Most of the time while I am here in China, I am okay.  I can communicate with the locals (and I never thought in my life I would ever learn a language like Chinese)  I can handle the hoards of people (sometimes) and  my job is okay considering what I could be doing and I have made many friends that I will have for a life time.

However, there are days when you just can’t handle another day in China.  I call these my bad China days… when these days happen I try to put on my mp3 and crank up as much American music as I can and sing at the top of my voice as I walk (or dance) down the street or sit in my office.   Anything to block out China.

I wanted to put a list of the things that make you crazy when you are having a Bad China day. Not only to let you know but for a kind of theraphy for myself… hehehe

1) One of the things that aggravate you when you are having a bad China day is the fireworks.  I know it sounds silly.. and most people love fireworks and I use to love them.  However, in China fireworks are shot at all hours of the day and evening for every reason known to man.   Someone die fireworks, Someone get married fireworks, someone have a baby fireworks, someone birthday fireworks, someone bought a new house fireworks… some one woke up … whoohooo fireworks… It is crazy when you woke up at 4 am because someone is shooting fireworks close to your apartment.  You want to just go out there and shove them up their…… next!

2)Chinese food can be very tasty and interesting.  However, when you live in the smaller cities in China all you have to choose from is Chinese food.   Rice or Noodles…. these are your choices… No matter what Chinese folks tell you … their diet consist of a little green veggie, even smaller portions of meat (that is loaded with bones) or fish (with even more bones) .. and rice … sometimes they change it up with … noodles.. but that is what you get breakfast, lunch and dinner.   365 days a week… no matter how you cook it.. it is still Rice and Noodles… and everything is loaded down into a soup… sometimes you just want to eat something western… what I wouldn’t give for a bowl of Chili… or … just something that doesn’t taste Chinese.  Yes, I can cook my own food.. however, with only a toaster oven to work with and few western spices and tastes… you are very limited.

3) I think shopping is the next thing that puts me into a bad China day.   As a self-proclaimed fashionista, I pride myself on trying to look hot as I can.  So, shopping is very important to my mood and look; if anyone knows me.   However, when you’re a size 16 living in small City China…. you are not going to get your arse in any cute clothes.   Not even any ugly clothes.. it is just sad.   Everything you see and everywhere you go all the clothes are a size 5 or smaller.    I had to go to the pregnant woman shop to buy some leggings that I had to cut them off above the knee because my legs started turning blue.  Everyone knows when you start shopping and things don’t fit you just want to go home.  Online shopping only satisfies you for a little while.

4) I think one of the most disgusting things and irritating things for me is the spitting and peeing everywhere.  People here spit everywhere even on the floor in restaurants and hotels.  (yes, I know) I can barely eat in some places due to the lack of manners and respect for people who eat in them.   I have to put on my headphones, and focus only on my plate so I can get thru some meals.   The peeing  everywhere is crazy… I can be walking down the street and glance to the left someone is peeing against a building .. or taking their child in the middle of the side-walk to pee or even go number 2.   It is just dirty.. and I feel dirty when I see it… and trust me the summer streets smell bad enough without them adding the smell of toilet to everything.

5)I guess the finally thing that makes me have a bad China day…. are the people.   Some people may think it is cute to see innocent people who are not knowledgeable about some things.   But when you want to hold an intelligent conversation and you need to explain the history behind everything you are talking about… it gets a little old.   When the most intelligent things your co-workers talk about is …what color they should paint their walls of the house when they marry their rich man?  Gives me the feeling of being trapped in Neverland.  Even talking to people from other countries … it isn’t the same.. sometimes you want to talk to an AMERICAN… that understands your references to “Save By the Bell” or knows who Carlton was on the “Fresh Prince” when you do the dance.

I get a lot of flack from people telling me that I diss China and that if I hate China so much to go home (another aggravating thing) … and I want to say officially… I don’t hate China… China can be a very interesting and intriguing place….living here is an experience you can only dream about.. you learn and see things that you are amazed at … and you have experiences that you will tell your great grandchildren about…… BUT … just like in my own country somethings just piss you off.

Some days are just very, very hard to deal with …. (just like in America) … no place is Utopia…. however, where ever you choose to be … you have to adjust and deal with whatever the circumstances.   I have adjusted to China and its people’s crazy thinking… but it doesn’t mean I have to love everything about it. It also doesn’t mean I agree with everything that is done.

One last thing on my Bad China venting Blog…hehehe… (I feel better already, actually) … many, many foreigners …. come to me and ask me why Americans are so arrogant and difficult to deal with ….?    My wonderful, beautiful American people… please, please … don’t come to China or any other foreign country and think you own the place.

Please do not have such a superior attitude to the other people you meet.   Yes, we are the number superpower of the world .. currently... however, that doesn’t give us the right to lord over every other country in the world.  We are not perfect.. fellow Americans….  This attitude makes it very, very difficult for us Americans that live in other countries.

Stop making us look bad… and use your manners… Everyone looks at the Americans when travel abroad…we are the example people…… please Don’t let the whole world continue to think we are arse holes…don’t let them continue to hate us

北京奥运会开幕式烟花 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(stepping down off my soap box)

until next time……