Racist Foreigners, Seriously??!!!

Hatred does not cease by hatred ...
Hatred does not cease by hatred … (Photo credit: symphony of love)

One of the things I love about china, as I
have said before; is the fact you can meet so many different kinds of people
from so many different countries. Since I have moved to this city I have met so many people from so many places it will make your head spin.  But what I have realized about myself
is…..I miss my Chinese People.

 After living in a small city for five
years, you get used to being around Chinese People.  You start understanding their habits and
customs.  You even start adapting to
them. I mean isn’t that the reason I came to china? When I was in that small
town I complained there were no foreigners and that I missed them.  Now, that I am around them daily…i am remembering the drama that came with being around western people.  I also remember the attitudes that came with

 I am starting to feel like I need to be back with the Chinese folks.  They have
their issues and problems but they are not the same.  I think it maybe because I have to throw up my guard more when I am around Western people.
I think it is due to their direct honesty, I need to thicken my skin more.  Chinese people say things that can hurt…but you can understand the fact that they are not aware of the cultural norms.  However, when a Western person
says something they are being brutally honest to purposely hurt you.  Unfortunately, after almost six years of living abroad I have kind of forgotten how crude and mean Western people can be.  I also realize how racist many of
them are.

 I am sorry but you cannot come to China as a guest then be racist against them.  I hear so many people who say horrible things about the local Chinese.  How they are ugly and teeth are bad and smell bad and even that they are stupid or animals. I even have heard people say they really hate the chinese.  WTF? How can you come to their country, make money off them smile in their faces then turn around and say you hate them.  Wait…I guess I have dealt with that kind
of attitude all my life in my own country; so why would i expect any different
from the same people here?
 They have just switched the group to discriminate against.

 I think what pisses me off the most is that the Africans and black Americans have jumped on the bandwagon. Unfortunately,  I expect white people to be racist, that comes from dealing with it in the states. But,  I expect more from people who have been oppressed most of their lives.  I think my Black people have forgotten what it is like in our own country and have come over here with the attitude that they are better than the Chinese. Mind you I am very upset with the fact that my people can be so insensitive to the people here.

However, I have heard all races from several countries say horrible things….I even had an Indian guy say to me “Why the hell do you want to talk to them?”  I told him..the question you should be asking is why the hell am I talking to you.

 I see why some Chinese don’t like foreign people in their country.  I wouldn’t

 Listen, people if you visit China, live in China or any other country for that matter you need to have respect for those people.  You are a guest in their country
and some of you are wearing out you’re welcome. Appreciate their differences no matter how strange or crazy they may seem to you.  If you really hate the
people in the country you are going to or live in then leave.  It is best for you, them…and all of us that have learned to appreciate the differences. I would never stay in a country where I hated the people.

What has happened to the world?  When did people stop loving thy neighbors? Or
did they ever start…. Do us all a favor…keep your hatred in your own house
and take your arse back where it came from..

Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn’t matter which color does the hating. It’s just plain wrong.” ― Muhammad Ali

Until next time….


19 thoughts on “Racist Foreigners, Seriously??!!!

  1. Guilherme

    Hey.. I ve been to China for half a year and I love it! I also have studied mandarin in my country for many years.
    But I tell you something, Im from Brazil and majority of chinese people living here think that we are dogs, and that everything in my country is inferior to China! Some of them have been living here for nearly a decade and speak no portuguese at all!
    I ve even heard about them, beating up together locals brazilians for some disagreement!
    So I guess there’s a lot of stupid, ethnocentric, loser western guys in China who do think they are superior to chinese people, and there are also Chinese people overseas who don’t want to integrate the country they are ( and look, Brazil is a country that accepts anyone! Not staring neither talk to u in a different language based on how you look!), and don’t have respect for the country they live in .
    Cheers =)

  2. Let me guess, all these racists are men. They are in China because of the women. Why else would they purposely put themselves into majority population that they hate? Because Chinese women are seen as “easy” – thus they are here. Even though they hate the men.

  3. GeorgeLanceRockwell

    Blacks join in on the hate because the Chinese hate us. It is natural for oppressed people to want to fight back, and that’s what Black folks are doing. The chinese worship the same whites that talk down to them, but join in on the hate-fest against Blacks. It is only natural for Blacks to fight back, and I say that it’s about time.

    Black people should avoid whites in Asia, because they are bad news. They are gods, worshiped there, and promote anti-Black hatred. Black people should avoid Asia altogether though, since we have hard times getting jobs, get little respect, and in the case of men (all men have appetites), we will just be watching White guys and other non-Black foreigners have a field day while we’re stuck being celibate.

    In 2013, it is not Black vs. White, it’s Black vs. the world.

