It has been a little bit since my last blog and I want to apologize to my readers that are regulars.   Soo Sorry.. but a lot of mess has been going on and I have not had time to get on here and share in detail.  Therefore, since so much has happened I have to kind of number them… I know, I know… but it is the only way I can remember to tell what has went on……


Toilet paper Español: Papel higiénico
Toilet paper Español: Papel higiénico (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


1.    Well, Let’s starts with the basic stuff…. work… I have hired two new teachers from the states one from Chi-Town and another from the ATL …. so it proves to be an interesting school year.  They will be arriving next week and my hectic training and orientation schedule will start.   As always with Chinese languages school a new year comes with new rules.. and regulation….. I always dread what they come up with… and this year is more surprising than ever.   It seems that we have been notified that we are no longer allowed to use the toilet paper for personal use.   Now this is one of the craziest rules I have seen yet…. Has there been a shortage of toilet paper in China?   Are we protesting the use of toilet paper? … I am not sure .. but the whole office is in an uproar about it.    This rule also pertains to the use of pens, blackboard markers, and paper….. evidently we are not allowed to use school supplies in the school…. ?????  Yeah … I don’t get it either…. so… being the creative one in the bunch.. the rebel you can say…. I told my office mates that we can all put money together and buy our own toilet paper, pens and paper and better ones and the school can’t use them.    Pitiful…..




2.   The  next big news is ... family... Michael and have started the immigration paperwork process to move back to the states…. I know big surprise to all .. but I am getting a little tired and over these Chinese social norms here…. and it is causing too much stress on my marriage.   However, when the news was broken to my in-laws …. it seemed that satan appeared in the form of my father-in-law.    He went into some tirade about not being loved and neglected and decided to run away from home… no really… he ran away from home, literally.   Michael’s mother called us in the middle of the night crying that his father ran away and said he was never coming back, lord a mercy.    We had to leave at 2 am in the morning to pick up his mother and go search for the man.   By 3 am we found him sitting by the ocean…(which I personally thought was a red flag since his mother suggested we go there after driving around for an hour). and after loud protesting and whining that lasted until 4am he finally got in the damn car.   By the time we wasted all the gas and time searching for this man… who by the way turned off his phone and had been drinking… and Michael’s mother crying like she was being stabbed in the head the whole time…. we didn’t get to leave the village until 5:30 am.

In which Michael had to return the next evening to stay over night to make them happy.  I have never seen so much manipulation in all my life… as I watched the whole scene before me .. I wanted so badly to slap all of them and tell them to get it together and stop acting like the world is ending.   I could clearly see how they were trying to get Michael to feel he was a terrible son and just abandoning them …..I could smell the guilt trip…. The Shade of it all..


3. Now comes the really crazy part…. society.… It seems the Chinese people‘s hate for Japan is still so close to the surface that they have decided to fight them over a small island in the China sea.   The government has gotten the locals all fired up and they have all started protesting against Japan…. but what started out as a peaceful protests has now became rioting, looting and destroying everything Japanese.   They are trashing people’s cars, businesses and factories… and destroying all things Japanese.


This is just ridiculous since they are all owned by Chinese people they are only destroying their own country.   Now the government has released that we Americans support Japan.. and yep… now they are starting to protest America and all things American.    Even I encountered something for the first time… I bought some fruit from the little, old ,fruit man… and he asked me where I was from I said America.. and he went off in a loud tirade about how bad and horrible America is supporting Japan…. I told him .. oh.. Americans are bad?  Okay.. so here is your fruit back... he started singing another song after that.


Yes… the locals have all gone crazy..Is there a full moon??.. Personally and I might get backlash from this… but here it goes.

I feel the Chinese government is riling up the people on purpose.  There has been more and more talk from the locals on how they feel their government is not right and treats the unfairly… some negative government …lack of nationalism… SOOOOOO.…. what better way to get the people to believe in the government again.. and support the government again with the new Chairman coming into office????  Have them come together on a common enemy.. JAPAN…. and then they will be pro-China again…. ohhhh… how clever this government is.. they know exactly how to control their people.


You have to give it to them… it is an excellent plan and right before the Chinese National holiday weekend.  Beautifully played CCP…. Beautifully played.


So.. what about Michael and I .. well… we are still trucking along and trying to get things together for our immigration back to the states.   I will keep you abreast of the progress because it is a long process… and hopefully… these people will stop taking the crazy pills and get it back together.. or I might have to start showing them what … an intelligent, ghetto fabulous, diva looks like when she loses it….. don’t make me let the crazy out.


until next time….