First Club Hoppin’ Night in Hangzhou

I have been so caught up with work and Guzheng practicing that I had not went to check out any of the bars in Hangzhou.  So… I thought that is not like me at all… I am usually out in the mix.  This weekend was time for me to get my groove back…..

The weekend start out great because a Blog Follower and now new friend came to visit me in Hangzhou.   She sent me an email and asked me if it was okay to come visit me.  I always love meeting the people who read my blog.. so .. I said..”Hell, Yes.. girl!”   I will call my new friend Susan just to protect her … now that I am going to put her business on blast.    Anywho… Her main reason for coming to visit me was to ask me what it is I do to get Chinese men to fall for me.   Well, I first told her… “If I knew that I would bottle that stuff up and sell it” .. but I told her come on down from Shanghai and we will go out and maybe you can see what I do.   Let the classes begin.

Hangzhou bars

She arrived in Hangzhou around noon and I quickly gave her directions to my home.  Were both excited to see each other … so we went back to my place so she could put down her bag.. and freshen up a bit after that train ride.   We then decided to get something to eat, she being a vegetarian I thought the perfect place would be where I had my vegetarian pizza that I love.   As we sat over veggie pizza and caesar salad (which I had the bacon on the side sorry I need some meat) … She began to tell me her story… I won’t go into it here but needless to say … she was a very strong educated Black American woman when it came to her profession and she could speak and read chinese… like a local… ( I was a bit jealous of that… since she had only been here two years)……but when it came to men… she was a mess.  Nervous, clumsy and afraid …. and just basically not knowing what to do.

We continued to talk about everything as we walked thru the little village near my home and then continued on to the street market, where I have to say .. most of the Chinese eye candy can be seen in full effect.   I told her … just pick one and start a conversation…. she was that shy girl again… and kept telling me she didn’t know what to say, or what if they didn’t want to talk to her…… I said.. then we will move on to the next one.. it is just for practice anyway.

We walked around for an hour or so.. then headed back to my place….she was just too afraid to talk to any of the guys she thought was attractive.. we went to have some drinks with a little more kick  at a small little cafe that I like (by the way I had my first cucumber Mojito).. and that is when things started getting interesting.

It seems she had not fully learned to use the WeChat app. that is so popular in China on the smartphones…. I told her.. you can put it on shake and then shake your phone and, who ever else was shaking their phone would show up…. you can also go the local section and see who is close to you and say hello to them.    I told her .. people are contacting me all the time, that is how I meet new friends…. she said no one ever contacts her.    So, I told her to try it…..and see.

She did…. and the men began popping up…… and when they found out she could speak Chinese…. it was on like Donkey Kong.    She was so happy to see so many men interesting in talking to her and finding out more about her…. I smiled too when I saw her face.   I told her this is a big confidence booster for you…. and she agreed.

After a couple of hours longer we decided to go have some Chinese noodles at my favorite noodle shop here… and as we were there she continued to talk on the phone with a particular young man, who seem more than just a little interested in her.   We made the plan to all get ready so we can go club hopping with my neighbor…. a very pretty Indian girl from India…. and check out Hangzhou night life….

My friend Susan decided she wanted to run down stairs to the parking area to meet this guy she had been talking to the entire time.. since he didn’t live far from my home.   I said okay…I will get ready.   After about 30 minutes.. I sent a message down to her checking if she was okay…Girlfriend told me she was at his place having tea.   HIS place?   TEA?   …. I really missed something.   She said call her when we are ready to go…. I said okay.    another 20 minutes later…. i called and let say I told her… it was okay…. I understood.. and to call me in the morning.  Girlfriend had broken that drought.  (my work here is done)  

So… My Neighbor and I decided we were going to go out anyway…. why should she have all the fun.   She called a couple of her Indian male friends.. and I called my other neighbor a man from Israel… to invite him to go.  He was already out…. and told us to come meet him at a small pub.   We got a taxi… and went by to pick up her male Indian friend… (she told me that we need a guy that will pay everything)  I don’t  argue with free.

Off we went…. to be continued in my next blog….. stay tuned…to find out what happens with Susan and .. what I did on the rest of that night… that by the way ended at 3 am in the morning…..

until next time…


8 thoughts on “First Club Hoppin’ Night in Hangzhou

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  2. Jules

    Such a wonderfully written story. I never knew drinking tea could take things to the other level. I love tea! just wanna get it out there just in case the tea Gods are listening…lol.

    I remember reading in some magazine about a gorgeous black American woman who was well educated and spoke perfect Mandarin, if she is your Susan then that dude is one lucky dude..because she was muy caliente. Don’t wait too long to give us part two, Jo.

    I hope you and your loved ones are not affected by the earthquake. My prayers go out to the families of the victims.

  3. Beth

    Ahh, We Chat….yes, it’s a great way to meet people really quickly and it takes away the shyness factor on both sides (Chinese men are actually very interested in foreign women, but often too scared to approach in public places).

    However, MOST of the men I have “We chatted” with so far are really only interested in sex….and most of them also had wives or girlfriends (they admitted to it). So…I’m not judging anyone, but if you want to have fun, We Chat could be good. If you want something more serious, you may have to weed out a lot of guys on We Chat. The advantage of it is that it certainly puts you in contact with lots of new people!

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