  4. Nice post ! I have also heard this very often, is not bad when you complain about things, not bad at all like you said before. But there is a gap between complaining and discriminating / being racist.
    Unfortunately this happens in every country…Some months ago I came across a post where someone listed the 10 top most “rudest ” countries, I would love to hear more about what is the definition of rudest, when I saw Spain in the 3rd position I was a bit surprised..people were saying that we are loud, we speak in a bad way, we rush, and we don’t treat well foreigners…First of all because that’s the way we are, we speak loud and fast. I remember working in the tourist industry was exhausting..speaking english every day with people who assumed that in a small ice cream store you are fluent, not even an hola,..I just answered to that post and said that is shocking and sad that Spain is in that list. Inmediatly I got an answer from a person from Morocco saying to me that we Spanish are very racist, and he said..all Spanish from Castilian to Al-Andalus to Catalonia…well..ok..just to give you an overview… “Al-Andalus ” is the way Islam used to call South Spain plenty of years ago, the name is not that one since the Reconquista…
    Then I told him..well..maybe one of the reasons you say people are rude to you is because you talk about the country like it was when Islam conquered it…and not like it is since plenty of years ago…and that is super impolite and of bad taste.
    Is like if I go to Philippines and say that it belongs to Spain. Bad taste, you are seeking for troubles and is a fact.
    Same in China, people come here and tell you what is rude and what is not…Every country / person has good and bad habits, hey when i have lots of stress I bite my nails..is that much better than having a long nail in the small finger..? I don’t think so…!
    And another thing people don’t realize is that the west is not the same in Europe as it is more in the west..US..not similar habits,.sure more similar than the gap between US and China..but still not the same.
    I like China and I like its people, sure there is people out there who are not nice, like in every country come on!

  5. to a whole list you mentioned I would add ‘taking advantages’ of being foreigner, especially white foreigner in China but complain if Chinese want the same in return – for example, it’s good to go there, get good treatment as they get, earn money etc. but if Chinese person comes to their country they will say things like ‘you take our jobs’ etc., I met few people like that in my life – they have no shame

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  7. Lori

    Unfortunately “Them and us” syndrome has always existed, and among all peoples. Even when we rail against a person who is racist, we are being as bad and unkind as them, and only aggravate the situation. We need to feel pity for a person so messed up they cannot accept fellow human beings for being different to them, and instead of slinging off against them, find ways to get alongside and show them how wrong they are. We are all fellow human beings, with our own strengths, weaknesses, good points and bad. Let’s care enough about others, injustice and racism, to be a part of the solution, not add to the problem; be bridge builders, not build the walls between people higher. As quoted, hatred (no matter from whom is comes) only breeds more hatred, it does not foster understanding. Blessings to all. Lori

  8. pearls

    That’s a shame! They have a wonderful opportunity to earn good money and experience a different culture, while in the same breath, being totally ungrateful. I won’t even get started about those who love to jump on the bandwagon since they’re not the usual target! All I will say is that senseless, embittered people foster negativity wherever they go. They are never happy no matter where they live because they want everything to go their way. That’s the lack of maturity for you! One would like to think that they would have a better attitude towards their hosts; especially since they eat the food prepared by the very people they loathe, belittled, and mocked! Don’t think they can’t sense that…Bon Appetite!

  9. Lori


    I’m not surprised one bit. I’ve seen it too many times in too many other countries to be shocked. I always said I think in some cases it would be better off if people didn’t travel because they wouldn’t be able to take THEIR sickness abroad! Does every country have its issues? YES! But kindly keep yours at home! As for the blacks I think they are just probably trying to get accepted by the whites. Aquariusamber I have a friend in Korea and she says the same thing. White men come over and tell the Korean women how much better off they will be with them instead of Korean (or any other men for that matter) men. I had a cousin years ago in the military and he said white guys were telling Korean women to stay away from black men because they had tails!

  10. Harry Williams

    “I am starting to feel like I need to be back with the Chinese folks. They have their issues and problems but they are not the same. I think it maybe because I have to throw up my guard more when I am around Western people.”

    Jo: this quote is the core of my experience since being back in the USA for 13 months after teaching in Changchun for 10 months where my outside life revolved around learning the history and culture of Han Chinese. With two exceptions at the univerisity, I intentionally avoided the small white Western expat community because I knew they generally represented a global history of mistreatment of colored peoples. Quite liberating not to keep my guard up 24-7. I miss China. Trying to figure out a way to return for a much longer stay to again live in a place that is not psychologically toxic and demeaning to my sense of black manhood dignity. Thanks for the post.

  11. I think this is a universal issue. People that come to the UK will complain about British people even though they’ve been granted visas or residence in the UK. I’ve heard of people complain about the Japanese while in Japan…etc.The fact that it seems to be occurring in other countries where foreigners are concerned doesn’t surprise me to be honest. There are some people that can’t accept the cultural differences of the countries they decide to move to but would rather stay put because despite the people, they’re still benefiting somehow. :/

  12. I see that so much! I just want to kick some foreigners in their arses. Especially some white men that feel that they are saving Chinese women from Chinese men. Oh and how about foreigners being racist towards other foreigners. I get that a lot. You are right that foreigner knows how to say something to intentionally hurt you. I felt more at home in the small cities like Xuancheng than in a bigger city.

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