Part 2: The Club Hoppin’ Continues


Before I continue with my first night club hoppin’ in Hangzhou…. I want to first let everyone know that I am okay.  The earthquake in Sichuan Province was very far away from me… about as far as New York is from California… so no worries.  Thanks for everyone’s concern.

Now .. back to the action

bar pic

 We were in the taxi headed to pick up my Indian neighbor’s friend, he was staying at the Ramada Inn ..(yes they have those in China) he seemed like your typical Indian guy and happened to be in China on business.  It seemed that he was a technician for the company my neighbor worked.  He seemed nice and he sat in the back of the taxi with me.  We just made small talk on the way to the first bar.  We arrived and met my Israeli friends.

They were playing pool in the back of this totally packed pub. Since I had come to China I had never seen so many foreign people in one place.  There was a live band that was playing 80 and 90s cover songs and the placed was so packed we could barely get thru to the back of the place. There were a few Chinese locals scattered around but the majority were foreigners.  I have to say about every country was represented.  I being a social butterfly decided to meet as many folks as I could.   It seemed the Americans tended to be the most antisocial.  (figures) .. so I stayed with the guys from Turkey, the Indians, the Israeli boys, and the Italians…they were the friendliest to me.  Although, the Irish folks were constantly making me laugh, they were just a little too crazy for me. We stayed there for a couple of hours and then I was told it was time to move on to the next place.

I am not usually a bar hopper. I usually go to one bar and stay there the entire night so this was quite different for me.   We headed to a place called Paramount, close to West Lake.   After climbing three flights of stairs in high-heeled boots, I was not feeling the place.  Who puts a dance club on the 3rd floor without an elevator?  Not cool, Not cool at all.   Luckily, the Indian Business guy, grabbed my hand and helped me up the last flight.   He was proving to be quite attentive and useful.  This place was the Chinese locals heaven.  Loud techno Euro-Chinese music was playing and people were bouncing up and down everywhere.  There was no getting through this crowd.  It seems my neighbor had friends that worked there and they had reserved a table for us with bottles of Johnny Walker Black, and green tea waiting.  I had never mixed the two but it seemed that was what we were doing.  It wasn’t too bad, but had an after kick.  I wasn’t feeling the music but when the female singer came out playing and electric violin dressed in a glittery bikini, things got a little crazy.  After a few drinks and a little dancing, it seemed it was time to move on to the next place.   I was a little tipsy after having two mojitos at the last place, and 4 Johnny walker w/ teas at this place, so my new little body-guard Mr India; helped me down the stairs to the next set of taxis.

 We arrived at Coco Joe’s and started heading to the door.  This place was also packed and I saw… Black People!…. A lot of them. I thought to myself… oh hell….let the party begin. We checked our jackets at the door and went into the place that was bumping R&B music.  There were people of all nationalities and they were dancing their arses off.   My kind of place for sure.  The Israeli boys grabbed my hand and pulled me straight to the dance floor.  They were smiling big and asking me what I thought.  I said … Heyyyyyyy!!!  … that was enough for them.

We danced a few more tracks then headed to the bar, where the others were waiting with drinks. This time they handed me what tasted like a rum and coke.  I sat down at the bar and there were two Chinese guys sitting to the right of me.  They quickly smiled and introduced themselves.  It seemed they were going to the states in August for University and were too excited to see I was from America.  They pulled me to the dance floor and starting dropping it like it was hot.  I was like … ah oh…. Watch out now! They are going to do great in the states.

 Everything was going well, until some fat guy from some European country came up behind me and started to try to bump and grind on me.  I was not interested so I kind of slowly danced my way away from him and back to my boys.  He followed me to them and tried to do the dance in a group thing.  My little Indian business man showed up on the dance floor put his body between me and the fat guy and lead me off the dance floor.  I was so thankful.. because I didn’t want to have to get ghetto in Coco Joe’s.  I got back to the bar and I noticed that my Latina girl from Miami had arrived with her boyfriend. We both screamed and jumped up and down.  I love this chica. I am so glad she came out.  She was ready to shake her arse and we ran to the dance floor and did a little Merengue and Salsa dancing with each other.  Then here comes fatty again and so, we left the dance floor.

 Back at the bar, my Chinese boys decided they were going to buy me a drink, so they ordered me a what tasted like the cross between a mojito and a margarita.  I wasn’t really sure what it was but it was good.  Now I was starting to feel a little wasted and the world was a little dizzy.  I guess I staggered a little because Mr. India showed up at my side and put his arm around me when I was walking to the bathroom.  He even waited for me outside the door and held my hand back to the bar.  I am not really sure where he came from but glad he was there to keep me from falling on my arse.  When I got back to my seat at the bar, my Chinese boys asked me for my phone number and Wechat ID.  When I was giving it to them… I felt someone over my shoulder I turned to see that fatty had followed me to my seat.  I was really getting tired of this guy, he was trying to get my number from over my shoulder.  That was it.  I had to say something. I turned to him and said…”will you please get away from me, I am not interested in you”.  He just smiled and said “Your Number?” I gave him that …what the hell?… look and turned my back to him.  It seemed that didn’t work because he pulled on my shoulder to try to turn me around, but before I could get a word out, Mr. India was there at my rescue again, and told him to back off and pushed him away from me.   I thought .. ooohhh damn I don’t want a fight .. so I  got in between them and told Mr. India not to worry about it and I had it under control.  I pulled him away toward the Israeli boys, who were dancing and drinking at the other end of the bar.

