China traditional food--moon cake for Chinese ...
China traditional food–moon cake for Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know it has been a minute since my last post.  I want to apologize but I have just been so busy that I haven’t had one minute to sit down and write.

I never thought I would say this .. but it seems the foreigners are coming, the foreigners are coming.   Yes, my little city has  been overrun with foreigners as of late and for the first time the Americas are easing ahead in the population.   I know right?

Now mind you .. in the time I have been living here in this town I have been the one and only female, Black American in the city.  But Honey… times are a changin’ …. not only am I not the only one… there are 3 of us that are Black American women and one Black American man….. plus a host of other Americans hanging around.   It is amazing to me…. after all these years of being the loner…. It is like I have family now and just like my real family… they can get on your nerves… but .. that is another blog.

But you haven’t heard the crazy part yet….. they all read my blog before they came here…. (a small tear is rolling down my eye).   I can’t help but think that I started something, like a movement or a Million American Walk…..  and people are following in my footsteps ready for the Challenge.  I can’t help but feel pride when I see my fellow Americans walking down the street.. trying to learn the language and communicating with the locals.

This year is very interesting I have met guys from Scotland, England, Ireland, Swiss, Italy, German, Russia…… even a Black guy from Morocco.   It feels different this year hanging with different kinds of people and learning so many things from them.  Some people’s lives are so colorful and interesting… When they tell me about their lives I feel like I am traveling with them.

It seems that I have been crowned the Ambassador of Foreigners since they all seem to know who I am and all about me. They contact me for advice and direction.  It is kind of cool… and kind of scary at the same time.  I didn’t know I could make such a big impression just by being honest and sharing my life here on this little blog.

For those of you wondering….. My in-laws have calmed down a little…. they aren’t throwing fits anymore…. but they are still not in favor of my hubby living China.. that is going to take a lot of convinencing.

The Chinese have calmed down on the protesting .. I guess the government here was trying to make a point to Japan and it worked… so they have calmed down just a few grumbles here and there

The new American teachers have arrived safely to our school and seem like they are going to fit right in… soo it seems that things have calmed down over here and people are going back to their everyday habits…. with the addition of a host of new foreigners that have arrived.

Oh.. By the way today is Mid-Autumn festival and every one should go out and try one of those nasty tasting mooncakes that the chinese are always giving as gifts at this time.

I will write more later…. when classes start back up… and we are suppose to be hitting up the club tomorrow night…. just us foreigners… so that is bound to be something to write about.

until next time…