I know most of you picture China as this country that is reserved and innocent in some ways.  People in a third world country that aren’t exposed to a lot of our western corrupted ways.

Well, on the surface that is true.  For all intents and purposes China does seem that way….until you really get to know China.  I have written about Ktv boys and girls and even about the “pink houses” which offer services for a fee and even massage parlors that will give you a happy ending. However, I have yet to tell you about the secret social media life in China.

There is an app available called Weixin or Wechat on all smart phones.  It is a free social media app that has many cool features.  These features include chatting, chat, voice video calls, shaking the phone to find a friend, search for people around you, etc.  I find it a wonderful way to stay in touch with my family and friends in the states in real-time.

One of the many advantages of weixin is the chance to meet new people and make new friends…but i was a bit surprised at what other kind of requests you get from the locals on this App.


It seems that this handy-dandy program is being used to solicit free sex.  Yep..shocked me too…..and if you are a foreign person, particularly a woman they are very direct about what they want from you.

As you can see I am pretty direct about what I want to say also.  One guy even told me I wasnt really a foreigner because I wasnt open-minded.  I was confused, I asked him what is that suppose to mean?

He said he has seen the movies he knows all about western girls; they have sex with strangers all the time.  They like to do that.  I was floored.   What?  You think western women are whores? He said no,no, you don’t have to pay them. I was livid.  I told him open-minded doesn’t mean open-legged you jackass. 

We do not make a habit of having sex with strangers, especially ones we meet on Iphone apps.  He was actually, really shocked by what I said.  He actually apologized and said most men in China think this about western women.

I found he was only one of thousands of men that ask women for sex on wechat.  Lucky you can delete them or not add them to your account to avoid the foolery.

i have learned to mess with the men that question me by saying things like: ” you aren’t big enough”, you’re not a man”, why would i waste my time” and when they try to send photos of their junk…just start laughing hilariously.

This usually scares them away from me in shame and embarrassment and sometimes I take a photo of what they say and post it on wechat for all to see, since they are trying to be so secretive.

So, yes ladies…and gentleman…we tend  have a very sexual promiscuous reputation in China.  Thank you Hollywood! As if we don’t have enough to deal with over here.  Oh, and for those of you men and women who are in to that kind of thing…..eat your heart out…but remember you are representing all of us every time you open your legs….ummmm… I mean…. your mind.

until next time….