Hatred does not cease by hatred ...
Hatred does not cease by hatred … (Photo credit: symphony of love)

One of the things I love about china, as I
have said before; is the fact you can meet so many different kinds of people
from so many different countries. Since I have moved to this city I have met so many people from so many places it will make your head spin.  But what I have realized about myself
is…..I miss my Chinese People.

 After living in a small city for five
years, you get used to being around Chinese People.  You start understanding their habits and
customs.  You even start adapting to
them. I mean isn’t that the reason I came to china? When I was in that small
town I complained there were no foreigners and that I missed them.  Now, that I am around them daily…i am remembering the drama that came with being around western people.  I also remember the attitudes that came with

 I am starting to feel like I need to be back with the Chinese folks.  They have
their issues and problems but they are not the same.  I think it maybe because I have to throw up my guard more when I am around Western people.
I think it is due to their direct honesty, I need to thicken my skin more.  Chinese people say things that can hurt…but you can understand the fact that they are not aware of the cultural norms.  However, when a Western person
says something they are being brutally honest to purposely hurt you.  Unfortunately, after almost six years of living abroad I have kind of forgotten how crude and mean Western people can be.  I also realize how racist many of
them are.

 I am sorry but you cannot come to China as a guest then be racist against them.  I hear so many people who say horrible things about the local Chinese.  How they are ugly and teeth are bad and smell bad and even that they are stupid or animals. I even have heard people say they really hate the chinese.  WTF? How can you come to their country, make money off them smile in their faces then turn around and say you hate them.  Wait…I guess I have dealt with that kind
of attitude all my life in my own country; so why would i expect any different
from the same people here?
 They have just switched the group to discriminate against.

 I think what pisses me off the most is that the Africans and black Americans have jumped on the bandwagon. Unfortunately,  I expect white people to be racist, that comes from dealing with it in the states. But,  I expect more from people who have been oppressed most of their lives.  I think my Black people have forgotten what it is like in our own country and have come over here with the attitude that they are better than the Chinese. Mind you I am very upset with the fact that my people can be so insensitive to the people here.

However, I have heard all races from several countries say horrible things….I even had an Indian guy say to me “Why the hell do you want to talk to them?”  I told him..the question you should be asking is why the hell am I talking to you.

 I see why some Chinese don’t like foreign people in their country.  I wouldn’t

 Listen, people if you visit China, live in China or any other country for that matter you need to have respect for those people.  You are a guest in their country
and some of you are wearing out you’re welcome. Appreciate their differences no matter how strange or crazy they may seem to you.  If you really hate the
people in the country you are going to or live in then leave.  It is best for you, them…and all of us that have learned to appreciate the differences. I would never stay in a country where I hated the people.

What has happened to the world?  When did people stop loving thy neighbors? Or
did they ever start…. Do us all a favor…keep your hatred in your own house
and take your arse back where it came from..

Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn’t matter which color does the hating. It’s just plain wrong.” ― Muhammad Ali

Until next time….