My Lastest Enemy: Dried Shrimp

Sometimes I forget that I am not really Chinese… I know I have been here awhile. and I am often told I look and sound Chinese. although I am obviously a Black woman …..however… I found out last night after a fight with a dried shrimp I am all American….Bitches!!!

dried shrimp

My story begins with me going to the mall and noticing a seafood stand of dried fish.  I usually stay away from fish in China due to the fact that the water is almost black here… and that seafood from this water is not what I call safe… hehehe.  But the girl was convincing and I tasted it and it wasnt too bad.   I figured it was dried so it could have come from someplace other than the waters of China.   (let me have my fantasy okay?)  So I decided to buy a bag of this seriously large-sized dried shrimp.  It was a little spicy so it had just enough kick to it to be addictive.

I sat myself in front of the computer and was prepared to watch the latest episode of Dancing with the Stars…. because Sandaya is my girl on that show.   Anywho… I was snacking on my traditional Chinese shrimp snack when … I took a bite and ….. WTH?   It chipped my back tooth.   Not just any tooth.. my $600 root canal tooth that I had repaired before I came to China.   just chipped that baby right off.   On a shrimp!!!

No one is every going to believe that a shrimp broke my tooth.   All I could think of was ….. that it is my money tooth….. the one I swore I would keep in my mouth until I died.. and now because of a hard arse shrimp it was broken.

Someone is going to get an ear full.    I have told every Chinese person I could find that it was their  crazy, hard tooth breaking snack and they need to start a collection to get it repaired.   One person even told me.. that they didn’t think it was their responsibility because I was stupid enough to try to eat the stuff.    The Shade of it All……

Of course if I was in the states this would be cause to sue someone… the shrimp dryer or the bag glue-er the shrimp catcher… someone would be paying for the repair of my money tooth.    However… this is China…. and their model is…. “you broke your tooth on a shrimp… dumb arse” .. and that is the end of the discussion.   China is not a rush and sue someone country it is a survival of the fittest Country…. and evidently I lost this round.  ….Shrimp 1, ….. Jo 0

Now it is time to make an appointment to the dentist…. that is going to prove to be interesting…… we will see what happens…. maybe after I explain my touching story.. they will give me some kind of discount….. hey… it cant hurt to ask.

until next time…



10 thoughts on “My Lastest Enemy: Dried Shrimp

  1. Haha! Australian here looking for recipes for dried shrimp when I came across this blog entry.

    Nice work engaging and well written.
    You go, girl.

    Joe (boy spelling)

  2. xl

    Oh no! I can’t believe the sales person said that you can eat them as snacks! Those dried shrimps are supposed to be cooked! They’re meant to be used to flavor soups and broths, or minced with pork for dumping fillers, or stir-fried with veggies.

    Sorry about your tooth. I had something similar happen to me while eating xiao-he-tao (they’re these round nuts, like pecans, but I’ve only seen them in hangzhou). Anyway I was eating handfuls of deshelled nuts, but there were still bits of the hard shell in the bag and I chipped my tooth on it. Oh the hazards of eating food made in china! 😦

  3. Lori

    Money tooth! LOLOL You had me rolling. Please tell us about the dentist visit. I’m interested in how that goes.

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