 It seemed that  my neighbor was telling me it was time to go to another place. I actually liked this place and didn’t want to leave but I had come with her so  I said whatever, I was getting tired now and was drunk and ready to go home.  This is where it gets a little fuzzy.  Hahaha…

I remember Mr. India getting my coat for me and having his arm around me helping me walk out to the taxi.  It seemed we headed back to the Paramount place, he helped me up the stairs and to a different table that had been reserved for us.  I told him I had to go to the bathroom, and he walked me to the door and waited.   When I came out, he asked me if I was okay.  I said I am ready to go home.  He helped me back to the table and told my neighbor I was ready to go.  She said… Noooo… not yet.  I noticed she hadn’t been drinking at all so she was still sober and dancing around.  I said I am leaving this is too much, I looked at my phone and noticed it was 3 am, way past my bedtime.  I said good-bye to her and Mr. India and started walking toward the exit.  I must have not walked very straight because Mr. India showed up and walked me down the stairs and put me in the taxi.  I told the driver where I wanted to go then dozed off a bit.  I opened my eyes and I was in front of my apartment.  Paid the driver and then decided to send a message to my girl Susan to see if she was okay.  She texted back and said all was good.

 What a night. The next morning my hubby showed up at the door at 8 am. I was still out of it when I got up to open the door. So I got back into bed and he followed.  Around 11 am, we woke up and he worked the kinks out of my back  for a little bit….(smile) then we got up and took a shower together.

 Not long after that Susan called and said she was downstairs and just wanted to pick up her stuff because she was having lunch made for her at her new man’s place and then they were going to take a walk around the lake.  My hubby and I met her in the lobby and met her little friend and hugged each other good-bye.   She seemed very happy.

 After she got back to Shanghai she told me how romantic he was and how they had spent the whole day together and how interesting he was.  I was very surprised and wished her the best of luck. Who knows where that will lead but I hope it continues to make her smile.

 As for me, it will be awhile before I go back out clubbin’ again, I need time to recover.  However, I think Mr. India was sweet on me, since he paid for all the taxi rides and any drinks that were not already purchased for me.  He took care of me and defended my honor.  I never really got to tell him thank you and he has already flown back to India.  Anyway, he was a great guy.. now if I could only remember what his name was.

Until next time…


9 thoughts on “Part 2: The Club Hoppin’ Continues

  1. Hi there, I was hoping you could give me some advice. I hard WordPress was blocked in China? Obviously you’re using it though, so I wondered if you could tell me how? I’m going to China later this year and want to keep up with my blog so hopefully you can help? Thanks 🙂

  2. pearls

    I couldn’t help but laugh when you mentioned the Euro fat guy! Well, not at the part when he started to bump and grind on you while on the dance floor. I immediately said, uh-ooooh! He really doesn’t want to go there with you! Especially, around all those Black folks, too! LOL But, my dear…you handled it very well! Now, regarding the Indian businessman. Its comforting to know that…kind, attentive gentlemen like him don’t mind stepping up to the plate to aide and defend a woman’s honor. As for Euro fat guy, he may seriously wind up on the news one day if he doesn’t chill!

  3. Jules

    With all the bad publicity surrounding Indian men these days, it’s great to hear something good for a change. What a night! I don’t envy you one bit. Jo, you got stamina

  4. xl

    Great post! Can you tell me the names of these bars/clubs so that next time I go to Hangzhou, I’ll know where to go for entertainment?

    Also I was wondering, when ordering western food in China, is it ok to order in english? Like, if I go to Starbucks, will they understand “caramel macchiato” bc i know i won’t be able to read the chinese translation on the menu. Or what if i want “long island ice tea” at a bar? Do the bartenders at expat-heavy bars know american drink names?

  5. ROFL, talk about “Letting your hair down,” you really had a good time. It was nice to know that there are still some decent men in the world like Mr. India. I must remember the name of these places and hope that their still around when I go back to China. Keep up the great work!

  6. Jo, I was laughing at this blog form the begiining to the end! Come on though fat boys need love to.. I think we need to go out clubbing when I come visit, since I am surrounding by cocks that crow!

  7. Great story! Very entertaining. I know your hubby is like really? Lol

    You definitely know how to have fun & i can live through you in all the details. love it! Now i know some places to go when i get there 🙂

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