Im A Teacher, What’s With All The Reports….??

My new position in the new school is quite interesting, it is also quite busy….with several classes that include… Intro to Business, American Culture, Technical Writing, TOEFL Speaking, and SAT Grammar… I have the addition of checking homework, planning tests and exams, class prep and the most irritating of them all reports.   It seem I have to give a report on every student, in every class, about everything.  It is like the red tape never ends.



I never realized how much reporting and commenting went on in the teaching field.  At my last school I only taught English, simple and easy.  They only reports I gave were verbal feedback to the parents when they asked and the management when they wanted to know.  Otherwise like was relaxed and basic.   Now that I have been promote to a real professor it seems that actual teaching takes a back seat to all the reports.

I still think my college is one of the better ones here and the students keep me on my toes…. however, the red tape is wearing me down.  I have a whole new respect for university professors and the extra work they put in to please the powers that be.  Due to this extreme amount of work I have been to busy to even keep you guys informed on what is going on in my world over here.   I feel I have neglected you….. so let me take this time to give you a little update…..

1) Thanks to you guys I won the Lotus Blossom Award for the Best Chinese Culture Blog… you guys are awesome and amazing and this has given me a renewed spirit to keep the blogs a comin’

2) It seems I have been selected to be the new spokes model for the college this year… They have taken several photos of me and the kids and I will be displayed on one of the city buses, on billboards, and on pamphlets and flyers.    I will diffinitely put photos when I see myself on the side of a bus.

3) My hubby and I have been trying to work thru this long distance relationship.  He calls daily and visits me every other weekend.  It helps that he calls everyday… sometimes several times a day… keeps me from missing him too much.

4) My new city is filled with wonderful restaurants that serve western foods…. I even found a Mexican restaurant…. I know right!!!!   I am loving my new city it is more foreigner friendly.

5) I have had the pleasure of meeting and connecting with other Black American women that have moved to China to follow their dreams.  All have connected with me after reading this blog and have told me how much I prepared them for their adventure.   I have even met a young Black American lady that has found and married her Chinese Prince… I am so proud that she considers me as one of her new friends.

6) Speaking of new friends… I have met several new friends in my new city.. from all over the world… I have a wonderful Indian woman that lives next door to me… that invited me for dinner in her home to try traditional Indian food.  

7) Last but not least, I found a place to go latin dancing.  I was a little amazed that many Chinese are interested in latin dance and even classical dance.  Several people choose to waltz and cha cha…. I kind of felt like I was on Dancing with the stars.. but they were not stars…. and they were all keeping the 12 inches apart rule…to keep from touching… so cute

There are so many things going on in my life that it is difficult to keep up on everything, but I promise to do a better job and keep everyone informed of all my new experiences.   I have found out that living in a bigger city makes for a much busier lifestyle.

until next time….

5 thoughts on “Im A Teacher, What’s With All The Reports….??

  1. Denise Thomas

    CONGRATULATIONS on winning the best blog!!!! I voted for you because I love your style of writing & what you have to say is interesting. Thank you for sharing your life! If you keep writing, I will keep reading.

    Sincerely, Denise Thomas

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. I have to say, I prefer being an Oral English teacher as opposed to being an actual teacher in the USA. I was boggled down with so much paperwork, report card, progress reports, common planning time,lesson planning( that was made even more difficult with the new standards.) meetings that go nowhere, staff development, workshops, extra paperwork that the districts heaped on us. Prepping for a state tests. After awhile the kids and the joy for teaching goth buried under a mountain of bureaucratic paperwork. You are made of stronger stuff than I am and college professor are so much more respected 🙂 This is stress and distress. Stress on some levels is good Jo, when distress turns to distress then you have a problem with Houston.

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