These Damn Buses will be the Death of Me!

I seem to have adjusted very well to my new environment.   I have met some street vendors, and buttered up the security guards  and even smiled at the fruit guys when I walk by.  Things are just peachy … except for the fact that my hubby lives in a different city.   However, since I havent conquered the Chinese driving test (never took it) I will have to refer to other options.   I could do it the easy way and take a taxi; but that would cost me 18rmb each way and that would add up after a while.  Option two could be that I walk to work…..hahahahahaha   (I don’t even know why that was in the choices) So that means option three it is … the bus.

Now mind you, I have only ridden on a Chinese city bus one time in all the five years I have lived here.  I was stared at and poked at so much I told myself that I would not ride a stupid city bus in China.  Oh well things change.  So, I found out what bus I should take and since the bus station is across the street from my apartment … what the heck?  Right?

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20130311201221

so far so good… put my little two rmb in the little slot thingy.  (less than 3 cents)  and got me a seat.   The bus did a few more stops but  not as bad as I thought it would be .  I figured out where my stop was and I got off the bus no problem.   I was thinking it isnt so bad.

The time past on and it came time to go home.  Everyone was racing out of the office like something was on fire .. so of course i hurried too .   I asked one Chinese girl why is everyone running?   She said to get on the bus.   I was totally confused but … when in Rome .. run like they do… so I finally get my tired arse up to the bus and the door opened I couldn’t even see the bus driver.   They pushed me and my co-worker in there but there was barely room to close the door.  She turn her head to look my way and said…. I told you!

I would have been fine with my back against the door, if the driver hadn’t decided to pick up some more people.   Yeah!  I know!!!!!

So, they squeezed in three more people in and i could barely breathe.    I was clutching my purse, laptop and my boobs.   Finally, my co worker said lets get off here and walk.   sooo…… when the bus stopped for us to get off, three Chinese women were determined not to lose their spot on the bus… so they would not let me out.   I tried to squeeze through them and …….. Wait for it…… wait for it…………………..

YES, I GOT STUCK BETWEEN TWO CHINESE GIRLS IN THE FRONT DOOR OF THE BUS……. !!!!!!     (i know my mother and grandmother are laughing their arses off in Heaven)

Every time i tried to go out they were trying to come in….my co worker was laughing and trying her best to push me from the back.  I am pretty sure that we were stuck like that for a good few minutes before the one girl figured out I needed more space.     When I saw that opening…………I just closed my eyes and ran screaming, Free at last,  Free at last …. Thanks God I am Free at last.  

(special shout out to anyone that can name that movie)

until next time…..


10 thoughts on “These Damn Buses will be the Death of Me!

  1. Love it! So glad I don’t take peak hour buses anymore. Back in my student days it was the red-and-white buses with NO suspension packed so full the doors had trouble opening, and when there was a sudden stop no one fell down because we were all packed together so tightly it was impossible to fall, even if you lost your footing! During peak hour a 45 minute walk was much preferrable…

  2. pearls

    I couldn’t help but laugh and empathize with you because I’ve been in that position more times than I even care to remember!

    Weren’t you just thrilled when the driver had to make those scheduled stops even when there’s seemingly no where or way for the passengers already on board to move too, and the ones who want to board are looking for a hare’s breath to squeeze into! Some of the ones that wanted to board the bus would holler out, telling people to move back! Move back where?!!! We couldn’t even move! So crazy! There were times when I was tempted to not even press my clothes because by the time I had arrived at my stop, they would have already been pressed! Lol…

    Well, hopefully it will improve for you!

  3. Ashley

    Jo, when I read your blog today it reminded me of my times on the bus. Sometimes, I decide to take a taxi. it’s just too much for me and my American bubble. I need like 1ft of space. Many days on the hot bus I keep thinking… It is just a few more stops, I can do this! When the bus comes it is like the Great Migration for Chinese people. Sometimes I am scared to call someone out about breaking in line. 🙂

  4. Chantelle

    Hi Jo, first of all just want to say that as a black women interested in living in China I LOVE your blog. (cracks me up!) I am a mature student from England studying Chinese and as part of my course I am going to China later on this year. I am thinking about going to Zhejiang University. Question: what are the average prices for renting an apartment in Hangzhou (Zhejiang)? or in general is the cost of living the same as living in Shanghai? Hope to hear from you soon : )

  5. Jo you had me and my son cracking up!!! Girl now you know why my husband forbids me from taking the bus…especially while I am pregnant! I learned quick and in a hurry to PUSH BACK!!! and add a dirty stare. Ok, now as for that quote…it came from Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech…Welcome to Hangzhou! LMBO

  6. I so needed that laugh!!! I could really got a great imagery from your post. Though for some reason I saw you as a cartoon character. This is the exact reason, I told Min that I don’t want to live in Shanghai, I had a similar experience with the metro there.

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