Legs, Legs Everywhere!

Oh Boy….summer is here…. It is not only the sunshine, hot weather, colored umbrellas and crazy ice cream flavors that tell me; but the extreme shortness of the skirts that all the Chinese women are wearing.   I am no prude mind you … In my other life… I use to dress quite trashy… with revealing tops, short tight skirts and thigh high boots.  However, this is way different.   In a country where traditional thinking and ideals rule; you would be quite surprised to see what the women walking around in the daytime outside are wearing.

Mini, micro-minis and just plain pieces of material wrapped around their waists, always worn with at least 3 inch heels or higher.

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I am not surprised when I come into work and one of the teachers is wearing one of these terribly short skirts to school to teach.   I am told it is to keep them cool because it is so hot outside, however they wear a sweater so they do not catch a cold.  But I quickly warn them that if you keep showing all your business you will catch more than a cold.

The strangest part is they usually keep the rest of their body covered up.  They would never dare to show some cleavage, bare back or a shoulder.   That is considered much too sexy for outside the house, however when they bend over you can see their “kitty cat.”  unbelievable!

I wore a v-neck blouse to school one day.. and I must admit the girls were looking pretty perky... a good boob day I would say.   I got heat from every teacher and student about how sexy I had dressed to come to school…. you could imagine my shock.  V-neck shirt and jeans is not your usual definition of overly sexy.  You also know .. I just ignored them and went about my business...(that is how I do.. over here)

The men of course are very happy to see the summer months arrive… you can see them gawking at girls and smiling everywhere they go… makes for a very happy city.  (smile)

This fashion crazy.. has no age limits…. young children, middle-aged and even the older set… they all break out the minis when the sun appears.  However, as with traditional, conservative thinking… they do not want you to look at them… if you mention their skirt length or that they look very sexy…. they will giggle girlishly and even blush with the attention. Sometimes, they will even get angry with you and walk away in a huff, like you told them to wear that short-arse skirt.  They want to portray that school girl innocence but dress like a professional working girl.  I don’t really get it.

I am still and always will be shocked and amazed at these skirts.   However, the same does not apply to the foreigners.   If a foreign woman wears a super short skirt, or sexy top… we are started at and frowned upon.  We are considered bad girls… and get a tsk-ing sound when we walk in the street.  We can even be told to cover up or go home and change.

Double standards?  Stereotypes?  … I say… Jealousy!!! ... What do you think?

until next time……

24 thoughts on “Legs, Legs Everywhere!

  1. Adri

    Have you noticed how blacks dress in the U.S.? the sadder part is they’re fat and wear super ghetto clothes 3x too small. Yuck I have to stare at that shit near public city housing for the single teen welfare mothers.

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  3. I was reading on another forum where a guy referred to the styles the women were wearing as ‘hooker chic.’ but even when they wear the shortest daisy dukes, micro mini dresses and skirts or skimpy revealing tops, the majority still wear nylon stockings (w/ exposed the control tops) and bras (uncovered straps).

    My wife while has embraced the American casual/comfortable/functional style, she doesn’t wear the daisy dukes or micro minis or skimpy tops, but she does get looks when she wears a halter/tube top, sundress or athletic top without a bra.

    In comparison many Chinese men walking down the street in the summer look like slobs when they roll up their shirts up to their armpits or their pant legs, exposing their pale bellies and knees.

    1. This is true… they were short, short shorts… and show the panty part of the panty hose.. and bras with straps under halter tops, or backless shirts.. so crazy… the men do walk around with their shirt up with their bellies sticking out… but will not take the shirt completely off…. hehehe… I guess they cant show their shoulders either..

  4. That is so true. I’m Chinese-American and when I once went to visit my grandparents, I wore a vneck shirt. Wrong decision..my grandmother came over with a safety pin for me to use. A few seconds later, in bounds my cousin who is wearing the shortest shorts I’ve ever seen and no one even bats an eyelash at her.

    1. I have a question — if the conservativism about the chest is there, what do people wear to nightclubs? Have you been to one and could you tell me what would be appropriate? Thanks!

      1. Actually, Bars are different because in China .. if you are a girl that frequents bars your not a good girl anyway… so your expected to do inappropriate things. Good girls don’t hang out at bars..

