An interview for television.
An interview for television. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Through the years I have done more than 30 interviews about my life here in China and about my marriage.  Most are pretty standard but lately the interviews have become more and more creative and interesting.   Even I am beginning to think that the person they are talking to is pretty exceptional….(smile) .. Recently I did, a newspaper interview for Beijing and it was pretty interesting what angle they took in the article, focusing more on the racism in China.  You can read that article below:


However, I think the most interesting and creative interview that has been done with me so far is the one I did for Latitude News there in the states.  The process was difficult because they send someone to my home here to do the recording and making that arrangement was crazy.  However, I was very impressed with the guys that put it together.  I have put the voice link here in my blog….you might have to copy and paste it.

And you can read the printed copy at this site:

I think that they took the approach that most fit me.  They even got my husband involved, which is funny since he never wants to do these things.   After he did his little piece and everyone went home… he told me he wanted to do it again and to hurry up and get some more interviews.  I told him that is not quite how it works…. but it was funny how the “spotlight” bug has grabbed him.

I do want to thank all of you for following my blog and listening to me whine about China all the time.  As the say in Hollywood, “Without you guys, I am nothing.” (in my fake  fainting pose).

There are a many things going on in my life.. so please keep reading.  The future blogs are going to have information about my new music CD.. yep I going to make one…. and I maybe hosting a local tv show… might be opening a restaurant with a friend and… yep… might actually buy a house…. so big things are coming…. and I will a lot to tell you ….

Sometimes the Blessings pour down on your head…. right?

Enjoy the articles and Podcast and tell me what you think.

until next time….