So the process begins… as you know.. we have decided to start the process to move back to the states.   I decided to use an attorney from the small town I grew up in because I figured I would get a little better support system and small town feel.  However, I didn’t know that I would not be getting a small town price.

I choose to go with an attorney because I know things are always changing on the immigration front and if I ran into a situation I could not handle I would have someone who had my back.  Mind you the attorney I have chosen has spent a year in China, can speak Chinese, Spanish and English.. (like myself) and we share some common friends.  So she is he best choice for us.   However, I think the chick has forgotten that Chinese Yuan is not equal to the US Dollar.

It seems this process is going to take longer than we thought.  The fee break down started with $1000 retainer, 30 days later.. another $1000.  Then the filing fees we need to pay Uncle Sam… totally about $1000… plus an extra $500 if she needs to do anything beyond the usual filing process.   So that totals about $3500… in China money… that is  22,000 rmb.   (to bring it home to you … think if you had to pay a lawyer $22,000 to do it in the states that is equal to 22,000 rmb in China) … Yeah… a lot and we don’t happen to have that lying around.

So begins the saving process…. We figure if we tighten our belts… work harder and longer, we may be able to make that money in about…. 6 months.. maybe.   That is to get the visa… that is leaving out the fact that we will still need to save money .. to actually fly back to the states, live until we can find jobs…. oh and ship our things back … it hurts me just thinking about it.   By the way … to fly back to America cost about $1000 bucks each… another 12,000 rmb.   This is going to be a rough ride people…. That only includes the money…lord help us on all the paper work we need to come up with…..

By the way… I need letters… Letters from people who know me or know of me that can say that our marriage is real.  Now all of you have been traveling thru our lives with us… so I would love to some of you reach out and email letters written in word to vouch for us… anyway… wish us luck… on the beginning of our long, long  journey.  Good thing we are not in a hurry.

until next time…