So here’s the problem… China has too many single men.  Now, Now hear me out..Being a vibrant, mature woman like myself.  Does not make me immune to what is around me.  In China, there is literally a culinary buffet of single men all around you when you walk out of the house.  These men are not shy about their admiration of foreign women. No matter your size, color or nationality.

I know you have all heard the stories that Chinese men do not like foreign women, blah, blah, blah…. that may be in the states.  In the states they have been brainwashed by the media, stereotypes, and random crazy women.. to pretty much stay away from us.  Especially, Black women… we always get the bad rap.   However, in China… I am always shocked to find men that admit their attraction to me.

Now my husband has his little sexy going on, mind you … but ..oooowwww  Child… sometimes I walk down the street and see the sexiest men.. that I have to literally stop, turn around and look again.

For those of you that don’t know, Chinese men come in all shapes and sizes… depending on what part of China they are from.

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They come in all ages, colors, and styles.  My husband is from Zheijiang Province; they grow them kind of small down here.  They are a little more petite, and thin.  If you’re a big girl like myself.. there will be a considerable size difference.   But they are very sexy, fashionable and a little metro in their style.  Always, have the latest of the latest in everything. and have the tendency to color their hair and wear it in longer styles.

If you go a little farther North… they start growing.. I don’t know if the cold weather makes them pack on the pounds and the height.. but they start getting stronger.   They tend to favor the look of  your jocks, with the short hair cuts, and athletic build.   They tend to be a little darker, and have swimmer bodies.   Nice smooth… muscular swimmer’s bodies….(sorry… I’m back) … They usually stand about a foot or two taller than the men in this area.

And if you head toward Mongolian area… upper China… you will see men that do not even look Chinese….They have facial hair, and are built like Mac Trucks…. they have muscles for miles… and usually lean-to the crewcuts.. and body building.   They stand six ft or taller and they just  are…very, man-ly…. They are very outdoorsy and … look tough…. and  yummy. Some do not have Asian eyes… it is from mixing with the Russsians up  there.

Wayyyy down South, they start getting dark skinned… the sun of course… but they have that golden brown look and dark wavy hair … they are wiry in build and tend to be smaller in size…

The best part about China is that people from the North usually end up down here in the Southern part of China looking for work… so you can see various kinds of men walking the street… and since the Chinese women are so picky about husband requirements… 80% of them are single…. and free… (ahem.. unlike myself….)

I am not saying all women rush to China to get a man.. because of course there is more to a man than just his …physical attributes… but… If you want to take a little eye candy vacation… this is definitely the place to come.   I know many people do not find Asian men attractive… but Damn….even some of the beggars look good.

I have not yielded to temptation no matter how willing they are to bring me to the dark side… but … I must apology to my husband…. I have had lust in my heart … (ummm… several times) ….please forgive me. But.. a girl has to admit when there is some beautiful standing in front of her… Amen, Amen.

until next time….