What’s Going On in China Now….??!!!

National emblem of the People's Republic of China
National emblem of the People’s Republic of China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As with any country China has a lot of crazy stuff going on.  Unless, your hear or read the local news outlets you will never know what is happening.  So, I am going to give you the 411 on what is the big news going around the country…..


Crazy Arse Couple Buries an Old Woman Alive….. Yep, this unfortunately, was in my city.  A young, couple had just left KTV and were pretty drunk.  They accidentally hit a 68-year old woman, who was walking down the street.  The people who saw it happen watch the couple rushed out of the car, check the woman and put her in the car.  The people assumed that they were taking her to the hospital.   HOWEVER, the couple, thinking the woman was already dead, did not want to go to jail for hitting the woman so they buried her on the side of the road trying to cover up the death.  The woman was still alive…. !!! … … seems they are going to jail after all.  They caught them.


BRITISH MAN GETS BEAT UP FOR TRYING TO RAPE A LOCAL GIRL.... Now this story is sweeping the nation.  This British guy.. (thank you lord he was not American) followed a girl off the subway in Beijing and attempted to rape her right there on the street in front of the world.  The girl was screaming and the local Chinese men came to her rescue and be the holy crap out of him.   (as they should have) …Time and time again some foreigners come to China and think they can just do whatever the hell they want to the people who live here.  It not only is just wrong.. but it hurts the foreigners that are here doing good things and not causing trouble.  Now that this has happened the China government is putting a 100-day major crackdown on illegal foreigners and foreigners that are messing crap up for the rest of us.  Unfortunately, when we foreigners live here.. we all get grouped into one group so it does not matter what country your from.. you just not from China.  Now the locals are wanting to kick foreign people out of China…. they need to bury that guy under the jail…. (and in China they just might)  



CHINESE OFFICIAL ARREST FOR RAPING MORE THAN 10 WOMEN…I think the lack of women is getting to some men over here because there are more and more stories on women being raped.  This one big news.. a rich Chinese official was finally arrested and admitted to raping at least 10 girls.  They won’t say the ages of the girls.. but it doesn’t look good.   I would not be surprised if this guy just kind of disappeared off the earth.   They do not play that in China especially a government official.   Not because it is forbidden but because he got caught.  He has now make the government lose face… a big no-no… that poor dude is done.  I hope the girls get the proper help to get thru that trauma.

STUDENTS USE IV SO THEY CAN CONTINUE TO STUDY FOR THE EXAM.. I am sure you have heard how important the national test is for high school seniors in China.  This test (gaokao).. determines what happens to the child in the future; if they do not pass it.. they cannot go to college, which means no good job and in a lot of cases your family will never get out of poverty.   The kids are the ticket to a better life.   This makes the exam very, very important. This puts pressure on the kids and the teachers.. if the kids do not do well the blame ..yep.. goes to the teacher and they could lose their job.   Some schools have taken to set up IV drips to help the children stay hydrated and alert while studying for this exam.   Yep… each child has an IV…so they have no excuse to stop studying.

MAN CUTS IN LINE AT ATM AND GETS STABBED… Talk about pissing someone off.  A guy cuts in line at an atm machine in front of a girl who had been waiting there and her boyfriend gets pissed and stabs the man in the back.  They man just continues to get the money out of the machine while blood is running down his back… and calmly finishes… gets out of line then calls the police.  I guess he wanted to make sure he had enough money to pay the hospital when he got there.  I don’t know but there is some crazy mess that happens over here too… not just in the states.

To end on a happy note…. and give one point in

favor of the Americans.  An American student that is attending university in Nanjing has made the news papers.  He went into a McDonald’s and bought two orders of fries and sat down beside an old woman beggar and gave her one of the orders of fries and talked to her, even giving her some of his water.   The locals saw him there just chatting away with her having lunch and thought how warm and kind some foreigners can be.    Yay… one for us…Thanks for doing us proud dude.

China can be crazy and can run you crazy… trust me… But as I always say it depends how you go at the situation.  You can be an arse like the British guy that is going to get his … or you can be kind and patient. like the guy they are now calling “Fry Brother”. and prove that you can get through the craziness and set an example at the same time.


until next time....


5 thoughts on “What’s Going On in China Now….??!!!

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  3. Ashley

    Foreigners really are starting to have trouble because of a few select idiots. Have you seen the video of the Russian guy on the train with his feet in the seat? It has gone viral.

  4. Yeah, I also heard about the exam/IV thing….only in China, right? a lot of my friends at university in China might even consider doing this if it means they could go to a good graduate school….

    I also heard about the british guy getting the sh*t kicked out of him. He definitely deserved it!!

    Did you see that recent video where a girl was walking down the street in China and the sidewalk collapsed??!! She fell like 18 feet or something down into the earth!! A guy went down after her and the police were able to pull her back out again. Pretty crazy…..

  5. The exam pressure in China is crazy. I remember my cousins messed their exams up and could not get into any decent universities so they ended up being assigned to work in the airport and a lab respectively.

    I believe that education is just a way to foster the love of learning.

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