Men in China Learning Swag

To lighten up my blog a little from the last one, and although I am happily married; I still get excited when I guy hits on me.  Well, who doesn’t right? I am married not dead.

Image of White Zinfandel in plastic cups.
Image of White Zinfandel in plastic cups. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anywho..these days I have been on fire.  I had three foreigners hit on
me…one German guy..who was very clever about it…You see another guy was bothering me at the
bar he kept slapping me on the arse...(a drunk Chinese guy)…and the German guy came up to me and said…is that guy trying to hit on
you…Do you want me to do something?
.  I said yes he is,  but the security is handling it. Then he it alright if I hit on you? That caught me off guard
and made me laugh….not bad.

The night before that a guy grabbed me and started salsa dancing with me. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a sucker for a man who can Latin Dance.  He was German and Turkish….I know right???..Hot, hot, hot.  After that dance he said…I love the way your body moves….I said thank you….he said Beautiful Black women always know how to move their bodies the right way…...Child….I started to sweat……

The last foreigner that hit on me..that same night was from India.   He had a little swag…and came over with a shot..drank it with me..then walked away. He kept watching me..or staring at me..if you want to be direct….and finally came over to ask me to dance. This man was working it..who knew Indian People could dance so well?  I was like what???…work it…boyfriend even dropped it like it was hot.

I thought it was flattering that the foreign men were showing some interest in a black woman in the clubs..and were not afraid to show it. usually, they stuck with the Chinese women.

The final two guys that hit on me this week were Chinese….I knowww….I told you I was on fire…maybe I was giving off some hellish pheromones this month, since my hubby has been back on weekends getting the kinks out of my back.

  So, anyway….I was walking to the bank beside my apartment and it was
closed….chinese banks never close……another chinese guy was also surprised
at the closure.  I asked him what is going on…he said he didn’t know but he would ask….he found a security guy and was told that they were doing some computer stuff and would reopen tomorrow.  He then proceeded to ask me where I was from and the usual questions.   He asked me if I could help him.  He had a customer coming from america and wanted to know what kind of Western wine he could give as a gift.  I suggested a White Zin, or a Chardonnay…some other bottled wine.  He asked me what was my favorite…I said..I like the Iced Wine from Canada.  He asked me where he could find these kinds of wines in China? I gave him the name of a shop not far away..he was thankful..we exchanged phone numbers..and we found out we lived in the same building.

Later that night, he called me and asked me to come down stairs to the lobby.
I went down and he had bought me a bottle of Iced Wine…as a gift and asked me if he could come up and drink it with me.  Nice move by the Chinese guy…but I told him I could not accept the wine because I was married. He said no problem take it anyway.

The last guy was last night, in the elevator.  We got in and reached to push
the same floor at the same time.  We bumped hands and started laughing.  I
asked him if he lived on my floor. He said No..visiting a friend.  His friend lived next door to me.  However, I knew I hadn’t seen my neighbor in days…so I told him..I dont think he is home. He wasnt….he called and the guy was on the way.  I didn’t want him to stand outside in the I invited him in my apartment.

He took off his shoes..before he came in then asked he could sit down….so we chatted a little then he ask me for my phone number….about that time his friend called and said he was home.

Later that night he called me and thanked me for letting him wait in my home…then…proceeded to tell me….that he loved women with healthy Brown
skin……he called me beautiful and asked me to meet him for dinner.   I told him that I needed to tell him something..he said you have a boyfriend? I said no…….a husband…he said sorry I didn’t know….but cant we still have dinner, it is only food?

Man O’ Man, the men are upgrading their game…and the Chinese men are trying to get their swag on.  I can remember only five years ago…they could not …. speak to a foreign woman without turning red in the face….now they are learning how to use some swagger….Look out ladies…..they have learned how to be smooth……and be good at it. Let the swag-fest begin.

Until next time…

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