Kaplan International Colleges: Blog Competition

When I was asked to write a blog in the Inspire Language Learning Blogger Competition By Kaplan International Colleges,(http://www.kaplaninternational.com/index.aspx),  I was conflicted with feelings.  I was excited, flattered and puzzled.  Let me explain, learning a language can give you a host of advantages from the ability to communicate with people from another culture when traveling, to the ability to negotiate profitable business deals, and it is the stepping stone to learning more languages by improving your ability to focus. So, when I had to narrow it down to one aspect, I thought it would be best to pull from my own experiences.

English: Kaplan International Colleges Françai...
English: Kaplan International Colleges Français : Kaplan International Colleges (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a single, African-American woman learning a language was an anomaly and to learn two? Well, I was just brilliant in my friends and famlies’ eyes.  However, for me learning a language meant it opened the playing field for a whole new dating pool.  I know, I know some people think using a new language to pick up men is sneaky; I say it is smart.  What better way to show off your outer diva than to pair it with the ability to speak a foreign language.  Come on, multi-lingual people have been doing it for years.  Seducing people with the flare of the tongue and a hint of an accent on the big screen.  Why not join the few, the proud the bilingual?

Now, learning a language is not easy. It takes focus, determination and hard work but in my eyes it is worth it and a doorway to the world of love.  Okay, why should you listen to me regarding language and love; because I have lived it.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I learned a language to gain the love of someone; and for the cool factor and it turned out to be the best thing I could have ever done. I not only was able to meet more men from different countries; I ended up marrying one. Now I am not promising that learning a new language will get you married, but it does improve your chances.

As a woman, we all know how weak in the knees we get when a man speaks to us in another language.  He could be ordering food at a fast food restaurant and we will have to fan ourselves afterwards to keep from fainting.   Men, you also get a little hot and bothered when a woman slinks up to you and speaks to you in her native language.  To be able to have that slight advantage in today’s dating world is essential.

I know what your thinking, I’m too old to learn something like another language.  Don’t think age is a factor, you are never too old to learn a new language; just like your never too old to join the dating world.  It not only keeps your mind sharp but also gives you an extra something to knock those youngsters out of the playing field.  It’s true that learning a new language can give you many advantages in travel, money, and education but for me attracting new love, overshadows all the rest. Live, Learn and Love … a new language that is.

4 thoughts on “Kaplan International Colleges: Blog Competition

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  3. I agree. it’s v practical. For me, I know 3 languages. I speak English fluently, Spanish proficiently, and I’m almost proficient in Mandarin. It’s opened a world of opportunities to me that otherwise wouldn’t be available. Plus, guys dig it, win/win lol

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