My Birthday Wish for Monday

As I grow another year old … I look back on my life and realize that I have experienced a lot of happiness, sadness, moments of grandure and moments of poverty.   I have learned lessons and gained advice in places I never thought i would and from people I never thought  would help.   I have learned about myself, my family and my friends.

But I think the most important thing I have learned is to be true and honest to myself.   You never know what life is going to hand you and you never know what challenges you will have to face.   Life is like an adventure movie… however, you can control in which direction it flows by what choices you make.

4 years ago… I made the choice to leave behind my family, my kids and my friends..basically my life… in America to move to China.  I didn’t know what would happen and I didn’t know if I would even last.  But I made the choice to change the direction of my personal adventure.  At times I feel like it was one of the largest mistakes I ever made… those times are when I miss my kids, my family and my dearest closest friends. the times when Chinese culture and American culture clash in my mind.. and the people of the nation rub my nerves raw to the brink of losing my mind. There are times when I cannot stomach one more noodle or one more bowl of rice.  Times when the staring and pointing makes me want to stab someone in the head… and times when the idea of planning and organizing doesn’t exist and all I see is confusion in their almond-shaped eyes.

But then there are times … when I feel that this was the perfect move for me.   There are some times when I feel that China can become my new home if I let it.  There are some times… when people reach out a kind hand to me or give me some kind words and remind me that the world can be a peaceful place.  There are times when people laugh and give me the warmth of acceptance and friendship.  There are times when I realize that I am in a place that few people have seen and the ancient wonders that surround me are vast and awe-inspiring.  There are some times  when I realize I have met people from all over the world and I never would have met if I had stayed in America.

2 years ago… I made the choice to marry my husband.  despite all the naysayers telling me that he wasn’t rich enough, wasn’t old enough and wasn’t tall enough..or even American enough.  despite the negativity about whether our marriage would work or not… I followed my own choice and heart and married Michael.   Although, we have our rough moments and difficult times….(which are mostly influenced by China’s societal group think) … we have overcome a lot of hurdles.   We have proven that … to be a couple and to marry .. you really don’t need so many things… you only need… trust, committment and love.   If you have this you can achieve anything.

So.. as I reach a step closer to the half way point of my life, I want use this birthday wish of health, prosperity, and happiness to everyone that has become a part of my life.  To everyone that as accepted me, as I am; with my choices in life and my freedom of thoughts and my directness of tongue.   I will always be true to myself…. and honest with all those around me.

To the people I love… I will love you forever… and i will always be apart of your life… even after death.

Thank you everyone for the most remember-able birthday gift…. the gift of acceptance.


16 thoughts on “My Birthday Wish for Monday

  1. I know I’m super-duper late, but I still want to wish you a happy belated Birthday was on March 11th (I turned 39) I am so happy I found your blog. I love how real you are, and how down to earth you are. You’re like a friend in my head! lol Wishing you many, many more Jo! ❤

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday…Jo. LOL, I am thinking of an old 60’s song.
    Do you ever listen to any Motown? I love my Motown.

    Did you call your kids? Your kids must be of adult age?
    How great! More of us AA women need to have to play time like you.

    Continue to enjoy your day.

    1. actually.. my son and his wife and my grandson… made a video for me… of my grandson drawing on a board that says happy birthday… my son told me that he knew it was a little early.. but he had a good nursing home picked out for me… and my daughter… showed me some love…. and told me happy birthday….

  3. I’m glad to know that even after 4 years you feel this way. I am a black woman recently married to a Japanese man and I back and forth between thinking coming to Japan was the best and worst decision ever! But I guess in life there are always doubts. Anyway, Happy Birthday. I’m a March birthday too 🙂 I love your blog, I’ve read every post, and I love seeing pictures of you and your husband! Be well and blessed!

  4. Janma

    Happy birthday and thank you for all the “soul food” you provide to those who read your blog–“straight, no chaser.”

  5. Happy Birthday! This is one of your best posts ever, and that’s saying a lot! You have such a great site. Your post really resonates with me because, in some ways, my life and challenges are similar to yours. I hope your enjoy your special day. BTW, my birthday is in two days. 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday!

    Looks like we have a few things in common. I moved to China five years ago from the US. Got married a year ago to a Chinese woman (Beijing people). Before that, I was married to a Black woman, and spent a fair amount of time in Black communities (including Harlem).

    Anyway, it’s a pleasure to have come across your blog.

  7. John

    wow, that a great point you pointed out. I agree with you, Happy Birthday Jo, you are right, you can’t buy love, love come from your heart

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