Valentine’s Day Contest

My friends over at New Chinese love have an awesome competition going on for Valentines Day. 

Your New Chinese Love Contest


You can win a big bouquet of Roses… and I do not care what anyone says… a girl needs roses on Valentines Day.   Go on over there and enter the competition and let them know Jo sent you.  While your there check out their website they have all kinds of interesting things going on.    Love stories, tutoring, advice.. it is one of my favorite websites.   Click on the banner to go to their site or go to

Good Luck.. oh.. and if you win… send me one of those flowers…hehehe……



6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Contest

  1. sid

    Well I saw what you wrote.
    Its true the person I was talking to is absurd or unstable.
    I just hope he finds out he’s crazy & gets the help he needs.
    I never hit him & believe me he made me angry alot. Now that I look at the past he’s not my problem no more I got rid of him. I didn’t cry I started laughing then I frowned I thought he’s actually gone.
    I felt wicked for wanting him to see me laugh.
    I thought if we broke up I would be sad yet I felt happy.
    I celebrated cause I realized he was the burden.
    I thank God that I didn’t marry him.
    Thank you Jo.. I just now saw your post I got rid of him already.
    To all the people that have baggage its not to late to throw that annoying person away.

  2. sid

    Well your the best Jo.
    Lately I have been through hell with my chinese boyfriend.
    He told me that I should move in with him I thought that sounds nice yet no.
    Yet during the year he didn’t spend time with me for my birthday, or his birthday, neither at the beach, nor thanks giving, nor chrismas or the eve, he didn’t even
    Show for newyears neither the chinese newyears. He then told me he had good news I was smiling cause I thought he might want to spend more time with me
    More than twice a month. Then he broke the news that he’s moving to Philadelphia
    Pennsylvania and that I can be his wife. I started crying cause he proposed to me in a car & he had no ring… dressed sloppy like….He didn’t ask my father for my hand. He then told me he wanted me to get married to him in china. He took off to philadephia that night & told me I better hurry. Am I wrong to say to him its done its over there’s nothing I want here? I feel like I should have slapped him & ran like hell when I had the chance. I panicked in anger I told him to take me home.
    Yet he yelled at me saying I was being mean to him.
    I screamed at him that I don’t trust him anymore that he’s acting unstable cause he even showed up on are fifth date in jammies.
    He even blamed me one time for a brown spill in his car & said it came from my skin cause I’m brown.
    I was fustraded cause I was eating cotton candy in the theater he tells me didn’t you already eats wonce today. I even told him to hold my drink cause I was going to look for my medicine I was feeling faint. He throws it away and says come on.
    Should I beat him in his face Jo? He didn’t even show up at my brothers wedding 4 months prior invite.

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