Michael and I getting our party on

I have had several requests lately wanting to hear the story on how Michael and I met.  Although, I have written it before it has been kind of lost in the archives.  So, I decided to write about it again.  Anyway, it is nice to remember how we met and why we are together.

My story begins about a year after I had been in China.  I had been making the rounds at the local bars and noticing that a large amount of young guys were showing interest in me.  I was so excited about it.. that I … sorry to say… acted a bit whor-ish…. yeah.. there were so many guys that it looked like a buffet laid out and I didn’t know what to taste first.   I had settled on a guy.. I thought.   His name was Steven… attractive man, who just made me get all tingle-ly when he talked to me.  He had words so smooth that they melted in his mouth and I was so blinded by his handsomeness that I didn’t really realize what an ass he was until few weeks later.

Steven - put on Blast

So, one night I was at the bar that Steven worked at as a manager, and was sitting waiting for him to come out and meet me.  Of course, he was late like always and I had been waiting for 2 hours.  I was about to give up and tell him to kiss my arse, when a guy grabbed my arm.

This guy wasn’t as fashionable, wasn’t wearing Gucci, or Armani like Steven did but he was sweet and had a nice smile and he spoke English.  When you are in China and someone speaks English you take the time to talk to him.  So, I sat down and took the offer of the beer.  He turned out to be a very funny and interesting guy.  We were getting along great.  Then he asked me if I had a boyfriend.   I said no without hesitation.  Well, it wasn’t like Steven was rushing to be by my side.   We exchanged phone numbers and promised to call each other and I went home.

Later that night, around 1 am, Steven finally decided to call me and say go ahead and go home he wasn’t going to be able to make it, he was busy.   I was already pissed at that guy I told him… don’t bother calling me again.   I was so upset by that time i could not sleep, I wanted someone to talk to that would cheer me up.  So I called the guy I met at the bar (Michael).   He picked up on the first ring.  I asked if he remembered me and that I was the American girl he met at the bar.  He said of course and we started talking… until 4 am.  I told him I needed to get to sleep because I had to work in the morning.  He asked me if he could call me tomorrow and I said sure.   After that night, he called me morning, noon and night… taking me out on the weekends and some week days.   I was feeling very good about the relationship we has started.  We has been seeing each other for at least three weeks almost everyday.

Then…. One day.. we were out walking by the river and my phone rang.  Yes, it was Steven.. I recognized the number.  I hadn’t heard from him in weeks and didn’t want to hear from him then.   So, I tried to ignore the phone call.   However, Michael said.. don’t you think you better get that, it might be important?  .... Well.. he kept calling so I stepped away from him a little to answer the call.   I quickly said.. what do you want?  instead of Hello.   Steven was his charming self… telling me how he missed me and wanted to see me and how much he loved me…the sugary words just pouring out of his mouth.  I told him.. it was over and I didn’t want to see him any more.  He said… it is not right to break up over the phone.. we should meet face to face.   I really didn’t want to do that.. since when I was face to face with him I always ended up agreeing to whatever he said.   I just hung up the phone and went back to Michael, who was sitting on a bench by the river.

I went to sit beside Michael and he asked me “Was that your boyfriend?”   I guess I was louder than I thought on the phone… I said… Yes and No…. (no need lying about it)... I told him I was sorry that I didn’t tell him but that the guy was an arse.   He said that was okay… because he had a girlfriend.     I was floored.    I figured he didn’t have one since he spent so much time with me… calling and hanging out.   I really couldn’t say anything because… I hadn’t told him about my boyfriend.    We sat for a while talking about .. the things that irritated us about our partners.   I told him about Steven wanting to meet me to face to face… he said… that it was the right thing to do… and that I should…it wasn’t right to break up on the phone... he said .. I could call him afterward.

I didn’t want to but I called Steven back and agreed to meet him at a coffee shop the next evening.   I went a little early but he was late as usual.   He was dressed to the nines.. and I was looking at him like he was the best looking man in the place.   Well … he actually was.   I thought what a waste that he is a royal arse.   Undependable, two-timing, using, gambling asshole… yeah.. I am still a little bitter.   Anyway… he had a bouquet of flowers and was telling me how much he missed me and was sorry and that he would change.   I just kept looking at his sunglass covered eyes.  (which he wore everyday… day and night) and thought to myself this guy is soo full of shit.    But I still couldn’t tell him to his face it was over…. the smile almost did me in…. However, .. I just grabbed my bag and said it is over.. and walked out the restaurant leaving him the bill, flowers and a shocked look on his face.

I quickly went home and called Michael… he asked me if he could come over.. I said… of course.   He came over and we had our first physical night together…. he asked me if I broke up with Steven… I said YES… he said… GOOD.   The next morning he left to go to work.  I was excited and thrilled with my new relationship.    However…the next day .. he didn’t call me… actually he didn’t call me for a week.  I was worried.   He usually called me everyday.. like clockwork.. three times a day.  It was not like him not to even send a text message.  He wasn’t even answering my calls.  I thought to myself… this can’t be happening.

After a week… I finally got a call.   I said.. where have you been?  What happened?  Why haven’t you called?   He just said… can I come to your apartment and talk to you?  I said .. Yes.   When he got to my place… he looked tired and like he lost weight.    I thought .. maybe he was sick.    He looked sad.. and said to me .. I have good news and bad news…. I said… oh boy.    What is the good news..?  He said… I broke up with my girlfriend.   ( I smiled) I said what is the bad news… he said… I have to move back to the village to live with my parents.  I said … why?   He said.. because I was living with my girlfriend and when I broke up with her she kicked me out of the apartment.   Well.. that was a little surprising.. I did not know that they had been living together.. it has been pretty serious.

I said.. how far is your parents home?  He said about 30 minutes away…. I said.. oh.. hell no that won’t work…. you can move in here with me.  He said .. what?  I said.. if you live that far away… I can’t see you … and you can’t get to work… No.. you will stay here.   Are you sure?  I said.. yeah.. go get your shit bring it here tonight.  He smiled and said… Your Amazing… I said.. yeah… I know….hehehe… and we have been together ever since.   Getting married six months after that night.

I don’t know about it being the perfect love story but it is our story.   I look back on it and smile.. thinking… I made the right choice.  FYI… Not that long ago I saw Steven again… he still looked the same…well dressed…. well groomed… and looking fine.. but..When he spoke to me and asked me how I had been doing….. I did not get those tingles.. when he spoke to me… I just thought .. I made the right choice… indeed.


until next time….