Sometimes I forget that I am not really Chinese… I know I have been here awhile. and I am often told I look and sound Chinese. although I am obviously a Black woman …..however… I found out last night after a fight with a dried shrimp I am all American….Bitches!!!

dried shrimp

My story begins with me going to the mall and noticing a seafood stand of dried fish.  I usually stay away from fish in China due to the fact that the water is almost black here… and that seafood from this water is not what I call safe… hehehe.  But the girl was convincing and I tasted it and it wasnt too bad.   I figured it was dried so it could have come from someplace other than the waters of China.   (let me have my fantasy okay?)  So I decided to buy a bag of this seriously large-sized dried shrimp.  It was a little spicy so it had just enough kick to it to be addictive.

I sat myself in front of the computer and was prepared to watch the latest episode of Dancing with the Stars…. because Sandaya is my girl on that show.   Anywho… I was snacking on my traditional Chinese shrimp snack when … I took a bite and ….. WTH?   It chipped my back tooth.   Not just any tooth.. my $600 root canal tooth that I had repaired before I came to China.   just chipped that baby right off.   On a shrimp!!!

No one is every going to believe that a shrimp broke my tooth.   All I could think of was ….. that it is my money tooth….. the one I swore I would keep in my mouth until I died.. and now because of a hard arse shrimp it was broken.

Someone is going to get an ear full.    I have told every Chinese person I could find that it was their  crazy, hard tooth breaking snack and they need to start a collection to get it repaired.   One person even told me.. that they didn’t think it was their responsibility because I was stupid enough to try to eat the stuff.    The Shade of it All……

Of course if I was in the states this would be cause to sue someone… the shrimp dryer or the bag glue-er the shrimp catcher… someone would be paying for the repair of my money tooth.    However… this is China…. and their model is…. “you broke your tooth on a shrimp… dumb arse” .. and that is the end of the discussion.   China is not a rush and sue someone country it is a survival of the fittest Country…. and evidently I lost this round.  ….Shrimp 1, ….. Jo 0

Now it is time to make an appointment to the dentist…. that is going to prove to be interesting…… we will see what happens…. maybe after I explain my touching story.. they will give me some kind of discount….. hey… it cant hurt to ask.

until next time…