What Mother’s Tell Their Little Girls In China

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I was teaching dance class today… and one of the young ladies asked to sit out of dance class because her “Big Aunt”  was visiting.  I asked her if she was having pain or cramps and she said no we just cannot do PE when she is visiting.  I said well that isn’t really true as long as you are not having any pain or anything.  She shouted oh no my mother said I cant.

I then sat the girls down and asked them what else did their mothers tell them and you will not believe the things they told me.  I had to make a list.

1) When you are on your period you are not allowed to wash your hair.  It will make you sick.

2) When your on your period you are not allowed to take a shower it will cause you to not get pregnant in the future.

3) When asked where do babies come from.. they are told from the trash, or fruit market or supermarket.. and the worst one from the toilet.

4) If you take a shower everyday in the winter you will damage your skin. But its okay because Chinese Girls never sweat.  (they are told)

5) You can not wear tampons, they will fall out when your walking.

6) When your pregnant you have to cut your hair short because your hair will steal vitamins and proteins from your baby.

7) After you have a baby, you must stay in bed for a month without showering, watching tv, or moving.  You cannot be around your baby for that month.

8) Cannot have ice cream or anything cold on your period.

9) Don’t shave the hair around your “kitty Kat” or no man will want you.

10) Don’t swim when your on your period or you will….. DIE!!! (they seriously told this to me)

I almost died myself when I heard some of these things that they were told.  I explained that a lot of those myths were not true. But I don’t really think they believed me.

But I think the funniest thing was, when I came back to the office telling the other teachers what the girls had said and one  of the Traditional Chinese male teachers said to me and I quote “Jo, I think the mothers only tell them that they cant swim during that time because they wanted them to be afraid and not go in the water.  Because the water will change colors and everyone will know it is their time.”   My mouth hit the floor…. i said seriously…..that is what you think?   I was Done.. Done….

It just tells you how the youth of China lack basic knowledge of their own bodies.

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11 thoughts on “What Mother’s Tell Their Little Girls In China

  1. Our co-worker cut her hair from very long to very short when she was soon about to give birth. I asked my husband about it and he said the same as what you stated above, although we both agree that it would be weird if longer hair needs more vitamins than shorter hair, since both are growing at the same speed.

  2. Trisa

    I am African American and I grew up hearing: 1, 5, 8, 9, and 10. I grew up in Texas. Most of these came from my grandmother, but I have heard some of these things before.

  3. Hi Jo,

    In the past it was not only Chinese girls who were told some of these things.

    I’m Australian and my mother told me (57 years ago) I should not wash my hair or go swimming during my period as it would make me sick. It was a common fallacy back then. I don;t recall hearing any of the other untruths, although.it’s possible some of them were told to other girls.

    Anything to do with sex just wasn’t talked about. Perhaps if not talked about it would go away!

    When I was thirteen I was sent along to one brief (and not very enlightening) session put on by an embarrassed teacher for a segregated girls,class, I was told nothing by my mother.

    When a boy gave me my first ever stand up hug and kiss I was terrified for weeks afterwards that I might have become pregnant from him pressing himself lightly against my fully clothed body!

  4. Oh my! This makes me think of some of the silly things my Chinese students would say to me! I think many of these things have to do with Chinese women not using tampons. Perhaps some of these were taught in the US in decades past. I think the things they do while pregnant or after birth are some of the strangest and most difficult to comprehend! By the way, when I was growing up, one of my African American friends did not shower during her period, because he mother told her it was unhealthy. Hmm!

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