Grandma 3xs?

Yes you heard right….I am a grandma.  I can barely get the words out.  Mine you my son made me a grandma two years ago, however this year my daughter and son made me a grandmother again…twice in one year.   photo(5)

i told them to wait until I was grandma age, however as always they never listen.  Dont get me wrong they are good kids…great kids in fact. My son is a great husband and father and my daughter will make an excellent mother.

The problem is me.  Although my son tells me ” it is not all about you mother” I cant help but think it is.   (smile)…. when you come to a point in your life where there are little people calling you “meemaw” …you cant help but look at yourself differently.

You start looking for gray hairs and start getting the urge to bake things.  I even considered taking up knitting.  What the Hell?   I am not sure it is a mid-life crisis and I don’t know when that menopause stuff starts kicking in…but i am sure it comes not long after the word grandma.

I do get some sick joy out of hearing my son experience the things I did when he was a child and the new-found respect he has found for what I went through to take care of him and his sister.  But i cant help but feel a part of my life has ended. photo(4) A new chapter has begun a part that I am not familiar with.  I know you guys are laughing think what is wrong with this lady.  She is 44 years old and married to a 30 year in China experiencing life.  You would be matter how you look at it….I am someone’s granny.  So, I have decided to learn to do some grandma things.  Not sure yet what those are but…google will help me out.   There must be an e-book somewhere about..grandma-ing.  Right?

I guess watching your grandchildren grow up and your children grow into good parents is worth the extra double look you get when people find out you have three grandchildren……THREE!!!!! ……

I guess things could be worse…..I could be my husband…a 30 yr old step grandfather….(smile)…wow..just saying that made me feel much better.  So this weekend is a shop for the grandkids weekend.   I’m thinking we should be looking in to a home in West Palm Beach…were all the other grand parents live. photo(6)

Well, wish me luck on my grandma training.  I am thinking I might have to create a new version of granny.  Why not?  I have not been one to ever follow the crowd.  I am thinking teaching them Chinese and spanish will be a good start…..throw in a little salsa dancing and guzheng lessons….I am starting to get into this grandma thing.  Wondering how my hubby is handling it?


until next time…

5 thoughts on “Grandma 3xs?

  1. Congrats! Hope you’ll see your grandkids for real at some point.

    I’m 54 and still the cycling aunt to 7 nieces and nephews with the eldest @26 yrs. old and youngest @4 yrs. old. It wouldn’t bother me if there was a grand-niece or nephews but won’t happen. If it happens at all. That’s fine too.

    My partner of last 22 yrs., is 70..he is grandpa to 2 kids. Right now getting a kick of seeing them learn to bike.

    There’s no set behaviour for grandparent …I know because a bunch of them bike long distances and nearly daily.

    And menopause….means freedom. Once you get past the sweats. I was lucky since symptoms were incredibly mild.

  2. First of all, you don’t look like a grandma! Love that you’re living your life your way. As for a book on grandma training, I might have just the thing to get you started. It’s mine, and it’s actually about being respectful of your grandchildren’s parents, but it sounds like you may have that knocked. I welcome you to check out “Who Gets to Name Grandma? The Wisdom of Mothers and Grandmothers” and my blog, where, five days a week I write posts for grandmas. BTW, just came back from a visit to China, 35 years after I got a degree in Chinese studies. I used to count to 10 in Chinese to help my then-toddler son, now proud papa to my 7-yo granddaughter, go to sleep for his nap.

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