Bird Flu
Bird Flu (Photo credit: Joe Gatling)


I am sure you have all heard that China has been hit with H7N1 or the Bird Flu. There have been a few cases found in my city of Hangzhou.. and several in Shanghai and other cities in Zhejiang Province.   I want to first tell all of you not to worry.  I am okay and so is Michael.   We have stayed away from the birds and animals in general.  It seems that it is usually transmitted from animal to animal… or animal to people… but not person to person.



Since I stay away from animals for the most part in China anyway.. and I am not really an animal person… and since the first case of the flu was reported I have not eaten any birds of any kind.   It is rumored to have been started thru people eating pigeons and in they meat markets which I am not surprised because they are filthy.  I am happy to say… I am healthy and safe.


Although, I have seen several places that sold chicken and ducks before now closed or just had those animals taken away by the government health police.   I still no not feel that I am in any danger.


Living in China you take risks everyday, from restaurants using gutter oil, poisoned milk, fake rice, fake meat or walking across the street.  You are constantly in need of caution just to live here.


I have went thru many viruses and food dangers in the five years I have been here… and I have become kind of complacent…. but  I am ready… bring it on Mother Nature.


I have noticed that the locals are not as panicked as they usually are about this kind of thing…. so I guess they are feeling pretty confidence themselves…..Usually they are trying to buy out all of whatever medicines they can find or stock up on foods.  But this time… it calm and relaxed.


So… just a heads up to you guys that were worried about me…. we are fine.   Nothing has changed.. the pollution is still bad, the people are still staring and the buses are still crowded….. so business as usual.


until next time…