Ladies…Black ladies that is listen up…On my secret journey to find the hottest men that like Black women I have found a group of men that we have almost let slip through out fingers.

We might have to travel a little far to get to them but they are there waiting for us.  The place is….hold your breath..literally you will have too to go to Tibet.   Yeah…..I Know!!!…..I didn’t know that they like women with dark skin until recently….ok last night….I met a guy in the supermarket…well I didn’t really meet him, I saw him.  Anyway he saw me too…(maybe because I was staring at him) I smiled and he smiled back…with all his teeth…..I knowww…..anywho, we didnt talk just made eye contact and left.

tumblr_ltxnhlZlzw1qarksao1_500 Later that night, someone tried to add me to wechat, (social media software on my phone)…I looked to see who and it was the guy I was staring at in the store.

So, of course I added him to my friends list.  We talked for a while and I found out many interesting things about Tibet.  One being they love Black Women.  They know Rhianna, Beyoncé, “Miss. Jackson”, even Whitney…which I expected.

They dance hip hop, and….yes, dare I say it..they rap.  I was amazed by what he was telling me.

So, I suggested we meet for tea to talk more.  (I know ..shut up).  He agreed.   I found out that my guy was a martial arts instructor for the local Police Academy.  (I know ) He is 26 yrs. old and single,  just want to add that his body looked amazing.  Where was I…oh yeah… so we went for a walk along the river and he began to tell me about his love of hip hop music, singing, dancing and even Parkour…(that is the jumping off of shit thing people do)

He explained how beautiful Black women were and his dream was to marry one.   Now I thought at first that he was an exception to the rule…. so I questioned him about others…. he said .. it was a pretty common thought and his older brother was already in America married to a Black woman.   Now that floored me.  So ladies…. I think we need to start exploring Tibet… yes it is located in a very high altitude, and the air is very thin and we may die getting there… but…. it might be worth it …. for some of us… the traditions are cool, the ethnic clothes are pretty awesome, they speak a language similar to arabic along with Chinese, and they are normal sized.  (you know not tiny like… my hubby) …. so ladies .. so a little research on the Tibetan people you might be surprised.  I know I was…..4472055781_6662ba6af9_z

I really love meeting new people and learning new things about new places.  The one big think I love about China is that every week I get to meet people from different countries and talk to them and learn about them.   Just this month I met a family from Iraq who I adore, a young man from Syria, a few guys from Spain…(hotness)… and guy from New Guinea.. that by the way could only speak French…. very little English.   It amazes me that I have lived in the states all my life where there are people from all over the world, and I have never met so many people as I have here in China.

So, to all of you… if you get to meet and talk to a person from another country… really talk to them you will learn so much and so will they… and don’t forget .. check out Tibet, a hidden jewel..


until next time…