KTV….. Boys? Oh My!!!!


Yes… I said it .. KTV Boys or male prostitutes….We all know that China is famous for having KTVs or Karaoke Clubs.  As a matter of fact there is one on almost every corner. If you have ever seen a Korean drama.. you know what they look like.   At first I thought that these people must have a strong need to sing, having so many places around town … but now I have learned that there is a lot more than singing going on in these places.

You are first brought into a room that looks pretty much like a high-class living room with a large sectional sofa, a small bar… coffee tables.. a big screen tv and a control system that regulates the lights, music, sound etc.   Honestly, it is something I would like to have in my future home. Usually there are microphones and tambourines at your disposal.

The waiters bring in cases of beer and large platters of fruit and snacks that range from chicken feet, to spicy tofu to other unrecognizable items.  On a normal night, one would just sing songs with their friends and drink heavily.  But if you need some added entertainment… the men can always call in some… very beautiful young girls to drink with them.   For about 300 rmb you can get a girl to sit and drink with you all night…. For a little extra money you can get her leave the KTV and have late dinner with you … and for a little more money… she can meet you at a hotel that you pay for of course.  All done with the idea that what happens at KTV stays at KTV.  No one breathes a word of what they witnessed.

I have know about these girls for a while… and it explains why a lot of men frequent these places.  What I recently found out is that women can also have a little special time with handsome KTV boys.  Yes ladies… they are here… male prostitutes.   I guess they figured if girls can do it… so can they and boy do they.

The men average about age 22 to 28 years old.   They are usually very thin and very well dressed in the latest GxG fashion.  They have very white skin and it seems to be very smooth like a woman’s skin.   I befriended one of these handsome metro looking boys to get the low down on what goes on in KTVs behind closed doors…. And he was happy to sit and tell me the details… for free even; since I am an American of course.

He started by explaining to me that most of these boys come from other provinces and very poor families.  They come here to make money to send back home to their parents.   Only the very, handsome boys are able to do this kind of job.   Most only play with rich women but some play with men… depends on the money and the person.   It seems that KTV boys are kind of special and more expensive than the women are…. They charge 400 to 1000 rmb to just sit and drink with you in the room.   If you would like more than that it can cost as much as 5000 rmb depending on how handsome and how popular that guy.

They are usually brought into the room in a line and you can pick the one or ones you find attractive and that you want to play with.  I found this very interesting since most of them look a bit similar to me.  There are not many manly man looking KTV boys… they all seem to be the Metro, Korean pop star kind of guys, which personally I find attractive.  However, some women are not turned on by a man who is more beautiful than she.

I was joined by other men during my conversation because of their curiosity, so I had other men to question.   I asked them what happens if you can’t perform… ? unlike a woman, men sometimes are not able to rise to the occasion.  One guy informed me with cockiness that it has never happened to him… he is young and strong.   Another informed me that there is a little blue pill they can take.   Interesting huh?  Who knew Viagra could be used by the young folks here in China.

viagra is a commercial produced medicine conta...
viagra is a commercial produced medicine containing Sildenafil citrate, which is used to treat male erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I also asked if there is ever a time that someone gets a woman pregnant and they said sometimes but the woman takes care of that… or if it is a young girl… they have to marry her.  OUCH!!!   They consider it not so bad since the girl is probably rich.

I asked then if they ever fall in love with one of the girls…. They say NO… and laughed … it is just for the money nothing else.  Kind of cruel…. He said that sometimes the girls falls in love with them.   He thinks this is ideal .. because he can be her kept man or playboy they call it.   This means the woman takes care of them… apartment, living expenses and even clothes and food.   Like a male Mistress…. I was kind of shocked to hear all these details….. but still interested to hear more… I know I am strange when it comes to sexy men.

I wanted to know where they had learned their skills….since, in China sex is not discussed so openly…. They said… from movies.. American porn movies…. So they know how to please women very well.   That made me feel a little uncomfortable… because one of the guys was looking at me very sexually when he said it.  I cleared my throat a little and answered some of their questions about American women… and surprisingly … American men.  They worried about penis size… and had heard the Black man was on the top of the food chain in that sense.. and wanted to know if it is true.

After being offered to try them out for free a couple of times to see if I thought they were good compared to western guys… I thought I better end this questioning session before I got in over my head per se.

I thanked them all for telling me about their jobs… and started to leave… but then an extremely handsome man with shades on…. At night… stopped me.   He was wearing black slacks, a black T-shirt, and a black leather jacket…. Very cool and very sexy…. He seemed to be around 28 years old a bit older than the others, who were a bit giggly.   He stopped me and asked me why I didn’t want to ask him any questions.   I was a bit speechless… which is so unlike me.  So I said okay… who are you? … he said… the boss.    Oh… he was the manager of all the boys that are used at this KTV.   I did want to talk to him… actually.

We sat down… and he seemed much more mature than the other boys around… and had a lot of swagger… I could easily fall for a guy that looked like him… so I tried to stay focused.  I asked him how many boys he had working for him… he said… 40 boys.   I was like damnnnn…. He was a big time P-I-M-P…. I said .. how did you get into this kind of work…? he said… he needed money… and it is easy to get boys from small poor cities to follow you with the hopes of making a lot of money.   I asked him… how much do you make?… he said.. around 40 to 50 thousand rmb a month.   

