Zombies? WTF?

English: The town of Xingping in the Yangshuo ...
English: The town of Xingping in the Yangshuo Region of Guangxi Province, China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With all the strange news I hear about the people in the states eating other people and this zombie /bath salt craziness.  I thought I would see what the locals thought about this.  Of course, the ones that are near me thought it was the also crazy… but not unbelievable.  They informed me that in some parts of China that people eat babies because they are supposed to be good for their health.  I almost hit the floor, I know my mouth did.   I couldn’t believe it until they showed me a website that not only had the information but the photos.

Graphic photos, I will not post them on my website because personally it is the nastiest, sickest thing I have ever seen or heard in my life.  If you are really wanting to see them here is the website below, at your own risk.  If you have a weak stomach I wouldn’t look… but I know you guys will because I did.. just because I could not believe it was possible or real.


For those of you that resist temptation, the article states that a magazine in Hong Kong, The Next Magazine; reported that eating baby fetus has become a common delicacy to improve your health and make you more beautiful.   I thought the people in my country did crazy shit to look good but this takes the cake.  In Guangdong, it says, that the request for body parts is high and you can buy them directly from the hospitals and that there is a waiting list for the “good ones”, which by the way is the male fetus; figures they are all about the boys over here.  One crazy, lunatic woman states that “its only the flesh of a higher animal.”  Seriously???

There has been various accounts all over China that say people have prepared dishes using fetus and even videos that show that there is a special way to eat them. I tell you what, if this is what 7000 years of history creates then I am totally glad I come from a young country.  Also, if you think about it… it just means we are behind the times by Chinese thinking they have been doing this shit for years.

Please be aware it is illegal to eat babies in China or any other people, however with their one child policy…you can not have an ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby and you cannot have a second baby without paying a large fine; it is against the law so .. I guess eating the evidence… ewww… that just turned my stomach when I wrote it. 

It is reported that in March 2003 the police in Bingyan, Guangxi Province found 28 female babies hidden in a truck from Yulin, Guangxi Province going to Houzhou in Anhui Province.

The scariest part was that the oldest baby was three months old. They had packed the babies three or four to a bag and they were still alive.  That is just sick, who would do that?  After hearing about all of this it made me second think the country I have just declared my second home.

My friends assured me that this was not the general thinking of Chinese people.  That most people here think this is horrible and the people who do this should be buried under the jail.  They are ashamed that there are people in their country that do this and rich people at that.  It really makes you think that some people just have too much damn money and nothing to do with it.

Unfortunately, what they say about Guangxi and Guangdong Province has scared me away from there for my whole life.  There is nothing there I want to see and especially eat, I just don’t trust those people down there.  I barely trust the ones here… (smile) So, folks it is true they will eat ANYTHING in China.

Until next time…….


11 thoughts on “Zombies? WTF?

  1. pearls

    Hey…come to think about it. Abortion is a multi-million dollar business here in the U.S. I don’t think it’s from the poor souls who pay for it. Nor is it the placenta alone that goes into many beauty products. Just saying….!

  2. Nelson SIM

    Sorry for the typo. I meant to say I do not understand how the writer can say his or her Chinese friends think this is happening.

  3. pearls

    As for me, I’ll skip seeing the posted website due to ‘my own’ viewer’s discretion warning! I recall from history some tribal warriors in Africa, South American Amazon bush Indians, and some others who I can’t recall, would shrink the heads and eat their captive enemies parts as a sign of their strength and triumph over them, but that was centuries ago. In today’s world, this is truly taking cannibalism to another gross, digusting level!

  4. joan

    I remember watching a Chinese film about a woman who ate fetuses to stay young I think it was called Dumplings. It came on the Sundance Channel. She was an aging actress and needed to retain her youth. I thought it was just a crazy movie but now I see there may be a certain truth to it.

  5. Chububobcat

    I lived in Guangzhou and have traveled around Guangdong…but I never heard of the local people doing practice. What I did find terrible were the meat shops that DOGS hanging in the widows, stripped smoked and ready to eat. … gives me shivers thinking about it….

    I couldn’t possibly imagine eat a dog, how could I even imagine eating a baby.

  6. I highly doubt they eat dead babies in China, but I’ve been in enough supermarkets in Jilin province to see dead dogs in the meat cases, both whole and dismembered sole next to the beef, pork and chicken. I don’t want to sound elitist, but for me eating a dog is like eating your best friend.

  7. Good grief! I\’ll pass on viewing Weird Asian News. (Ewe!) I always learn something new when I read your posts. Humans are full of surprises.

  8. Very interesting. This reminded me of a Chinese movie called DUMPLING. The woman used to be an abortion doctor and started to make these famous dumplings that would make the person eating them more youthful. And of course the main ingredient was baby fetus. Whoa its crazy to know there was truth to that story.

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