China’s Dragon Riders

People always say interesting things always happen to me…after the weekend i just had I guess I am going to have to agree.

 It started on Friday night, all of us foreigners that usually hang decided to go to the club.all things were same as always…when I noticed a group of guys at the next table that kept looking at us.  They were foreigners also accept for one muscular Chinese guy.  All looked to be in their mid to late

I of course decided to introduce myself, because that is what I do when i catch people looking my direction.  They happened to be members of the local Harley Motorcycle club, The Dragon Riders.  How cool is that?

 We partied with them all night and they invited us to go riding with them the next day.  I had seen the photos of the bikes and I thought it would be cool to ride along with them.  So, I got up the next morning early and headed to the restaurant that we were all suppose to be meeting.

 As the all started to show up one by one I met men from germany, spain, new Zealand, england, china of course, and America….(that was me)

 Harley is illegal to ride in Hangzhou city but they didn’t seem worried at all about it as one by one all Bikes began to arrive.  Quite loudly, I might add.

 As they were packing up the bikes and preparing to leave…they informed me as to where I would be riding and that we would be gone overnight.  I wasnt aware of this…so I was not prepared.  I didn’t have clothes, I didn’t bring my passport, I didn’t bring make up and most of all I didn’t bring money. photo

They told me don’t worry, they will take care of everything boy did they.  The two hour journey started with an exciting, aggressive ride on the back roads of China.  The landscape from the back of a bike is unforgettable. We went to Qiandaohu…the home of 1000 lakes.  It was beautiful in itself but when you throw in the wind in your hair and a Harley it is amazing.

 We ended up at a five-star hotel, where the guys were well know.  It might be because the booked the entire ninth floor for us.  At 1500 rmb a night for about 15 rooms…of course the rolled out the red carpet.  I forgot my passport which is required for any hotel stay in China.  But they seemed to be able to get passed it and got me a room.

 My accommodations were taken care of and my dinner and drinks were also paid for by the guys.  As the only female, I was treated with the utmost respect.  The set the plan for the weekend that included several trips around the island and the visit to several other ..5-star hotels to be seen by the general managers.  10 Harley strong we were quite a seen.  All with matching leather jackets I got an honorary t-shirt, so I could match of course.

photo(1)After dinners, dancing, drinking and riding I felt like I was a different person.  we of course drew a crowd where ever we went.  I know now these guys love riding.

A Harley in China can cost you as much as 3 million rmb.  So, you don’t see them often.  You could imagine what a sight 10 of them together all dressed alike caused.  One lone Black woman perched on the back of one was the icing on the cake.

 I have to say the China Dragon Riders are a great bunch of guys.  The best part is they all called their wives and kids regularly to make sure they were okay.  I think it was the best time I have had in China to date.

until next time…


10 thoughts on “China’s Dragon Riders

  1. blackandyellow

    Harley’s, bringing back so many memories. Thanks Jo. Great post. Dragon riders sound like they are totally awesome. Hopefully China will start to have women who ride Harley’s.

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  3. Hi! First time commenting. I love your blog. It was always great, but now officially awesome.:) I’m a Black woman from US married & living in Japan so I was excited to find your blog. I’ve been reading the past few months. I admire you so much. I met up with a woman from a Japan Harley Riders group for women, but didn’t have the guts you have to give it a try. Now, I think I should. You’ve inspired me.

    And congrats on being a grandma.

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