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Hi there! Love reading the blog and seeing a black woman living a successful life in an Asian country with a great loving husband at that. This question has been on my mind a lot. It seems like whenever someone decides to live in an Asian country they always become teachers. So I was wondering is that the only way one can get to China, Japan…etc, is teaching the ONLY job a foreigner can get or is it one of the easiest jobs to get as a foreigner?


Thank you for your question.  Actually, there are many jobs for expats in China.   Teaching just happens to have decent pay for the most part, provide you with some kind of housing or housing assistance, and handles your working visa.  It is basically the easier way to get into the country.  However, if you don’t like to teach or you have some other skill you would rather use then by all means apply.  

There are a few things you have to remember though.  China has a lot of people… and they also want to work at decent paying jobs.   So, to get an edge over the competition besides your education your English skills are your best assets.

There are a few jobs that expats can get that let them live pretty comfortably….Besides being a teacher.

1.  DJ‘ing.  If you have any skills behind the turntables you will be a hit in China.  They are always wanting to party the way we do in the west… or like they think we do in the west and some good DJ’ing skills will get you in the clubs making the Dollar Bills … or um … Chinese RMBS.

2) Can you play an instrument?  Musicians do well over here.  I have several friends that have lived here for years just playing piano, sax and singing in the major hotels and clubs.

3) Speaking of singing.   If you can sing well… you can almost always get a spot on a tv show over here.  They are just totally fascinated with watching foreign people sing.  If you can sing in Chinese even better.. you will be like a star.   (watch out David Hasslehoff)

4) Modeling.   Due to the very different look of expats there are many modeling opportunities over here.  They usually favor the tall, blonde hair, blue-eyed types, But there are more and more opportunities opening up for other nationalities and children of mixed races.

5) Quality Control.  If you have a background in factory work, QA position are a plenty over here.  Companies want to impress and follow the requirements of their foreign customers and if they have a foreigner in their company it makes them look very good.

6) Translator.  If you can speak Chinese and English fluently.. you are golden.   You have the knowledge of a foreigner and the understanding of Chinese you will never be without employment.

These are only six job but there are plenty more.   There are many websites available to find overseas jobs that are not teaching jobs.  But try to find one that gives you an advantage over the locals.   Trust me the graduates over here study hard and know their stuff when it comes to the book learning and you pretty much out matched in that department.  However, creativity; talent; and personality go a long way over here if you know how to work it you could have a pretty lucrative career.