New Restaurant, New Food And A New Friend

Living in this small Chinese Town I have limitations.  One big limitation is the fact that there are no western restaurants and no Country Clubs.  When I was in the states I was a little high maintenance.   I liked to eat at the Country Club, go to the high-end restaurants, have a cleaning lady and buy the high-end products.  I feel I paid for my own high maintenance and not someone else; so I could do what I want.  I told many people this is my money and I will spend it on what I want… You spend your money on what you want.   Anywho, this is why it came to such a shock to people when I decided to move to China, especially a small city with none of these extravagant luxuries.

Well, things are a changin’ people; it was suggested by a friend of mine to go visit a new restaurant.  They told me that it was really good and like Western food.(western means not Asian in any way)   I was skeptical because in this town the “like Western food” is really Chinese food in a horrible disguise.  But I wanted to try something new and have a dinner with my hubby, so we went.  It was a little difficult to find because we both had not been to this area of town. The villas in this area ranged from 10 million rmb and higher.  I had to text my friend like 3 times to make sure we were in the right place.

To my surprise, I saw a large Country Club.   I said to my husband “WE HAVE A COUNTRY CLUB?”   He looked confused and said.. I guess we do now.  My heart sped up and my breathing became heavy.   I saw the security guards everywhere…. they approached the car.   My husband asked them if there was a restaurant inside they said yes.. we were in the right spot.   My eyes brightened a little more.   We got out of the car and the security guy opened the door for me and even attempted to speak a little English.  (so cute) When I walked into the revolving door a young lady met me.   I said that I was there to eat and she said follow me…(in chinese… hubby was parking the car).   I walked into the area and saw the most beautiful setting.  I was back… I could feel my blood flowing.   I was told to ask for Derek the Manager and Top Chef.   I did and the lady had me wait on a little sofa.  I quickly called Michael on the cell and said hurry the hell up. (he is so slow sometimes)

A tall Chinese gentleman with short hair and a white chef’s coat came out.   He had a big smile and said you must be Jo.  I said… “Yes, Yes I am”   He then directed me to a table for two with cushion living room chairs and a redwood table.  Kind of like the old English style with a little modern swing to it.   Very Posh.   He personally took our order and gave us some suggestions as to what to try…. I had pasta w/bacon in cream sauce; bruchetta and Michael had filet mignon with some steamed vegetables and they had bread with olive oil.  We had water but it was rose-water with a touch of lemon.   I WAS IN HEAVEN.   Soft spanish music was playing in the background and it seemed that we were early so the only ones there at that time.  (later that changed)

The food was beautiful and tasty, the Chef Derek came out and checked on us regularly.  I took photos and sent them out to a friend whom decided to join us at the last-minute.   They showed up and we then had a table of four.   We relocated to the patio beside the pool, per Chef Derek’s suggestion.  He lite candles all around and brought out the menus for my friends.. they ordered.  Rosemary Herb roasted Chicken, and a Caesar Salad with chicken… we all topped it off with a Hot Chocolate Cake with fruit… that was suggested by Chef Derek.  It was like… someone took a cake, put hot melted chocolate inside.. threw it up into heaven and brought  it back down and sprinkled it with powered sugar and put it on my plate.   AMAZING!

We topped it all off with a cup of coffee.  While we were having coffee Chef Derek came out and asked about everything… I told him to pull up a chair and sit down.   (okay I made him pull up a chair and sit down) … we talked to him about the restaurant and about himself.   We told him how beautiful and delicious everything was… and then … I invited him to go to KTV with us after he was finished to celebrate a friend’s birthday party.  He agreed to go… we finished our coffees and was ready to pay…. and Chef Derek said to us….. No, No… it is all on me.   I told him that we ate a lot of food and that we couldn’t possible let him give it too us for free.  He said that he was new to town and did not have many friends being from Shanghai and that I am so kind and funny that he couldn’t possible charge me.  His fee is just for us to be good friends.    Then Michael told me to shut up and let him give it to us for free.  (hehehe the cheap-arse).

We all then left and the security guys escorted us to our car and opened the doors for us.   Later that night Chef Derek did show up for KTV and we all sang, danced and drank together.   My new-found friend and new-found Restaurant/Country club; life is getting better and better.

BTW….You know… food tastes soooo much more delicious when it is free….(smile)

until Next time…..


4 thoughts on “New Restaurant, New Food And A New Friend

  1. Ami

    Jooooo, I miss you girl! I loved reading this and am soooo proud of you, you have no idea! You are a true inspiration in every sense of the word. Yuan and I have been severely busy for the past year, with relocating and growing our business so I look at your blog and how much there is to catch up on and am so overwhelmed. I will slowly but surely get to everything in time lol. Just dropped in to say hello and send a (((big hug))) your way 😀

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