This was soo good.. i had to reblog it…. Check out his website it is great….


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  1. Lulla singh

    Why is it that china and India and other parts of that side of world have billions of people. Answer procreation and love. Asians ..all of them with dangles of differet sizes all love women and making love. They do it with their penises and their brains. It is not the size of your dangle , it is about brain power as well. Sensuousness. My dog and horse has a bigger dangle than most men. We are dealing with civilisations that have been doing it for centuries. Look at how happy Asian women are in general. It is no accident… Believe me, I know.


  2. ATLSis

    That Timothy De la Ghetto man is a nut isn’t

    Anyways, when it come to this Asian males, I think of them just like I would with other races of men, some have them, others do not. I often baffled of how such a generalizations can come out like that. As I said in Rainier’s blog, it’s like the so called ” experts” just went out and examined billions of Asian men penises to come to that crazy conclusion.

    Just as much as they criticize Asian men for having small penises, there are women who will also say that they can freaks in the bed ,asking for seconds of lovemaking.It’s not the size of the penis that makes them good lovers ,but what they do with that make them such.It does me no good for a man to have a one and he’s just…there.I would rather have a guy with a small penis who knows how to sexually please a woman, than for them to have big one and putting you to sleep.

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