asian he just so happened to be the best choice for me as a life partner he is loving and kind we have problems like all married couples but nothing we can’t work out I enjoy being married to him not because he’s Chinese because he is the man I love and cherish.

  2. Crispus Attucks

    No KKK here. The Party is pretty good about not letting anyone organize into groups without them having an official representative involved in running things.

    There are a number of blogs and websites run by people with KKK-like sentiments. Run by PRC citizens who are less than pleased with the presence of blacks in China and Guangzhou in particular.

  3. I teach in the midwestern U.S. and just finished reading the book A Time to Kill with my students. We talked about the KKK and researched whether or not they are still active. Most of the kids thought they were a thing of the past, but then the newspaper for a city 30 miles away ran a story about recent activity. Some flyers saying “You can sleep well at night knowing the KKK is now on neighborhood watch,” decorated with pictures of men in white robes, were left on the front porch of an interracial couple. It certainly gave me pause. I teach in an all-white rural area and have encountered KKK graffiti before. I’ve had to file formal complaints about students who made me nervous for my children’s safety. It is sad to have to worry and it is terrible that you went through that moment of panic…but it is also smart. They’re still out there and they are still very, very frightening.

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