Designer Fakes in China

Okay Ladies… let’s talk … you all know one of the reason we come to China is because of the fakes.  Yes, we know it is wrong…. and we know that it violates every copyright law known to man.. but we cannot help it…. we love getting the fake stuff.   Designers bags, shoes, jewelry and even perfume; you can get it all and more right here in China.

The Chinese Fashion Show 2007
The Chinese Fashion Show 2007 (Photo credit: NYCArthur)

For the record, buying the fakes is illegal here in China and also illegal to sell.  So, your little guy on the corner that gets you the good stuff.. might disappear one day when you are looking for him.  But if you wait long enough, he will eventually show back up with some even better deals.

Now you have to be careful when buying these fakes…. there are sometimes obvious flaws… you might see… a PRADO… instead of a Prada;   CUCCI … instead of a Gucci…; LW… instead of an LV and even a D&C … instead of a D&G …

I think the best part of searching for these kinds of products is the laugh you get out of seeing the obvious mistakes.   The bags and shoes look exactly like the originals except that they are spelled wrong.

I don’t mind at all actually…. if the bag is only costing me 60 rmb (17$)… sometimes less… who cares???   They are still cute and I will be rocking them while I am wearing my “Jimmy Choon shoes” (Jimmy Choo).

There are so many crazy things to buy in China.. the Chinese Fashion style is so different sometimes.   They tend to like to dress very much like little girls… even when they are obviously not a little girl.   Ruffles, lace, and pink all over the place.   Short babydoll dresses are all the rave and when I say short.. I mean… no bending over or your “kitty cat” will show.  Forget about going up any stairs.

I think when I see the fashion clothing with English writing it cracks me up the most… they usually have either just thrown some letters together that spell absolutely nothing or they are using Chinglish and it makes completely no sense.  I saw a boy wearing a T-shirt that said..”I drop it like its hot potato”  … yeah.. I am not sure either.   I really wish I could buy all the crazy shirts and fakes I could find… because I love them.   It lets me know I am in China and I just want to show everybody.

Gucci (Photo credit: Pixeltheraphy)

When I buy something, people are quick to tell me that it is fake…. and I am quick to tell them that is why I like it.   The real designer products can be outrageously priced from 10,000 rmb ($1,563) to 15,000 rmb ($2,343) and there is no way I am paying that.

I think the most interesting part and tiring part of shopping in China is the bargaining.   You have to negotiate ever price here.   Sometimes is fun to tease them and get them smiling so they will lower the price to what you want, like a competition.  Then there are times you just want to go in buy it and go home…. but you have to spend the time fighting with them or get charged 5 times the real cost of the item.

So, I pick my days to go shopping … I make sure I am in a good mood and I have the price in mind I want…. I ask them how much it is…. no matter what they say… I say it is too expensive.   I make an ugly face like it pains me to hear this number out loud.  I have even grabbed my heart like their price was going to put me in the hospital.   This usually gets them really cracking up…. and can convince them that I am crazy … and get my a lower price.  If it really gets difficult … I throw in the words ….”Wo ai ni” ( I love you) ….. that usually pushes them over the edge… especially if it is a man.

Oh..I have learned the tricks of the trade… and have become pretty good at them.  I am proud to say.  When the Chinese locals ask me why I always buy the fakes and the cheap clothes.  I tell them….”you spend so money on these real designer products, and people automatically assume they are fake…. I spend next to nothing on the fakes and because I am a foreigner they assume they are real.   Anyway… you can only buy one thing….. I change my mind all the time and my styles… so I can have 10 designers bags and shoes to your 1/2 one…. so who gets more?”

I am always looking for the latest copy of a luxury item…. unfortunately… if you try to take several of these

Red shoes, Prada
Red shoes, Prada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

out of China…. you will find yourself in a real prison.

until next time…..


5 thoughts on “Designer Fakes in China

  1. Sara

    Gotta love Guangzhou! We have a huge shopping mall (and few others next to it) full of bags. The bags on display don’t have any logos, but when you buy one they will give you a new one from the storage, with the correct logo of course. Many of these bags are made in the same factory as the real ones, so the only fake thing is they aren’t sold in the genuine store with a high price!

    Also the sellers here don’t give you 5x prices even if you are a foreigner, usually you can only bargain a little. For example from my 330RMB leather bag I could only bargain about 10RMB. I offered less and the seller wasn’t interested at all. I left her stall, no shouting to get me back to buy. Later I had to get back to her shop because she was the only one to have that exact bag I wanted.

  2. Yes, you can find almost anything in China. I wear hair extensions and I buy of this from China. I save a mint over buying it here in the states. It almost me to buy more and have many styles..

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