  5. James

    “Chinese women are much more conservative than westerners from the waist up, but much less from the waist down.”

    That’s a quote from a lady friend who lived in China for more than 20 years.

    It was also bourne out by my experience of living in China for a decade.

    I don’t know how many girls I saw biking in short skirts – flashing everyone their panties as they rode past – but it must be around 100,000 per summer. Not exaggerating.

  6. For a few years L lived in Taiwan and have lots of Japanese female friends, so I thought I was use to the short clothes and sexy fashion of the girls. However when I moved to Guangzhou last year I was blown away by how short the skirts and shorts were even during the winter.

    Then summer came and wow, the clothes seemed to shrink by a few inches and became more revealing. At no point in my life had I seen more bras than when I lived in Guangzhou (aside from trips to the clothing store with my gf). So many of the women wore shirts that where about as transparent as a screen door.

    I admit that Guangzhou is 10 times hotter than Taiwan due to the Massive amount of concrete and blacktop everywhere and Massive lack of trees and green space. However, I still found it weird that so many people from High School/Jr High School age to Senior citizens who had either the entire shirt being transparent or the back of the shirt being transparent.

    China is really a land of contradictions in my opinion. We don’t like sexy/slutty dressed girls however we like our girls to dress with daisy duke shorts and skirts that leave no imagination to their contents, shirts that are as transparent as possible without make them blush, and heels that would make the SPICE GiRLS trip up. Whatever the cultural cross-wiring was that caused this I am not complaining because it does make for good summer viewing….until you run across the 60+ year old granny who is dressed like a teenager.

  7. yangxifu

    When I was in high school, most girls in my class and me were jealous of the east asian women because they could get away with wearing tiny tiny clothes and not looking too sexy. This may not sound complimentary, but it is in some way. South asian women, even the skinny ones, tend to be curvy. Which means that short skirt means a peak up ur u know what and a tight or deeper top means ur chest will be highlighted. But when east asian girls wear these clothes, they look almost innocent and childlike. Its cute, not sultry or sexy… so maybe its not just about the fact that rules are different for foriegn women..

    Maybe foriegn women might look more “sexy” than cute, which is probably why they get the stereotypes? Every other day I am jealous of asian women for their “lack of curves” because I know that no matter how skinny i become, I wont be able to wear those tiny skirts without attracting weird type of attention. Might sound weird… but true.

  8. Cracking up. I was almost taken in by some bikers when I wore a sleeveless yes long dress here in Korea. I wish people would be honest when they tell you how you should dress.

    I knew that too much top was bad, but I didn’t know that meant SHOULDERS!! lol I bought a little mini sweater top, but I am with you. Here in Korea and in China I was always baffled by the easy access that was deemed ok because it was hot.

  9. sarahinguangzhou

    yeah it’s very true that there are different rules for foreign women. If we walk around in the same fashions it’s just an example of typical decadent foreigner behaviour.
    And it seems like legs are good but boobs are definitely a no-no.
    Enjoyed this post!

  10. Keith Li

    Hi Jo,
    This comment may be unrelated to your post but I’d just like to share with you that, Yuyao, the city where you are in, was home to a long list of poets, philosophers, historians, artists, scientists etc. (I’m not exaggerating, the list is REALLY long…you can ask Michael to look it up on Baidu or Wikipedia and translate for you.) It truly is a city of scholars. That totally explains your presence here. 🙂

    1. @Keith.. thanks for the information.. however, I am aware of the long ist of famous people that have come from the Yuyao area. Do you really think the locals would let me forget…(smile) … there are statues all over and people are very proud of this in this area… plus that fact that the oldest piece of history ..7000 year old rice.. was found in this area… so trust me .. i know.

  11. It is an interesting contradiction. When I visited Senegal years ago for an international exchange we were told to bring conservative clothes. So we brought tons of t-shirts and basically stuff that wasn’t form fitting. When we got there we saw that tons of women were wearing western style clothes, tight tops etc. So then we felt underdressed. However what people find attractive there are legs, so when we would wear shorts (appropriate length) we’d get a lot of attention but I feel there was attention on us anyways as the north americans. I agree that foreigners are always seen differently and it is a double standard. There is just an impression of western women (regardless of race) that we are easier. This is the impression they get from tv, like mtv etc.

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