Life In Hangzhou….so far

I know it has been a little bit.. but who knew it would be so complicated to move from one city to another in China.   It might have been the fact that I have lived in the same city for five years and had collected a lot of things in those five years that I wanted to keep. (which my husband couldn’t understand)…. five years of students.. means five years of gifts… some very expensive, some very traditional and some just bring back good memories.


So..since the city of Hangzhou was 1.5 hours from Yuyao…. we decided to pack everything in a week…. then move it in our small car…. back and forth. It seems you can not driver a pick up truck in the Hangzhou.. it is illegal… so that made things a little more difficult.    I had about 15 boxes to move and our car only held 4 to 5 boxes a trip.  Yeah…. now you can picture our pain.


Montage of various Hangzhou images
Montage of various Hangzhou images (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It was only the two of us moving everything… (just like in the states.. people have good intentions of helping you move.. well, until you actually move then they are too busy)


Michael, bless his little heart, carried all the boxes down 6 flights of stairs;one by one and put them into the car.   When we got to Hangzhou the first time… we unloaded the boxes and had to carry them to the elevator… the security guy (and my new friend) … helped us carry boxes.   He was so kind


Then Michael told me to stay in Hangzhou so he can go back and bring more boxes…he could fit more in if I wasnt in the car.  I agreed.


So… I stayed back in the new apartment, while he drove all the way back to Yuyao for a second trip.


While I was unpacking boxes and setting things up…. i noticed that the electricity wasn’t on.   No the electric company said it was paid and should be on… and everyone was telling me to try the breakers.  I tried the breakers several times before I called for assistance.   I started to get a little pissed about it because it was getting cold and darker….. and everyone was asking me… “Are you sure the lights aren’t on?”    I told them I am not an idiot … i know if the lights are on or not.


Finally, Michael came back with the second load… and we went to the service workers in the building.   They went to the main building breaker and told us that the bill wasnt paid.    However, we had called the electric company 4 times and they told us it was.   Finally… the stupid service guy of the building turned out power back on and tried to have an attitude when he did …like we were putting him out.


Not a good feeling…. to start in my new home.   However, now it has been about 3 weeks here in my new place.   I am starting to adapt.  The security guards all know me and greet me when they see me.   The taxi drivers all know me and even have my address of where I work… (i know it is scary)… the bus drivers know me.. and usually look for me before they leave the station and even some restaurant owners and workers know me know.   So.. like water flowing into their lives… whether they like it or not?  You know because that is how I roll.


I have found several amazing restaurants that have foods I have missed.  For example, I found a small zen like cafe that serves… wait for it… wait for it…. Lemon Merengue Cheesecake….. I KNOW… IN CHINA.…. and it tasted like the real thing!   There is also a restaurant called Splash that serves….. fajitas and Burritos….. the real ones… ITS JUST CRAZY..…and… this place also serves East Indian food…. and they are not far from my apartment.   There is a God, after all.


Leifeng Pagoda as seen from West Lake in Hangz...
Leifeng Pagoda as seen from West Lake in Hangzhou, China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am not in Hangzhou City center. I am in the Bin Jiang area.. which is a suburb of Hangzhou City.  I can take the bus into the city in about 30 mins.   or take a taxi that costs me about 65 rmb ($10)….in Hangzhou City .. it is almost like I have come back to America… almost…. there are a lot of Bars, restaurants and sites to see.   Hangzhou is famous for their large West Lake which is seated in the center of the city.   As far as China goes…. this city is considered one of the most beautiful cities in China.   After seeing many Chinese Cities .. I will have to agree.


until next time….




9 thoughts on “Life In Hangzhou….so far

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  3. LovingMyself

    Yay! An Update 🙂 Glad to know you’re settling in little by little. It seems as if Hangzhou is lightyears ahead of you’re previous city. Of course you’re still discovering it, but do you find that to be the case?

      1. I don’t have Tomb Sweeping day off. I have Dragon Boat Day
        Begins from:25th February
        Qingming Festival:4th April
        Intel Laborer’s Day:1st May
        Dragon Boat Day:12th June

        That is my schedule.

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