Hey everyone…. due to this daunting process my husband an I are about to go thru I am reaching out to all my friends, readers, family, fake family, classmates, former co-workers, and just all around supporters.   My husband and I are going to try to do this thing by ourselves.  He seems to think.. and I quote “Aren’t you smarter than most of those lawyers? Can’t we just do it and save some money?”   He has so much faith in me it scares me sometimes.  He really believes I can move mountains.

So, since our case is so different there are a lot of red flags that some USCIS officers will find a reason to stop our process… one big one is age difference. ( Not a big deal to us.. but big deal to them). Evidently, an old woman of 43 could never be married to a young man of 29.. just impossible.   Another our nationalities, not normal for Black American to marry a Chinese man. So this gives our marriage a this can’t be real stamp (also new ground ..it is always a color thing).   I am reaching out to you guys because I need letters… I want to blow them up with letters proving that are marriage is real, that an old woman and a young guy can love each other, and that love has not color lines.  I want to prove that just because our marriage isn’t the stereotypical marriage you see coming out of China doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

All letters need to state how long you have known us or for some of you .. of us, that our marriage is real, that we are good, honest people who don’t want to cheat the government or do something shady.  (Basically, that we are not like the China government… oops … Did I just say that out loud?)  They can have information or experiences any of you have had with me ; just anything that will make them understand who we are.

All letters should be typed, signed and dated.  They can be scanned and sent to be via email to yinglai69@gmail.com or if you are in China or feel you want to donate me a postage fee (which is so sweet) … you can snail mail it to …

Jo Bai
Telf Academy
41 Da Huangqiao lu
Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province
PR China, 315400

Jo Bai
公关中国, 315400

Please note that my legal name is still Jo Bai, since I haven’t changed my passport which is difficult to do when your living abroad (another red flag) and my husband Michael’s  Chinese name is  Mr. Gan Xiaoping……   I really appreciate all of your support and kind words and trust me I can tell this process is bound  to be the subject of many interesting blogs.   Watch out US Embassy… Michael and I are coming for you…..Jesus take the wheel…..!

until next time….