What a day… I just wrote this post and it didn’t save so now I am writing it again… arggggg.

I am sorry for the long hiatus, but i have been out researching things to put in my blogs.  I have also been busy with life.  But in my travels recently, I happened to do my own informal survey.  Yes, I asked 10 Chinese men between the ages of 18 and 40 years old. Some questions and you will be totally surprised by the answer they gave me.  Enjoy!

Do you like foreign women? Why?  Every man said yes, yes, and yes.  They think foreign women have the sexiest bodies, are the most beautiful and they love how direct we are about what we want.   We are their fantasy women.

Would you every date or marry a foreign woman?   The younger men said yes without a doubt if they would have me.   The older men were a little iffy. They seemed to think there would be problems with the cultural differences and language barriers.   They seemed much more traditional thinking.

Would you ever date a Black Foreign woman?  This was a bag of mixed answers.  Some of them said skin color doesn’t matter, some if she was beautiful… other were a definite No and one guy said… “If she looked like you”….. (he was a sweetie….hehehe).  It seemed all were a little worried about the social opinions of what would happen if they dated a Black woman.

What do you think about Foreign women in bed?This question got giggles and blushes all around.  They all seemed to agree on the fact that Foreign women are very strong in bed.   They believe the sexual appetite is probably more than they could handle but they would like to give it a try.   They also went on to explain what they wanted to do…. I will not share that part… they seemed to be drinking a bit when I asked them.  (smile)

Why don’t you approach Foreign women directly?  They all seem a little concerned with getting rejected.  They seem to feel that Foreign women are not attracted to Chinese men.  They think it is because their penis is too small or they are not very big men so cannot satisfy foreign women the way foreign men can.   So… fear is the common deterrent.

What don’t you like in foreign women?  They gave various answers. Some say they don’t like loud and rude women.  Others said they don’t like controlling women or bossy women.  Some say they don’t like women that cheat or flirt with a lot of men.   They don’t like a woman who is too fat or taller than them.    They don’t like women that are only after money and disrespect them in public.

What do you like about foreign women?  They are very sexy and direct.  They all mentioned this.  They all said they like the fact that they marry for love and are devoted to their husbands and really care about them.

Well there you have it ladies….. We win…. Chinese men think we are awesome and really are interested in us.   From my experiences, other Asian men feel the same way.   This last month my hubby has been away in Hong Kong on business…. so I decided to go out to the bars and see the scenery.   I haven’t been in a while since I am a devoted wife and all… (smile) … Anyway… I noticed that there were many, many very handsome men out.. and many of them were interested in me????   I was totally surprised.   They didn’t care my skin color, they didn’t care my size and they didn’t care my age they only wanted to get to know me better.   I felt like a supermodel.   (hehehe) If I were still single I would have had a date every night of the week.   They were funny and throwing out all kinds of compliments with the free drinks they were offering.   Although, they were probably high on liquid courage… I could see that they were very interested.

So.. women….if you were worried about Chinese men liking foreign women…. this just in…. They like us… they REALLY like us…..(smile)

until next time….