I’m Backkkk

Oh… I know.. I know…. I have been missing for like .. ever..… I have no excuses except for busy life, work and lazy.  In  China life moves so fast .. that next thing you know.. it has been 3 months….  many things have happened.. I do not even know where to begin….

We had the big flood of 2013…. Yuyao the city that I lived in for the last five years was literally  underwater… many people were stuck in their homes for days at a time without food or water.  Houses and cars were destroyed… and the government didn’t come and help them… China‘s true survival of the fittest.  My husband was trapped for three days there but he is okay now.. that was about a month ago…. after the flood cleared the rioting started…. of course they were pisses about not getting any help…. and declared themselves their own country…. (kind of funny…. ) of course the government shut that down within a day.

Yuyao Great flood
Yuyao Great flood

IMG_3880 IMG_3881 IMG_3884 IMG_3888 IMG_3895








Lets see what else… oh… My daughter had her baby… she had a little girl.. Khia Jo Lee Gray.  cutest baby ever.. looks just like her mother… (thank god) …. I have posted pics on my facebook page.  (Jo Gan) add me.

IMG_3565 IMG_3583








um.. I dressed as Nikki Minaj for the bar… photos on my facebook….. for the Halloween party at school I was a monster… have to keep it G rated for the school. I think it looks pretty good.. and shocking for china… I was quite the star that night.

IMG_4388 IMG_4390 IMG_4395










Hubby and I are still living in different cities because of work.  But he tries to come and see me every weekend unless something comes up.. I changed my hair… umm what else.

IMG_3035 IMG_3398 IMG_4220









I have been keeping in touch with American women all around China that have moved here recently… we have started a little wechat group so we can be there for each other and help each other through the hardships and happy times and of course dating advice.

We have laughed and cried and cheered each other in this little group and I think it helps a lot to know there is someone else in the huge country that knows what your going thru.

My job is great… has ups and downs like any place.. but I think i have adjusted well to the changes that have happened in my life.  I have experienced and met a lot of people in the last few months to give me fuel to start updating you guys.

but… I have to agree with something I read in a blog… a few weeks ago…. when you first come to china .. you want to write everyday…. and then after you have been here a year or so…. you take photos of everything and experience everything… but after you have been here as long as I have… 6 years.. now… whew…. things start looking normal…. so I have to go out of my way to experience new things.  Or my blog will be just be stale… boring day-to-day stuff.

I have met some people and adjusted to my new surroundings and now I am back on track.   I am back people… and I boy do I have some things to tell you…..

Until next time…..


16 thoughts on “I’m Backkkk

  1. netty

    what is the name of the wechat group. i am a black american living/teaching in wuhan, hubei province. i’d like to join if that’s ok

  2. Vicki

    Hey, just thinbking of you this am while in the shower, that sounded weird I hadnt heard, thought maybe you had been closed down. Then I opened my email and there was an entry! I knew about the Yuyao floods but didnt realise they were so bad, I had some students from there.

  3. It’s good to hear you were safe doing the flooding, but sad to hear (and see) about the death and destruction.

    This morning my husband noticed on the internet that the worst typhoon on record,, with winds up to 315 kilometres and hour, hit the Philippines before the weekend. It’s estimated that ,about 10 000 people could be dead,,plus countless injured or have lost everything.

    I can’t imagine such winds. We’ve personally never experienced more than 80km at the most, and thought that bad enough.
    Flooding I’ve been in the middle of, but only in the countryside where it did not wreak the destruction that happens during such events in city areas.

    Getting together with other American women would be a great help to them, and I’m sure you are enjoying it too.

    Congratulations to your daughter on the safe arrival of her littlely.

    Friendly greetings from way down south on Kangaroo Island, Australia.

    . .

  4. pearls

    Mrs. Jo…Nikki Minaj doesn’t have anything on you! Making those poor man drool and you know you did. LOL Girlfriend, your hairstyles are gorgeous. Good to hear that Michael is doing fine.

    You know how bad it was during Hurricane Katrina and how people helped themselves when assistance was slow getting to them. Well, people in China are no different, and I don’t blame them. People dutifully paying their taxes, then folks turn their heads and won’t help them. Its disgusting and shameful!

    1. Maria Edwards

      Hi behind China walls, how do I email you. I love your picture you are a beautiful woman and if that your hubby, you two make a cute couple. Were is your ring though. I see a band on his it seems. I love reading your stories. I an also proud of you going after your own life, and lifestyle. Very proud. Have an awesome new week, be safe, make life amazing and blessings to you dear.

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