The Olympics: Please Team USA Don’t Leave Me Hanging

English: Team USA during the national anthem
English: Team USA during the national anthem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh yes… it is Olympics time and I for one love them.   I am not so keen on the winter ones but I will watch an ice skating competition, but the summer Olympics are my thang.   I am always a great fan of my USA Team and being married to a Chinese man who is very passionate about his Chinese Team makes for a heated, but friendly competition.   Country against Country, Flag against Flag and National Anthem against National Anthem.   Michael and I take this rivalry seriously.    I am usually the one explaining to him that the Chinese are just not strong enough to beat the American Team.  HOWEVER, so far this year my team is starting to make me look bad or lose face as they say.    We started with the Swim team… I know our boy Phelps would have issues and that Ryan Loche (or however you spell his name)  would keep us together.. but… what the hell is going on with all the other people.   How could we let China beat us?   going into the semi-finals we better pick up the pace or I am going to be in trouble.

You see the Chinese government and people are very, very proud of the athletes that win the gold metals in their country.   So proud that they will replay the winning moment on the tv about 2,000 or more times until the next olympics.  Yep… they will play it over and over and over again… so nobody will forget that they got the gold.   It is already starting.  The young Chinese lady that won the 400m air rife shooting and the first gold of the olympic games has been shown about 50 times today.

They also tend to favor showing the competitions on tv that have a Chinese participate in them.  The others we rarely get to see.   So, I haven’t seen much of my USA Team unless they are directly competing with China.   I was very happy to see in the ladies relay a mixed girl who was Black and Chinese from New York…. however, the young lady slowed us down and we ended up coming in third.  Behind China!!!!!!! ….I had to yell at her on the tv, I apologize little girl.. but you messed it up. Come on people, I need to live here!

My husband is already doing the happy, happy, joy, joy dance around the apartment while shouting how awesome China is… this is not acceptable. Do you know what life will be like in China if they get more medals than we do…. ? It won’t be pretty….

I have faith in track and field and gymnastics.  I am sure we will redeem ourselves on the track and on the mats. We are usually pretty strong there.    By the way… I have a cousin running on the USA Track Team, Sean Ewing, please root for him… he will be running against Bolt… so I am hoping for a silver or bronze…. that Bolt guy is just unbelievable. My little cousin will have to break a world record to beat that guy… but … at least he is not Chinese.   We already have trouble in the hurdles… that Chinese hurdler Luo is making us look really bad.

I guess I should mention something about the opening ceremonies.  Honestly, except for Mr. Bean and James Bond… I was not impressed.   I hate to say it.. but China gave us an awesome opening games… how do I know?  Well… they have shown it about 25,000 times in the past four years.  (smile)….. you have to give it to them…. they are very proud of their accomplishments.   I think I would feel better if we could beat them at their own games like… badminton, ping-pong and shooting… then we would show them.

Why aren’t we in the shooting competition….? with all the guns in America you would think we would blow them all away… not literally.  Well.. I need to get back to the games…China is kicking our arses in the diving competition now.  I pray China does not win to many more gold medals… or I will have to sing their national anthem to Michael standing outside our apartment….in front of the neighbors. We cannot let that happen people….


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10 thoughts on “The Olympics: Please Team USA Don’t Leave Me Hanging

  1. pearls

    Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Douglas wins 2 Gold Medals! One for the individual floor competition and the second for the team competition! HOO-RAHHHH!!!!

  2. pearls

    As of Monday morning…the U.S. has 3 gold medals to China’s 6 gold medals. The U.S. has 11 medals total to China’s 12 medals total. It may have changed since then, but I’m telling you this, the U.S. is playing HARDBALL! From the women’s diving competition…the gold…to the women’s doubles vollyball…the gold…as mentioned one for shooting. Kimberly Rhodes shot 99 out of 100 pulls! There’s some awesome ‘AA’s’ now like…Gabriel ‘Gabby’ Douglas…women’s gymnastics final four; women’s basketball, Ms. Hooker..(can’t recall 1st name now).leaps in the air like Michael Jordan in his heyday when it comes to slamming that volleyball and she’s not near the net when she scores either; a brother in the final four for swimming (can’t recall his name now) he’s awesome! Also, an AA male gymnist (?name) not sure if he made the finals…plus a baaaaad brother in the kyaking who placed in the finals!

    This is the first time in a years since I’ve watched the summer Olympics and if I’m partial to the U.S. team for ‘inclusive’ reasons…I’m the first one to say…yes, I am! Finally, more AA’s are participating from the U.S. in areas other than track!

  3. Hi,

    USA did get 2 golds for shooting from Kimberly Rhode shooting.

    I remember during the last Olympics I lived on Yahoo checking the medal counts. I don’t like being competitive but during this time my brain says “WIN WIN WIN.” HAHA

  4. Ashley

    The Chinese have so much national pride, it’s crazy! I was there for the two years leading up to the Beijing Olympics, and it was insane there!

  5. Joveline

    Go U.S.A. I just finished watching the Women 140k Cycling…those ladies are amazing. Good point about the shooting and rifle…no kidding, US land of the guns!

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