Well, we just had the Labor Day Holiday and I had three whole days to rest and relax.   The hubby is in Hong Kong so I am on my own these three days.  Lucky for me I have a pretty cool next door neighbor that is always ready to take me out on the town.   She usually doesn’t drink but for some reason she wanted to have a sip of the vine this night.  I am okay with that…. I feel if there is only two of us… one of us should stay sober and make sure we don’t get in trouble or at least try to keep us out of harms way.

The night was okay and we were having a decent time … and we decided to visit a different bar.  I am learning that Hangzhou has several bars that cater to the foreign community.   This one was call CoCo Banana, I have to say.. not my favorite one.   However, she was excited to go.   When we got there she seemed to know several people…. and most of them seemed to be African.  For an Indian girl I was a bit surprised and then again… I could see how that would happen.

It seemed there was a situation while I was on the dance floor.   An African gentleman was trying to talk to her and she wasnt interested.   He got upset and rude about it and jerked away from her and spilled her drink into her lap.   This caused her to be furious and loud.

I tried to calm her down but she wasnt having it…. she then reached to grab a full mug of beer…. I saw this coming but I couldn’t move fast enough.   She ran over and dumped the entire mug over the head of the African guy.    This caused him to jump up and start calling her all kinds of nasty names…. she in returned called him a few choice words….. it wasnt pretty…. and I quickly jumped in the middle to grab her and get her out of the bar.   He followed us… and I had to turn to the security guy to keep him at bay while I got her out of there….

We took the elevator down to the ground floor….they have the bars on upper floors in China for some reason…. we got down she was still cussing and I noticed it was pouring down rain…. there was yet another group of Africans standing in the doorway… trying to avoid the rain.

It Africans were in full force this night… it seemed we couldn’t get away from them.  As we were headed to the door… they blocked it and started making comments about… us staying with them and not getting wet.   I was pretty fed up with all of the by now… so I told my friend that we were going to make a run for it.   I could see the taxis lined up on the street.

She agreed….. on the count of three we took off running toward the taxis.    Unbeknownst to me there was a thin wire surrounding the parking lot of the bar.   As I was running at full speed with my friend in tow… I tripped over this invisible wire and when flying in the air right into a large puddle of water, chest first.    I was soaked and humiliated….. my friend who had run past me noticed I wasnt in with her and turned around and saw me sprawled out in the mud puddle… or should I say mud lake….. and came back to save me… my little hero….

She grabbed my hand to pull me up….. as the rain was pouring down heavily… her hand slipped out of mine and she fell backward into the water.  Yep.. the both of us …. laying in the parking lot drowning.    When we finally pulled ourselves up and back on our soggy feet..we decided there was no use running anymore… since.. we were covered in water and mud from head to toe.   (lord help my weave)

Just when we thought the horror was over…. we heard some African guy running up behind us .. telling us he was riding with us in the taxi… we said .. no you’re not… we don’t know who you are.   He started to argue with us out in the rain, while we were trying to get into the taxi.    Finally, I had to push him out-of-the-way… so we could shut the door…. he yelled at me… “Fuck You” ….. I said… ” Not in this life time”…. and got in the car.

I was a wreck.. and my partner in crime had fell asleep during the whole exchange I had with the dude outside the taxi.  So she was no help…. I told the taxi to take us home and was so happy this night was over.

I finally go her to her door and when back to mine and jumped into a shower right away…. I quickly left my phone to dry out….. lucky for me the next day.. my phone was working….. those Iphones are pretty tough….. you can even go swimming with them and they keep on ticking…

until next time….