I almost fell on the floor.  Mr. Big was b This guy was loaded no wonder he was so cool…. I said how do you keep from getting caught by the police.. he said… connections… pay them off… they will leave him a lone…. WOW.. such corruption…. I was starting to sweat around this guy… and not in a way that my husband would appreciate.. so I decided to cut him off… and leave.. but before I left.. he said… he wanted to invite me to dinner one day…. I said thank you .. and that I would call him when I was free.  (a big, old, bold face lie …) but .. I didn’t want to be rude.

Well I found out so much… in that hour about KTVs and the people who work there…. Maybe if I was still the single crazy girl… that I was in my other life.. I might have giving them a try.. since they did offer to me for free….. because they sure did make me curious…. Hehehehe….I think that is how they get women to hang out with them…. curiosity.   And they look very pretty….. close up… you just want to touch them….

Until next time…

25 thoughts on “KTV….. Boys? Oh My!!!!

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  2. omg I am so envious of you! This is a really interesting read! I am a sucker for pretty boys and if I were in your place, I dunno how I would have been able to keep my nose from bleeding or spurting? lol hm do you think it is possible to tell me which ktv this is? pretty please? you could email me 😉
    i’m gonna check it out one day, the boss sounds hot..*imagination gone wild*

  3. yangxifu

    Interesting post. While I dont like the KTV culture per se, or at least the sound of it (never have or want to experience it), at least its good to know there is equality. The idea of women staying back while their husbands canoodle with mistresses is slightly more depressing than both parties having casual affairs (of course both are hell from the kids perspective, but in this day and age we seem to care less about the important things right?). But great research and its really good that your husband trusts you. 😉

  4. This is so interesting!! I had no idea. I also can’t believe the laoban makes so much money! I wish you would have taken one of them up on their offer. I’m so curious! (Not curious enough to try it for myself though)

  5. LovingMyself

    This was a really interesting read! It read so much like a novel, that (I swear!), for a moment I wasn’t sure if this was fact or fiction! You’ve got skills 😉

    Sidenote: I’m contemplating taking a job with a German family living in Beijing (au pair). Very early twenties (me), and I’m just scared now. More nervous, how life will be for 7 months…

  6. Hi Jo been a reader of your blog for awhile now. I found out about the male hostesses by watching the Japanese movie The Great Happiness Space. If you have Netflix or you can find the movie on the net, its a documentary about this subculture.

    By the way what did your husband think about this adventure?

  7. Regina

    I’m sitting here on a Sunday at work drooling over your story. You lucky woman. I am so envious of you. The owner sounds so yummy and I’m sure he’s sexy as hell. I ain’t gonna lie. I’m single and would definitely have dinner with him!

  8. Harry Williams

    Jo: Your blogs keep me linked in an important way to every day culture in China since I left four months ago. Stuff that’s never discussed in the “dignified” academic circles I had virtually no chance to move beyond. Not knowing the language (I gave up again — my third time — in September) was a major handicap, so I was chained to “handlers” who steered me away from encounters with what Langston Hughes lovingly called “the low-down folk.” Never got to KTV, a hip hop club, or visited the home of working-class people. You do the kind of sociological-journalism work I had hoped to do. Keep on keeping on, sistah. Ever thought about publishing a book of your best posts? It would be a best seller in the USA. Many folk here want your keen on-the-ground insights that do not have the suspicious smell of official sanction by the bosses.

      1. Harry Williams

        Let me know when it’s published and how to get copies. Would want to add it the required reading list for some of my courses with a unit on black transnational relations. A colleague at another college is teaching a course next term on China-Africa relations, and I am developing a Carleton course for Spring 2014 on the American Black Panther Party and the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

  9. Emma

    China is certainly catching up with the rest of the world. I am always surprised that there are women who would pay for sex. Since there are fewer women in cIna compared to men, you would assume that they have no problem in finding a man for sex or marriage. Like Myra I am also amazed that men are paid more but of course they have the extra anxiety of performing at the right moment! Interesting article Jo!

    1. @Emma… i guess i have to kind of explain the situation here a little better. women marry for money.. not love… as i have stated before. So after the child is born… the man starts to live his own life.. and have other women and mistresses… the women are left alone… with their child and housework… and job if they have one. They are not wanted by their husbands sexually…. after 30 they are considered old…. and after a baby…. they arent even considered. So… women need these men for release. Funny thing is that they are using their husbands money to pay for it..

  10. Myra

    I’m disappointed to see that men, even in prostitution, make more money than women. Especially in a country like China where there are more boys than girls…you’d think men would pay more for girls…I also cringed at the fact those women leave the KTV alone with a man, what about their safety?

    Your post was interesting 🙂 I’m not attracted to feminine men or “metrosexual looking” men but I can appreciate the beauty in a platonic way.

    1. @Myra…. actually… men are more likely to pay for sex than women are… so .. they charge more.. because they have fewer customers. As for safety…. china is pretty much the safest place … on earth… no guns… and everyone understands the situation.. and the deal… so … no issues.. These guys want to make money… not hurt people…. they are harmless…

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