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For my birthday my students decided to give me a party at KTV.  I felt totally flattered that they cared so much to do that for me.   Traditionally in China, when someone has a birthday they through their own party and invite everyone then they pay for everything themselves.  I feel this is a ridiculous tradition.

Why should I pay for my own birthday party?  It is my birthday they should be treating me.  So, one day in class one of my students asked me if I was going to give a party for my birthday…. I said… Hell, No.… they all laughed and said why?   I explained that it was my day… they are supposed to treat me special .. not me treat them…. Then I informed them that they drank too much… so I want paying for them…. this also brought a round of laughter.   One of my students said… but I got you a gift... I said… so give me the gift . I don’t need a party to receive gifts…. again the laughter… evidently they thought I was joking.

In the end they surprised me with a wonderful party at KTV… everyone had a great time… I even performed a tribute to Whitney…. and of course my trademark Pussy Cat Dolls song..Don’t Cha.….. to get them going.  Some people surprised me with their great singing ability and some just scared me with their cat wailing….

I received gifts, flowers, chocolates, cakes and just all around wishes of luck and prosperity.  I even got a Jade Dragon turtle statue that brings money to those who have it… very beautiful and expensive.   In China the more they thinking of you the more expensive the gift is that they give you .. I was really humbled my the extravagance.

It is these times that makes me happy to be here surround by the people who are not only my students but my friends…… A birthday to remember.  Please enjoy the photos from the evening.