OMG… will the drama never end in this place.   So, I wrote to you guys before about the new Korean-Canadian teacher. You know, how I got the students to look past his face to the values he brings to the table.  Little did I know that the guy did not bring anything valuable to the table.

In the beginning I told him that if you are a good teacher they will soon forget all about what you look like… (that was speaking from experience).   However, instead of the student worrying about him looking Chinese… He was obsessed with the fact he looked Chinese. Everything that happened, everything that was said, everything that was done to him was because he looked Chinese.    Overreact Much, Dude?

For example, one of the classes he was given to teach was a Talking class.  This class is a volunteer class, meaning the students can take it if they want but they don’t have to.   At the same time there was a required class, most of the students in this Talking class.. went to the required class.   Crybaby… (that is what I will call him) … said the school cancelled his classes because he looked like Chinese…. (are you kidding me?).

Another example, the guy got lost like 5 times coming to school.  I said to him why didn’t you just take a rickshaw instead of walking around lost…. he said… he didn’t want to because he looked Chinese… (for reals????)

I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt but the guy has a touch of ADD…. and the student kept telling me that they think he was too nervous… and he kind of lost his train of thought and used words to advanced for a beginning English class.   When I brought this to his attention… he got very upset and told me I was full of shit.. and that his classes are stellar.   (yeah… he raised his voice at me…. ) The first time I let it go… thinking that some people don’t take suggestion well…However, when the second issue came up of him not preparing for class and just having students look at him lost and confused…. he again raised his voice at me… This time….. I wasn’t having it.

I told him and I quote : ” Dude, I do not know what the hell your problem is but you need to set your ass down before I knock you out that window.   You don’t know me and you have lost your mind if you think you can raise up on me like that…. don’t mistake my kindness for weakness… I will rip you a new one.. son. Now learn some respect.”  That quickly shut him up.   He apologized and sat down.

The final straw that broke the camel’s back was when he was schedule to be in the school like everyone else from 2pm to 8:30 pm…. but his first class wasn’t until 7:30 pm… basically because he sucked and no students wanted to take his classes.  Anyway, he took it upon himself to leave the school at  2:30pm and go shopping, and back home to watch TV and have dinner…. without telling anyone…returning at 7pm like nothing happened.

I don’t know about you guys… but even in the states… you work your shift 8 to 5 even if you don’t have any work to do, you find something to do.    However, the headmaster called him on it.. and he said everyone was attacking him because he looked Chinese and they are all out to get him.   (paranoid .. much?)

He refused to go to restaurants alone, supermarket alone and even to the internet cafe alone… yes.. because he looked like Chinese.

Needless to say… we had to let him go…. and no.. not because he looked Chinese.. but because he was an ARSE… really.. he was.   A disrespectful, rude, paranoid Arse…. and a bad teacher to boot.

Of course he wasnt happy about it… and demanded that we pay him full salary, and buy him a ticket to another city in China…. I don’t know about you guys… but he got fired…. since when does working two weeks at a language school in China.. give you severance pay?   Dude, get real….Your lucky we gave you the money for what you worked, and let you stay in the apartment until you could find something else.   He even threatened to go to the police… I said really….?  Can you do that alone .. you do look like a Chinese?  (hehehe.. I had to do that it was too easy)   My boss paid him an extra week and a ticket to the next town to get him out of our hair.   Too kind if you ask me.

So… we are in search for the next New foreign teacher…. Hiring foreign teachers is like ordering at a local Chinese restaurant in China…. it looks good on the paper menu… but when it comes to the table.. it is just wrong……(shakes head sadly)

By the way… ABC = American Born Chinese

until next time…..