After my blog about Asian men… I got a request from a reader to do the same break down on Black woman and since it is Black History Month I thought is was the right time to do it.  I was very excited that this was the first time that an Asian man had actually asked about the different kinds of Black woman.

Then I ran into a problem…. How to describe Black women?  It is not an easy task mind you.   We are so diverse.  There are so many things that go into making a Black woman.. there is really no way to really group us.  But I thought I would do my best and narrow down the larger qualities the best I can.  Mind you .. this is only the tip of the many facets of a Black woman.

First thing first…. we Black people come in many colors… from the snow whitest of white to the darkest berry of dark.  Our physical appearance also varies, we can be very thin, athletic and sporty, waif-like, a curvy vixen, a large breasted queen, a big arse Diva… or just Fluffy and loveable.   No matter our shape or size, we are usually confident and know who we are.

English: Young black woman (cropped version)
English: Young black woman (cropped version) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now let’s make sure we do not confused African Black Women with American Black Women, or other Black women from around the world.   We are all sisters and we can all identify with each other on a level.. but after that the differences start to stem.   Usually, just like Asian people.. we don’t want to be confused as to where we come from.   We are all very proud of who we are… so try not to mix us up…. when in doubt … ask what country we come from.

African women tend to be very proud of their country and I have met several that have told me they were princess or queens.  They are raised very traditional, not unlike Asian men actually.  They have a large amount of Africans all over the world, but the majority of them in the states are educated.  Most of come here for school and work hard to please their families back home.  Some very beautiful women come from Africa and many tend to be Muslim.  Several African women in China are married to Chinese men, but there are a few that would never “betray” their race.

Black women from Europe first have a very cool accent.  Many men find them very sexy because of the way they speak.  They also tend to be focused on education, but they also have a lot of American habits and ideals.   Some Black women from the islands lean toward traditional thinking and have usually been exposed to many Asian people.   Some may surprise you and be mixed with Asian or have Asian ancestry.

Miami Black Spring Festival 2005, Miami Beach,...
Miami Black Spring Festival 2005, Miami Beach, FL, USA – sunbathing, beach, afroamerican woman, black, Bikini, Tanga (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now Black Americans….. where do I begin… we have some of us that are educated and strong-minded and focused on career and the future;

some of us are very traditional we want to be a housewife and take care of our men and children;

some of us are very natural and earthy we are strong on being our true and real selves they do not usually shave any hair off their bodies;

some of us are spoiled divas, we want you to buy us things and pay for our hair and clothes and trust me … we all like to look good;

some of us are very proud to be Black Women and stand by our Black men no matter what..(these I wouldn’t advise to try to date if your Asian.. they will shut you down pretty quick);

some of us are international we accept people in our lives of all nationalities and welcome the friendship;

some of us .. are unfortunately, Ghetto and loud, will pick a fight and beat you down with our shoe if we have too.  These are the women that all of us get stereotyped and grouped into by the media;

some of us are quiet and shy, lack confidence and would rather hide in a book than be out in the club;

some of us are strong single parents and can handle any problem and still have time to whip up some homemade mac and cheese, go to work and pay the bills.

Most importantly is that some of us, if not all of us… can have a little bit of all of these people inside when the situation calls for it we are versatile like that.

One thing to remember is that most of us are spiritual and believe in a higher power be it God, Allah, Buddha, or Mother Earth… our faith is strong and usually keeps us centered and helps us to overcome all the pitfalls.

Remember that we all want to be loved and respected.   We all want to be appreciated for what we do.   We have a strong sense of family, we are usually the glue to that keeps things together.

Honestly, I can say Black women are like no other women on earth.   What we have overcome as people have made us, who we are and strong as a people.  Since we were the last ones that got the right to vote because we were considered the lowest … we usually have to work harder to prove ourselves and overcome the stereotypes.

Can you fall in love with a Black women if you are an Asian man…?  Of course you can… and if you prove to be the man who she expects you to be… loving, caring, family man that takes care of her, the house, and helps with the kids.  You will have a very, very strong woman at your back.   She will make sure you are fed, your house is clean, and your kids are straight.  She will support you in good time and bad… and will even handle business if someone tries to wrong you.

Just a few last-minute notes about dating a Black women….

Don’t touch her hair without asking her, you may get a surprise and find it isn’t real.

Dont throw water on a Black woman she isn’t usually down for that.

She will usually know if you are doing something wrong and if she doesn’t know she will find out.

Dont criticize her size in any way unless you are doing it with love and approach it the right way or… you may not like how she reacts to it.

Dont disrespect her, and she will not disrespect you.

Okay… there are so many more kinds of Black women… and so many kinds of personalities… there is really no way to roll them all into one blog.

But … the best tip I can give you .. is to treat her like a lady, and give her love.  You will be greatly surprised and will reap the benefits.

If you ladies have any advice out there for my Asian male readers that can help them out… please feel free to comment, because honestly this was a tough one.

until next time….